What do you think our Ts think about when they're in pre molt not doing anything?

  1. Was wondering this just a few days ago. I like to think they just exist contently. Loke how many animals just lie around in peace, relaxing, propably not thinking anything but enjoying the moment.

  2. I doubt they really think about things the way we do, but their brains are so alien from ours who's to say they don't have something analogous, even if it's very simple.

  3. Questions like “what is life like outside the enclosure” would definitely require a higher level of understanding, and I’m not an expert but I think humans are the only animals that “question” themselves in the universe. (Like what is our purpose type questions) from my understanding Ts don’t have a higher understanding at all and only have instincts. Think primitive dinosaurs. They still… think I guess. Just not as complex as you or I would.

  4. I mean consciousness is a bit more complex than to say something just "doesn't think". I mean there is enough variation from specimen to specimen to say that they have some sort of "personality" so to speak. Hence why it's hard to generalize all pokies as fast and defensive when many have specimens that aren't that way.

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