Ew Exit Interview with Survivor 42 runner-up

  1. Mike's comments about the fire challenge are next level and it really explains why he felt the need to downplay his fire skills as much as possible. Props to him for being one of the more dominant fire makers that's been in that spot.

  2. Mike is so elegant! Even though he made mistakes he played an amazing game, and he deserves to be considered one of the best runner-ups in history!

  3. Mike’s comments about the jury having there minds made up before tribal council are very telling: “I think some of them were locked in already. I think when they raised their hand, it looks good, but I think some were locked in already . . .”

  4. Mike is just an entertainment factory, and with what he learned this time around, I think there’s a good chance he wins on a return

  5. After the Drea boot, I thought it was abrupt that Mike would immediately turn on Omar. But in this interview it all makes more sense. Omar and Jonathan found the idol nullifier and Jonathan spilled the beans to Mike (I think this was referenced in Omar’s exit interview). So the fact that the idol nullifier subplot wasn’t even in the edit of the show is kind of dumb. It made a significant impact on the endgame.

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