What jobs can I get with a Finance degree?

  1. Finance degree here. I've been up and down the supply chain from inventory to logistics to purchasing manager and business analyst. If you understand the business you'll find you use your degree quote often.

  2. That’s what I like about finance and accounting degrees. They’re very applicable and relevant in other industries. How did you find yourself in SCM if I may ask and why’d you decide to study finance instead of SCM since ur in the SCM roles

  3. Would it be the same for someone majoring in accounting? I’m actually at a point of no return as well. I can’t go back to SCM because I’m already basically done with accounting.

  4. Entry level supply chain roles are becoming more about data science than supply chain knowledge. Financial analysis and modeling experience tends to translate well. Ive found business understanding and ability to think like a seasoned business leader to be the best indicator of long term success

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