When my friends ask why steel isn’t “just as gud”

  1. I remember when I was incredibly new with guns etc and someone put a steel target not too far away from us and only infront of them about 15 yards. Fragmentation kept hitting us and the shooter had no idea what we were trying to tell em. He just thought the bullet flattened and fell on the ground. In the end he didn't listen but now I know better and can properly explain next time that his IQ is double digits

  2. I'm incredibly new to guns right now. What targets do you recommend that can be used with 9mm, 5.56, bird/buck shot, slugs, 7.62x39 and .22?

  3. 2 coats truck bed liner, gorilla glue a 3'4" rubber plate on it, 3 layers duct tape 100% coverage, 5 layers of more truck bed liner.

  4. Lurker here and, quite frankly, pretty dumb. Are those piece of the steel plate they were shooting or did the bullets shatter and ricochet back?

  5. It's from splatter (not spalling, that's something different), and everyone here thinks that the results of dozens or greater rounds on steel proves that the splatter will slice your neck apart, they fail to realize that if the plate has taken a dozen rounds, the rest of you is swiss cheese, and a plate likely won't be shot at 90 degrees like a target plate will be, and angles change the shit out of splatter patterns, and it doesn't take much to mitigate splatter for a couple of rounds.

  6. Well, most steel has an anti-spall coating. They make inexpensive anti-spall sleeves, and a carrier is going to catch a lot of spall. A redneck defeated spall with duct tape. You can leave it in your truck in all weather and it can take multiple hits. You can also train with it and treat it like dog shit. It is certainly better than taking a modern bullet to the chest. Most spall tests I have seen absolutely fail to measure penetrating power of spall even on exposed metal like your homemade test. Given that you will probably have gloves and a long sleeve duty top that spall penetration is questionable. They also make chin protectors for most carriers.

  7. How dod a redneck defeat spelling with duck tape? Is there a video? I've always figured if you wrapped a layer of Kevlar around the plate it would 100% catch any spalling.

  8. If you like metal shards in your hands, face, or extremities I highly suggest shooting a masterlock padlock at close range with a 9mm. The movies make it look so simple lol.

  9. We don't wear any plates in the Chairborne Infantry. We just keep clicking 'next' until someone dies or the pizza arrives.

  10. I gotta look for the video.. it was a relatively smaller gun channel but these 2 guys tested 3 types of armor one being a steel plate with some type of coating.

  11. This argument is invalid. It does not take into account rubberized coating meant to mitigate fragmentation or the plate carrier. Not only that but if you're plate is taking a large volume of rounds you have much bigger worries than fragmentation..

  12. I need to buy ceramics, I bought steel a few years back not really knowing what I was getting into. It's on my list of shit I need to buy. Live and learn.

  13. Put up hoplites and use them as targets for 300 rounds, and ask if they're still a good idea when you've taken 300 rounds to the plate.

  14. Not to stir the pot, im genuinely curious. Saw a video talking about a spall "protective" cover. Sounds like a sleeve you put the plates in that allegedly(per the guy in the video) stops all spalling. I am far from an expert in armor of any kind, was just curious if there is potential validity in this or if it's another gimmick. Thanks!

  15. People like to shit on steel armor. But it's not a clear cut one is better than the other. The problem with ceramic is you never know if it's been damaged, from being dropped or whatever, until you've been shot, by then it's too late. But yes for every other reason ceramic is better. But I'll run my steel until I can afford $300+ a plate.

  16. Tap and torque test. A pair of RMA 1155MC plates run $340 before tax and shipping. Boom, damage testing and plates sub $300+/each. A bit heavy, but you sound like you enjoy the weight with steal. They’re great plates my dude.

  17. It actually is pretty clear cut, steel doesn’t hold a candle to ceramic. The only pro that steel really has is cost, but as

  18. Literally you can buy hesco level 4 plates for like $400. They won’t be the lightest but you sure as fuck won’t turn your neck and jaw into Swiss cheese. after getting vibe checked by Larry with his bushmaster AR.

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