I feel like I don't connect with the cast anymore.

  1. I feel like regular people is doing a lot of work here. Before the diversity initiatives we had season long stretches of people with perfect bodies who wanted to get into acting.

  2. I blame this more on editing than anything. everyone has a story. the double sob stories in a row with sad music playing & photo flashbacks were too much

  3. I miss normal everyday people. I want people who have totally different life outlooks, political views, interests. It’s all one giant echo chamber now. Everyone agrees about everything. It’s boring. You will never get another Twila and Eliza, Rich and Rudy, Shane and Courtney, everyone is even keel. It feels like every season is the No Collar Tribe.

  4. I appreciate that. I was thinking the other day that I'd need to make up a personal tragedy in order to be cast. My life is blessedly boring in that way.

  5. The reason there are less arguments and a lot less drama is because these people have to go back to regular jobs and lives… if they say something remotely off putting or raise their voices… anything can trigger a SoMe to cancel them and have hundreds of calls to their jobs, receiving death threats, etc.

  6. You're pretty much right. A family friend's ex was a cameraman on a RH show, and they re-shot scenes all the time if the lighting wasn't right or something like that.

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