Lucas Chumbo may have broken the record by surfing the biggest wave in history

  1. After watching 100 Ft wave and seeing a bunch of angles and big waves over the years, this doesn’t look like it

  2. Yea I think these days it’s gonna take something very obvious, which is how big wave surfing should be. Someone breaks down a barrier and everyone else tries to catch up until someone breaks down the next barrier. We’re running out of places to get bigger and bigger waves, so most of the progression will be in paddle surfing from here on out, which is already getting insane in its own right.

  3. Honestly not even that crazy. I get that nazare is huge but it's kind of a lame wave. Mavericks, jaws, chopes don't get as big but have to be so much harder to surf

  4. I highly recommend you watch the "100 Foot Wave" series if you haven't already. The people charging Nazare deserve respect. No channel to go through for paddling or jetski, impact zone is everywhere. Super gnarly stuff!

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