Re-selling Dyes? Y'all got issues.

  1. Update! That's what happened! I decided to keep listing them and now the going rate for them is 250K 90 180 of the postings are just from myself alone.

  2. This is what I've been doing with my GTN sales. Admittedly, not actually trying to gut the market, but the game's economics is so... messy, I just want to give players a chance at rarer stuff without completely ripping them off. Plus, I only sell items I don't want/need anyway, so why not?

  3. So, I can chime in on this topic. I came back last summer for maybe 3-4 months and got bored quick. GTN was my end game because I didn't have anyone to do the content I wanted to do with so, I can 100% say your idea is not sticking it to the resellers at all. Matter of fact, I cleared out my old friend's lists to add "friends" that thought they were sticking it to resellers by massively undercutting or trying to flood the market and they made me billions in credits.

  4. Devs don't seem to understand shit because the game's economy is inflated af and they just keep haha money printer go br

  5. Too late now but I really wish that crafted items were bound in some way, not bind on purchase or anything like that but just, only sellable by the legacy that crafted it and then they could set whatever price they wanted. They'd still be tradeable, donatable to guild bank or whatever but just, not able to be flipped for profit. Obviously the game isn't capable of such complexity.

  6. I upvoted earlier, but I do agree. Like perhaps once something's on the market it became bind on pickup rather than bind on equip. Maybe even bind on legacy. It'd be nice, but sadly we'll never see that.

  7. I would think applying a "Bind to Legacy" on all items sold on the GTN would not be a difficult process, and it does most of what you're talking about.

  8. Resellers sell everything, alot of them are gold farmers or just love to see a big credit pool from the sport of it.

  9. Before I listed them, Running total was 900K for either dye. I listed them for between 175K-350K, scaling the price as more were bought. Mostly by the same people. Assuming that I'd loose some to re-sellers and those who wanted to buy spares who don't have alts that can craft them themselves. Then all of them were suddenly bought out and were listed for 500K, 550K and scales up from there. Op success because my whole goal was to drive the price down, but I still figured I'd offer on here for those who actually want them for outfits rather than just making credits off of them.

  10. Keep pumping out dyes and listing them for cheaper than what he's reselling for. Maybe he'll get bored eventually. At any rate, you're selling it all for what you listed.

  11. Sorry but if you sell for less than the market has things going for, the items will get bought up by those with credits looking to flip them for significantly more.

  12. Don't get me wrong, I've been playing for ten years and I get that. It's not about the credits. But 900K for Black/Red considering how easy they are to craft? Eh.

  13. As a long time dye seller, it goes the other way as well. These morons selling dyes below mat cost. WTF? You're losing creds! The dye market is a rollercoaster do not recommend. Make creds elsewhere.

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