Hi, I am a challenger support player and I made a video on how to create the ideal champion pool and I break down the sub-classes within the role.

  1. This was super interesting to listen to. The most intriguing part in my opinion was when you crafted your example champ pool and all the concepts you went over came together.

  2. Hi, I don’t have the internet to watch right now but I have a question, so I realy like tank engages and Pyke, I play them a lot and basically only them, I am finding success for my level (low gold so really low elo), should I try to learn enchanters even when I don’t enjoy them as much or keep focusing on my select few champs (Allistar pyke thresh and rakan)

  3. Man glad I stumbled on this I took a long break from league and my role was support unfortunately my friends are high elo so playing casually with them is like being in a gauntlet hope to see more stuff from you

  4. Howdy, and thank you for the inspiring video! Thumbs up from me. I have troubles playing same champion multiple times in a row and I am fairly confident that is holding me back if I would like to climb ladder. What is your take on having a pool without a tank? I simply do not enjoy the playstyle very much. Rakan can take care of the engage part, but should I also be responsible of being the frontline as a last pick?

  5. Im only plat but you didnt mention a subclass for disengage. I know theyre probably not necessary to have but i feel like taric, braim and moakai can be free wins in some comps

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