EW Exit Interview with Juror #4

  1. Makes me think that Omar doesn’t make it to FTC since hai hadn’t really heard about his big lie to mike until he watched the ep

  2. I think that says more about Mike and Hai not being in jury together more than Omar’s placement. Could be either or both though!

  3. It gets strange when real life and Survivor life intersect -- I'm reminded of the Dan situation where someone faked being sexually harassed to get ahead in Survivor.

  4. “And I felt like that Tribal really [turned] into something that it never should have become because people could not have the empathy and capacity to listen.”

  5. How many Canadian people are on this season? It seems like there’s almost more Canadians than Americans

  6. Omar and Maryanne. Drea is originally from Texas, but she's been living in Canada for many years (I don't know if she has citizenship).

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