Just got these two yesterday, thought I'd share!

  1. Hands down the worst hairs I’ve come into contact. I had dyshidrosis (small blisters) for 3 weeks. I don’t rehouse unless I’m gloved up with longe sleeves.

  2. I’m raising one up right now from a sling. Of all my Ts this thing is the fiercest. I put two small crickets i and it just hunted them both like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was like Mighty Mouse kicking two gorillas asses.

  3. Supposedly p irminas are sort of like a transitional tarantula from new world to old world because of their venom and behavioral intensity.

  4. I got them from this place called The Pet Shoppe in Vallejo CA. I believe they can do online orders and ship to you if you call them. Dude's got connections everywhere he can get you any kind you want.

  5. Damn they are gorgeous! I really want a P. Irminia or P. Cambridgei but I’m a newb and the speed scares me. It’s so annoying choosing between urticating setae or more intense venom.

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