Survivor 43 | Episode 5 | Eastern Time Discussion

  1. as a Vesi stan im just sad over the lack of content but it’s okay they were safe that’s all that matters

  2. Love Karla and James as a under the radar but absolutely boss duo. When James said "should we just take out Cass?" / the way Karla looked in response to that. I cackled.

  3. Sooo much time spent every episode on the same two decisions/dynamics. At least we’re done with the beware beads. For now, I guess.

  4. Owen nooo. You had 2 free boots in the palm of your hand and you can get rid of gabler if you don't trust him later easily. I hard disagree with his choice to play along nicely atm.

  5. I'm so glad that the KIP was once again never used, but it annoys me that CBS still thinks that we need to see this advantage

  6. Sami seems like the guy who’s gonna blow up everyone’s spot on this. I kinda hope he talks to the idol havers first because it’d be funny and Karla could easily target him.

  7. Depends on the season. Last two seasons it didn’t (I don’t care if Jeff said it technically wasn’t a merge. They all strategized and voted together, so it was a merge).

  8. maybe they do a merge but have a challenge with the group split by rocks draw and then tribal for one of the teams

  9. Its not possible to merge at 12 right? That leaves an (unlikely) possibility of a 3-3-3 jury split with no tiebreaker

  10. They might have the double boot at F13 and have the jury start at F11. Or they might bring back the 10 person jury.

  11. They merged at 12 the last two seasons. They will just start jury at the next vote like the last two seasons and the original seasons used to do.

  12. Wow if Karla was able to have Geo take the Beware idols of another tribe at the merge, it would’ve been so good.

  13. The thing I want the most from next episode is that if it’s a merge, I want Noelle to win the first immunity because that would be so awesome

  14. “You think you can play me, but I’m the one who put the blanks in your gun. I’ve got the real bullets” -Cassidy

  15. Cassidy and James think they’re on the same level of power as Karla which makes her extra powerful lmao

  16. Somehow your comment just triggered my awareness that Coco had half the components for both Butch Cassidy and Jesse James. Thanks, idk why this is important to me, but it makes me happy

  17. Okay, Karla! Love seeing her step into her power. She's been a favorite of mine this season. Sometimes my favorite "characters" on a season are people I wouldn't enjoy irl but Karla is someone I could feel good rooting for if she gets far enough.

  18. Jeff had already confirmed that they are continuing the "you gotta earn the merge" thing. Maybe it's a bit different this season

  19. Fight to get immunity in two tribes losing tribe goes to tribal, someone gets voted out? Not an actual merge??? So confused lolll

  20. One the one hand I'm happy to see the Knowledge is Power out of the game, on the other hand I'm a little disappointed not to see Ryan go home after he was set up for such a perfect fall. Still, it'll at least be interesting to see how he tries to recover.

  21. I liked Ryan up to this point where he fumbled so hard lol. Idk what he was thinking maybe he actually tried and lost and made an excuse he threw it to try and get points. Terrible play overall but I liked him more than Geo. If they won It would have been interesting to watch what would have happened in Baka with Owen tip toeing his allegiances.

  22. It is so damn satisfying to see someone so confident for absolutely no reason except for their ego get stunned at tribal. That felt like an old-school blindside.

  23. I was positive Geo was going to stay this tribal due to the edit of a Karla confessional a few episodes ago... But it is understandable why he got the boot.

  24. I don't even care that Geo's on my draft team (Cassidy is too), this was satisfying as heck. I really though that Ryan was going home, but they made the right move taking the KiP advantage out of play immediately.

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