I'm Starting To Be A Little Skeptical About FearNotTarantulas

  1. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them. I never order single slings that small anymore though from anywhere. Just never know if they’re going to survive.

  2. Some thoughts from someone that has kept tarantulas for over 15 years, with hundreds of individuals over that time.

  3. You very well may have just been unlucky, I have only had positive experiences with Fear Not. I think I have about 13-15 tarantulas from them, and no problems ever in any department whether that was with shipping, customer service, or the animals themselves.

  4. I've ordered 3 of my T's through FearNot, my LP, T.Albo & T.Vagans. I did lose my LP, it got stuck in its molt so no fault to FearNot for that, but my other 2 are thriving. Slings are very prone to dehydration and just aren't as hardy as juveniles and mature T's. I'll probably order from them again.

  5. I only had one experience, recently participated in the 4th of July mystery event. I was super excited with my slings, they all came in healthy and active. Also got some unexpected bonus freebies in the box, some stickers and whatnot. They definitely looked pretty small, and one had a tiny little abdomen but I assume it had molted fairly recently, and its a tiny little spider. All ate within the first 24 hours of rehousing. And when they settled in and stretched out they were at the size advertised. I love tiny babies anyway, the smaller the better. Got a great price for the species I bought. Would buy again from them for sure.

  6. Not neccessarily trying to jump on the band wagon with my pitchfork but I too got a T from FNT. I got a tiny GBB, raised him for about a year from about a 1/4" to 2-3". During the last 4-5 months of his life he just stopped eating... not trying to be funny but it's like he became an awful hunter within those last few months. I would drop in crickets over the course of that time only for the T to either not react, have the crickets go run underneith him (to which he'd scramble to grab them and almost try to quite literally sit on them but then fail to every single time), or even grab the crickets only for them to escape right infront of him (mid-fang puncture...). I gave my GBB all the right environment, plenty of food, and water. Not sure why one of the most hearty and beginner friendly T's died on me (from damn near starvation or lack of ability to hunt) but it is pretty frustrating cause my other T from petco I got before the GBB is still alive and well, never had any issues with her and she's huge now, probably 4.5".

  7. Not trying to insinuate that there was anything wrong with your care and husbandry, but after over a year of care, multiple molts and growing 8x-12x it’s original size I’m don’t understand how the Ts passing can be attributed to the seller…?

  8. I've only ordered once from Fear Not. I ordered two slings and a couple millipedes and the millipedes and one sling died a day later. The problem with my order is they must have been shipped dry. The millipedes appeared to be in a cup of dry sphagnum moss and both slings were lethargic. The one sling lived because I put it on a wet piece of paper towel for a day in a jar before adding it to its enclosure. The millipedes were lethargic as well and there movement was wrong, they suffered dehydration.

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