$64K - Good for Entry Level Inventory Analyst in Texas?

  1. Student here, about to graduate w SCM undergrad in December. Recently accepted FT at large petrochemical company. Role will be logistics & inventory planner (in Houston). Same salary as you. Based on personal research + talking to fellow students seems like we’re doing very well for ourselves! Congrats 🎉

  2. Yeah that’s above average ? You’re coming in with experience or none ? If so where did you get experience ?

  3. I agree with everyone else, 64k is great. About three years ago fresh out of school i made 45k in a buyer role in Tx. Just don’t let them drag you on forever making $64k

  4. 64k is probably great but where you are in Texas is going to drastically alter how great. Dallas Texas is very HCOL while other areas are super LCOL

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