The Survivor 42 final five speak!

  1. Wow - Omar’s nullifier is mentioned several times as being key factor to game playing yet this nullifier was edited out of the show. Crazy.

  2. It makes me wonder how many other advantages played a large roll in the gameplay of other seasons but weren’t used so were never shown

  3. With how much Omar's Idol nullifier played a role in the end game I am more annoyed the show did not show it. It's a horrible twist but if it is gonna have this impact on how things play the show should show it to properly explain it.

  4. It sadly wasn't necessary for the winner's story (not Omar) hence I think why it is excluded despite it being a big part of the social dynamics as a whole.

  5. The fact we don’t see anything about the Idol Nullifier and how Mike and Jonathan strategized around it, doesn’t bode well for their chances to win.

  6. Agreed. I had Lindsay as my winner at the double-boot episode, but I'd place her a distant 2nd to Maryanne at this point.

  7. “So even though I always knew who was going home, I had to vote for another random person just in case the real target pulled out an idol or played their Shot in the Dark”

  8. Jonathan taking credit for getting Omar out makes me think he doesn’t win and the editors showed maryanne as the brain to give her a good resume if she were to win?

  9. Honestly, I read this more as him having a big ego and wanting to take credit for it. He and Mike very clearly wanted to back out of the plan and Maryanne had to convince them back in.

  10. Trying to reconcile this with the conversation Mike, Jonathan and Maryanne had is really hard, though. Because at that point Maryanne had to work to convince them both to still target Omar.

  11. I love that most of the finalists are giving Omar his flowers. I know we all have our opinions but there's no way you watch S42 and not say that Omar was the best player. Romeo is hilarious, I cracked up when he said "going from CEO to janitor".

  12. It looks to me that the speculation that Omar couldn’t get the jury votes is unfounded - all five of the final five would of have voted for him, plus Tori at the very least.

  13. I think he’s the best player currently eliminated, but he really fumbled hard at the end. If Maryanne handles the endgame well and wins, I’d say she’s the best player.

  14. Pretty sure all this pre finale press confirms that Jonathan will not be winning season 42. Not only does it look like he's playing a better game than we are seeing (Though we did see shades of it in the last episode when he completely outwitted Lindsey) but just the fact that the idol nullifier played a much bigger role in the season than we have seen, It seems to point that the idol nullifier just didn't play enough of a role in the winners story to be shown.

  15. Why are people using this to discredit Maryanne? Yeah Mike and Jonathon thought of the idea to turn against Omar, but Maryanne pulled the trigger and did it

  16. I agree Maryanne should get the credit with the jury for the move, but i think a lot of fans (like myself) are just rubbed the wrong way that we are missing so many of the important details of what happened. And the misdirect seems to be to hide what actually happened to elevate Maryanne’s edit to the fans. (As a side note, im going to be heartbroken if Maryanne does not win)

  17. I actually hate this because to me, 2 things made it clear who wins, and even if it's wrong, it has changed my perception, I wish we just got this stuff tomorrow

  18. How do they leave out the idol nullifier that was so crucial this season? Most people have written Jonathan off like they did with Xander. If you listen to Xander's deep dive he did much more than was shown but towards the end because Erika was winning, they chose to give her all the credit.

  19. In this article both Mike and Johnathan take credit for Maryanne closing in on Omar. Am I trippin?? Is this how this happened?? It seemed to me like Maryanne couldn't get Johnathan and Mike to hear her, so now I am confused.

  20. Want to start off by saying I am rooting for Maryanne, so what I'm about to say is not to discredit her at all.

  21. At the start of the episode, Mike approached Maryanne about voting Omar out. He mentioned Linsday's Idol to show Maryanne she wasn't as tight w/ the taku 4 as she thought. Not saying they should take credit since they got cold feet at the end, but that's probably where Mike is coming from at least.

  22. The 4 of them all wanted Omar out, but Mike and Jonathan put votes on Romeo in case Lindsay protected Omar with the Idol. However, it was portrayed as them backing out of the plan, which makes it more favourable for Maryanne's case since she can take credit for the blindside

  23. All Mike's moves are stained because he comes up with them and someone else executes them. I don't think he has a move he can claim for himself.

  24. Hopefully the Jonathan-Maryanne-Mike dispute about who really drove the Omar vote doesn’t turn nasty like Hai Omar and Drea allegedly did (and has on Twitter). Shame we won’t get to see it hashed out at final tribal because the audience will have no context for the nullifier.

  25. So Romeo's random votes were intentional after all! Reading all the praises for Omar -- such a big contrast from Hai and Drea's responses lol -- further cements that the two are bitter bettys.

  26. All this makes it seem like Mike and Jonathan played a better game but Maryanne is winning. She got the credit for Omar and no mention of the nullifier.

  27. I mean, evidence tells us no and that it was mostly Mike then Maryanne. Not saying he had no role to play but my guess is, it was a meeting of the minds.

  28. That’s so wild if true! Because Jonathan and Omar found it together apparently at Taku. Jonathan using an advantage they found together to oust Omar is shockingly impressive

  29. According to Jonathan, lol. This happens every seasons, the ousted players have their own perspective on what they did to bring attention to the next player booted. It's not necessarily wrong, but it might be missing the context of each other player's opinions and plans.

  30. Yeah, I’m surprised that Jonathan told Mike about Omar’s plan to use the nullifier against Mike at 5. I wish they had showed this because it would really help Jonathan’s portray his strategic game. It feels like they just played up this simplistic, “dumb guy” edit.

  31. Have y’all considered that maybe Jonathan isn’t actually playing a great game and is simply responding to these questions in a way that makes his game look more favourable? The edit is skewed in a certain direction but Jonathan also clearly wasn’t able to build the social capital he needed to gain respect and influence on the island. Y’all are so quick to dismiss Maryanne’s impact and amplify Jonathan’s based on his perspective.

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