Psychology experts urge social media giants to increase transparency around algorithms to protect users’ mental health

  1. The crazy thing is that Facebook and other social media giants used psychologists and psychiatrists to make their platforms more addictive. Hacking of a American Mind book puts lot of this into perspective.

  2. Needs to happen in the gaming space too, so few consider the use and impact of advanced algorithms to keep players stuck in a dopamine loop, with some modern titles much closer to slot machines than to any game in terms of design - I.e. engagement over matchmaking.

  3. I would like so much more control over my algorithms. WFH in an industry that uses these platforms has made it so that my online spaces never allow me to truly clock out unless I keep separate accounts. I use social media to do brand research at work so there’s so much stuff that isn’t related to anything I’m interested in seeing pushed on me in ads and sponsored content and I use these sites a lot less now as a result, I mean it’s scrolling through one long series of ads!!

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