The fuck is taking meat alternatives so long

  1. Seriously. They need a dairy free creamy cheese/sauce. I am 100% fine w/ beans and potatoes, as I can clearly tell its not meat.

  2. They probably had to take a hard stance on it because they kknew that they were already mixing it in, and couldn't just admit it now. /s

  3. i feel like TB is the one place that could actually do without the plant-based meat. between the beans and potatoes, i never miss meat when I'm there

  4. Ya same. I've been getting cheesy bean and rice burritos without cheese and fresco style, replace beef with black beans, and the same with crunchwraps and they're so good. I probably will still keep doing that even if/when they get Beyond/Impossible/whatever

  5. I definitely get the beans are good enough arguments, and very much enjoy them at TB, but I’m yet another one who is beyond excited for it to finally come. When I make tacos at home, I’m always making it with fake meat and extra taco seasoning.

  6. As somebody who is unfortunately picky and doesn't like refried beans I'd be down for plant based meat because I'd like to cut down my meat consumption :)

  7. I agree! Plus…I’d be worried it was mixed up. At least at BK they have a different wrapper and you can tell because they always over cook it lol I love the beans and potatoes as long as they keep those…

  8. I’m a vegetarian and I can live without Taco Bell having fake meat. I’m always distrustful of fake meat in public. Sometimes it looks too real.

  9. I’m married to a vegetarian. The first time she had an Impossible burger, she demanded that I taste it so I could assure her that it wasn’t actually meat

  10. why are all of the vegetarians here saying “they’re okay without the fake meat”??? it’s another option. what’s wrong with having more options?

  11. I was wondering that as well. It's not like OP is saying "Get rid of potatoes and beans and replace it with plant-based meat", they are simply advocating for more options. What the hell is wrong with that? Personally, I would love the option for a plant-based regular crunchy taco.

  12. Also, I'm not even remotely vegan (mainly because I can't stomach most vegetables, I have bad issues eating most of them), but I do actually enjoy fake meat, and I eat it every now and then to reduce my total amount of meat I eat. I would definitely replace like half my meat I get at TB with fake meat. (I've tried replacing them with beans, but no thanks, I enjoy beans with meat, but not just beans)

  13. Because there’s probably a mix of non-vegetarians inserting their judgment. Blows my mind how personally attacked people feel when it comes to their dietary choices. Applies to vegetarians and vegans too, obviously.

  14. Even if they did have fake meat, I would still get black beans instead of meat like I have for years. I have come to realize that I legitimately do not like meat subs in my tacos/burritos, etc.

  15. I’d personally rather see some vegan cheese, vegan creamy sauces like the chipotle ranch etc. Taco Bell is already SO vegan friendly they are my go-to. But these things would be a nice touch.

  16. Agreed! But honestly I'd like every fast food place to offer meat alternatives. I'm not vegetarian anymore, but I've been trying to cut down on meat consumption in general and I will always choose the vegetarian "meats" when given the option! Seems more sustainable long term for the environment as well, and of course less suffering is a huge plus as well.

  17. Based on how the "meat" has tasted of late I'm semi-convinced they stealth-switched us all to impossible beef like two years ago but they laid off the PR team working on the presentation as a result of the pandemic 🤷🏻

  18. as a new vegan who hasn't had taco bell in months, I would really love a veg cheese or meat option just to spice things up a bit. as it stands I really have no reason to go there :(

  19. Vegan Crunchwraps are great when I’m too lazy to cook! Fresco style with beans, add potatoes, jalapeños and red sauce 👍🏼

  20. What’s funny is when they did their big menu fuck up at the beginning of covid, and got rid of potatoes temporarily, they claimed it was “to bring new vegan options to the menu!”

  21. I just feel as if yum brands isn't that. Look at Pizza Hut or KFC, brands they own including taco bell, all of which have only had beyond meat items for a few months. I just don't think that is their brand.

  22. Del taco has it and it’s way too salty IMO. i think I’d try it if they had it but I don’t see myself ordering it often. I DO support it though because I remember the days when I first went vegan (2003) and I still had to explain to people what vegan meant. There were hardly any meat alternatives in stores and CERTAINLY not in restaurants (veggie burgers, sometimes, but those are often not vegan due to binding ingredients like egg) We’ve come a long way, baby!

  23. I’m a vegetarian and I’m okay without the fake meat. Even if they had it I wouldn’t get it. I think there’s enough alternatives.

  24. If you’re a vegetarian, I would just eat refried beans as substitutes in everything, add rice and cheese or potatoes. All of those are delicious. I really like their refried beans though

  25. I don't think their Cravetarian meat has been in any test market this year. There's also been no leaks on seeing it in 2022 at all.

  26. I’ve been making a vegan chorizo at home and it tastes so similar to Taco Bell meat. I live around he corner from a TB and honestly never go anymore because I can make it at home with my meat substitute.

  27. They HAVE it in European markets, that’s the weird thing. (Or at least in Spain. Had one of the fake meat burritos Saturday) Not sure why unless it’s just because black beans are more expensive here. If they end up using the same stuff, I can confirm it’s pretty good.

  28. not all vegetarians used to be meat eaters. there are vegetarians that don't prefer the fake meat because it tastes too much like real meat.

  29. That's something Taco Bell is leading the industry in. They are trying to eliminate preservatives and additives from their ingredients. They don't get it 100%, and I won't say taco bell is nutritionally balanced or low-calorie.

  30. As someone who always looks for meat alternatives, I think the sentiment here is that it is a good alternative for vegetarians and people with religious reasons more than a healthy alternative

  31. Plant based meat is a joke. Beans are a much better alternative to it and they have two kinds available. If you aren't going to eat actual meat then enjoy the beans.

  32. Ignoring the rest of the post because it doesn't really apply to me but FINALLY someone else who appreciates the magic of the quesalupa! Taco Bell will never be as good to me as it was when they had that.

  33. They are gonna be looking for something that will be stable on the hot line is my guess. Incase you have never worked the line, the beef sits in sauce and the chicken and steak sit in broth. I don't think vegetable-based proteins usually hold up well in liquid like that.

  34. If they do get it, and it ends up being low selling stuff that few people want, TB will be sure to add it to the options for app rewards.

  35. I thought Taco Bell beef was a blend of soy protein and beef, not actually 100%. That was the rumor I heard anyway.

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