EW Exit Interview with Survivor 42 5th place finisher

  1. This is cool but also a little bit sad. I think a lot of Survivors have a hard time getting back to normal life after the show. Obviously it’s still fresh for her but I hate the idea that so many past contestants hang onto the thought of returning for so long when most won’t

  2. That's crazy that Lindsey asking Jeff for more time might have actually changed the outcome. If they end FTC without Maryanne revealing her idol find who knows what happens.

  3. What’s interesting is I recall Ricard saying in his recap on RHAP a couple weeks ago that FTC for them felt incredibly short and rushed and that he worried a player such as Maryanne or someone wouldn’t be able to explain their game fully.

  4. That’s a good way of putting it…. Mike played emotionally, whereas Maryanne was keeping a pulse on the game. She was aware of other players stories and perspectives while Mike had a more narrow understanding. Great season, great players, happy Mike and Maryanne got 1&2

  5. I don't think Mike played that emotionally. I think he's an emotional guy but his actual moves were pretty centered in what he needed to do. He needed to free himself from Hai's shadow, he needed to get Drea and Omar before they got him. In hindsight playing the idol on Maryanne hurt him, but probably only because she had another one she could use as a gotcha.

  6. Lindsay’s comments about Jonathan really do make a lot of sense. Multiple times during the season you saw him be incredibly dismissive of what the women had to say and how he got on their nerves. Maryanne commented on it during the finale, and Mike himself said in his interview how Jonathan didn’t get along with the women. Hopefully people don’t just bash Lindsay for saying this because people love Jonathan for whatever reason

  7. Is it possible that he didn’t click with Lindsay and Maryanne rather than him not liking women? They were both on his original tribe

  8. I do believe Lindsay 100% when she says Jonathan acted in a misogynist manner to the women on the island. But i do think the editors did Jonathan a favor by showing how frequently he complemented them in his confessionals. I think Jonathan respected Lindsay but acted disrespectfully at times. Huge flaw in Jonathans social game though and something i hope he considers in his real life after the game.

  9. And recognizing that a person can behave in not-great ways, but that doesn't mean they are forever-evil is really important.

  10. Agree. It’s clear he has a lot of growing to do and I hope he’s up for the challenge. It’s hard to unlearn old archaic traits and biases.

  11. I love Lindsay. She is one of the better female players we have had. She is great at all aspects of the game.

  12. It’s tough. I’d love to have her back, I wanted her to win last night. But we don’t even know when the next returnee season is and I could see Jeff preferring Omar, Drea, and Jonathan

  13. She should be, great overall player. Socially, physically, strategically... in all aspects. And she was jury's favourite also. Wish we saw ponderosa.

  14. The split tribal final 10 was very much a "destroy Jonathan" moment. It just ends up feeling flat (imo) because after that he lasts until final 4 and even outlasts Lindsay.

  15. They literally showed him multiple times calling women aggressive and dismissing their ideas, I’d say it was pretty clearly portrayed within the episodes, people just chose to ignore it.

  16. Nooo!! This is not a Jonathan is unbothered type of thing. She makes good points and I am glad she brought it up. His bro Mike mentioned it too. So the Madmen meme doesn't apply here because he definitely needs to think about his inability to get along with women.

  17. Yeah this place is very toxic. I think you should honestly leave for your own mental peace. It might help everyone.

  18. Ugh. I hate that Lindsay was trying to be a damsel in distress with fake cry and fake tears. That is not game playing. That is playing on gender stereotypes. Ugh. I have really lost respect for Lindsay. She was also clearly a bitter juror because Mike did not fall for her fake tears. She is just rationalizing in the interview to justify why she did not vote for Mike. And, Mike deserved her vote because he outplayed her.

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