I'm today-years-old when I learned that I don't need to wait for the hyperspace sequence to finish before exiting your ship.

  1. Fun fact, clicking the pilot chair on your ship to sit in it will automatically bring up the galaxy map, if you want to truly roleplay flying around.

  2. Any ship works for it. Stand by the door, hit ctrl-m to open galaxy map, pick destination. Ship begins flight path and you click the door.

  3. Ok, I did not know about the part where one can pilot the ship via the galaxy map. Learned something new and gonna start doing so from here on.

  4. Oh I totally knew about this. But I'm talking about when you travel using your own ship. Technically it's not a cutscene as you still have full control of your main character. Just the background of your ship is showing the hyperspace thingy. So while this "transition" is playing, you'll notice the location changes (it's at the top center used to show the owner of a story phase) directly after you pick a planet. At this point, you can exit your ship and to the destination planet directly while the ship is transitioning.

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