Flash Sale 2022.09.27: Jarael's Armor Set , 500CC

  1. If the tank top and waist cloth were separates, this would be much more valuable for mixing and matching, but a good set nonetheless.

  2. I feel like if they released this set recently we would have gotten that, when I was new I originally bought the set thinking the tank top was separate like an idiot

  3. I love these very clean very basic sets. I just wish the lower skirting or panels were part of the legs or belt instead of the top.

  4. In cases like that, i'd personally prefer if it was part of the belt, because sometimes you want to have the lower part but the associated pants are just ugly (like the Tython Highlander set, i really like the chest, the belt and the skirt thingy, but i hate these ugly mummy pants, especially since you can't even dye them).

  5. I couldn't STO to work, but in any space MMO, space Barbie is the end game. Oh, and we also have space Barby dream house! Not sure if STO has that!

  6. Wanted this one months ago but people were charging too much for it so I decided to wait. Then I forgot about it lmao. Sade to say I'll be buying this.

  7. Loved the comics so much, I run this on my companion while I wear Zayne Carrick’s set. Real scrappy Jedi apparel.

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