This is how asparagus works

  1. a bush with large beautiful frons exploads out of the ground shortly after the spears emerge. then this bush dies entirely in winter.

  2. My neighbor grows it, and I literally could not believe it grew like that. But it also takes 3 or so years for a plant to grow an actual piece to eat.

  3. I didn't know how they grew, i just thought it wasn't like this. but the more i think, it doesn't make sense for it to grow anyway else

  4. and they look absolutely magical mid/ late summer when it rains and there’s all these raindrops on them. whole bush looks silver/ grey from it.

  5. I don't understand they grow from the ground like normal fucking plants what is so fucking abnormal about it I'm going insane

  6. Theyare actually grown in caves. You call the ones that form on the ground 'Asparagups', and the ones that form on the ceiling, 'Asparadowns'.

  7. As a kid in Montana we would walk along the river & pick asparagus for dinner. It would only take 20 mins or so for me & my sister to collect enough for our family of 6. Those spears in the pic only take like 1-2 days to get that big. We always left a couple in each patch to grow to full maturity so we would always have more. Back then we always ate them steamed with butter & lemon juice.

  8. Apparently, convents were not allowed to grow Asparagus because the way it THRUST itself from the ground would give nuns naughty ideas.

  9. Asparagus are amazing, not only they are weird on the outside. But the are huge and weird underneath. And it's production is done in large sand mounds.

  10. This reminds me of something i saw ages ago on the internet...of someone half burying a banana, half sticking straight out of the dirt, next to a random tropical plant with broad leaves...and then pranking someone else that that is how bananas are propagated!

  11. There was a bunch of asparagus out the front of our old lab which had stalks at least 6 foot tall. We would pick the (much) smaller ones and eat them fresh, they were so much better than the in store.

  12. I always find it interesting when I see something growing in a way I didn't expect it to. The first time I saw pineapples growing, my mind was blown. THEY'RE BUSHES!

  13. I wrote "How does asperagus grows" and "comment poussent les asperges " same in french ... Both times googles show me a error 505 page ...

  14. Just googled asparagus growing to see if I was being pranked. I'm kinda paranoid. Funny I never knew it grew on bushes.

  15. Don’t ever plant asparagus… you can never change your mind. It will never go away no matter how much you try. Trust me on this. It’s awful lol.

  16. I once found a lonely asparagus growing in a crack in the asphalt between two silos in the middle of an abandoned diesel storage plant. I looked at it for about 4 minutes to make sure it was in fact an asparagus and then I ate it raw, bit it off from the ground with my mouth like a wild animal in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I felt something in that moment, something powerful, something ancient, a primordial feeling of satisfaction; that asparagus fed my body and satiated my soul. I never had such a good asparagus again after that day, a day I will remember forever.

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