Elon Musk wants to know how many fake accounts Twitter has, but experts say his approach is all wrong

  1. It's not wrong (well technically it's wrong), it's purposeful. He intends to pull out of the deal and before paying the $1B contract cancelation penalty, he plans to sue Twitter for basing the contract on false information. People, it's obvious what's going on here. Musk fucked up and now he wants out.

  2. Yep. Purposeful as hell. Like a little rich kid who didn't get his way and is trying to treasure his toys and leave. The only problem is his tricks won't work while he's completely under the microscope. His own arrogance fucked him.

  3. "basing the contract on false information" that's called fraud. Yes, he can sue if Twitter commits fraud against its shareholders by deceiving the public on how many fake accounts are using the platform.

  4. He didn’t fuck is he knew what he was doing the whole time. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that twitter is ridden with bots

  5. He's also publicly putting on display Twitter's ridiculously flawed method they use to come up with their numbers. He's calling them out without technically calling them out.

  6. I’d say he’s trying to get as much info how Twitter works, bail out, then use that to construct a new product or service. Possible for his Tesla Phone.

  7. Or he’s trying to manipulate the price down because Tesla stock is down. He leveraged his shares for a loan, so he may not have the full financing. So he’s going to try and say that Twitter isn’t worth what he initially offered because of this. They’ll get a couple million dollar fine from the SEC for market manipulation, so cost of doing business.

  8. If anything, he's trying to make Twitter look bad for investors. When I heard Elon was buying Twitter, I deleted my account. I'm sure I'm not the only one. He caused Twitter to lose users.

  9. Nope, he waived due diligence and he can actually be forced to perform on the deal even if he wants to pull out and pay the $1B penalty. The deal will go through.

  10. did he ever really intend to buy? or did he just make a bunch of noise knowing he would have this back door to pull out of. can't wait for this to be blamed on democrats, too.

  11. I don’t think he fucked up I think this was his plan all along except I tho k he wanted to dump Tesla stock before it tanked. And it kind of seemed like he was making a lot of noise after that kid started posting his flight info.

  12. He will do his due diligence, expose twitter as a trash fire, crash the stock price, back out of his offer for cause, and take over hostilely twitter.

  13. He's either the dumbest "genius" billionaire out there who doesn't understand mathematics or he is being purposely deceitful as a manipulation tactic. There is no other option.

  14. Blame twitter since that's the standard they set. Why waste any more time and money on researching a bigger sample if you only need 100 to prove your point?

  15. I have a degree in math. You are right - and that isn't even the worst part - the "sample" is chosen from one person's followers, so it isn't even "random" at all.

  16. That’s the number of accounts Twitter used to audit their website when they proclaimed only 5% bots. He’s doing this to prove a point.

  17. Elon Musk is making up excuses to try to get out of the deal as he watches that Tesla stock-backed margin call looming.

  18. He's implying that the owners may have engaged in fraud that should affect the share value... if they back out of the deal he has them.

  19. What is wrong with you? He is renegotiating, not backing out. Also, this 100 user sample that everyone is making fun of came from the twitter board and execs. Elon chose 100, because he is right, twitter was doing something horribly wrong when determining amount of fake accounts. Elon outed them indirectly.

  20. I’d be tempted to get out if I were him. Not necessarily for the cost, but also the backlash among current age liberals.

  21. That's you and the rest of Reddit. Except all of the people on here who hate him keep posting and upvoting and commenting about him so he never goes away. People just want someone to rage against.

  22. The 100 user sample is how twitter officially did it. Everyone is making fun of the 100 user sample because they falsely think it was elon's idea. Nope, it was twitter execs and the twitter board pushing those effectively fake numbers.

  23. Twitter stated in SEC papers that about 5% were estimated to be fake accounts, so Elon asks for proof of that assessment. The word expert these days is extremely devalued

  24. It doesn't matter if the approach is right or wrong. Musk doesn't give a shit about that. He's just playing the stock market. Like he always does.

  25. Well he overlooked advice/opinion of these desktop experts. Not sure he will give any heed to any of their future advice.

  26. The Muskrat realized he fucked up bigtime and now wants to weasel out. His goal is to avoid paying the cancelation fee, nothing more.

  27. I’m amazed how few people understand sample sizes. If you have a data set that has a normal distribution, 100 isn’t a bad sample size.

  28. He wanted the 100 number to rile people up, because he learned that Twitter used a sample size of 100 users to determine their bot percentage being under 5%. He is doing this to make a point.

  29. He knows it wrong, it's absurd. He suggested it because it's the method Twitter used in giving him the number of bot accounts (less than 5%, they said) and he wants to show that if a bunch of people take a random sampling of just 100 followers of a big account like @twitter, you're gonna get horseshit results.

  30. It’s pretty obvious he’s trying to weasel his way out. Why would he not do this,if the deal hinges on it, BEFORE securing billions in funding?

  31. Who are these "experts" and what are they an "expert" in? Serious and legitimate question... I always see these kind of titles and stories with the word "expert" in the title with the intention to make or change a narrative but with no real explanation... not defending Elon at all.. just see this bullshit wayyyyy too much to make a narrative to make and change people's perspective.. shits getting old..

  32. 😂 people are dumb. He chose that number because that is what twitter used to conclude less than 5 percent of its users are bots. Whoosh.

  33. It literally says this in the article. The same article which has people saying it’s not statistically valid and that social media companies don’t use such small sample sizes.

  34. Some of us are just waking up to the fact that Musk supports Donald Trump. The fact he wants Trump back on Twitter is enough to end my appreciation for anything else he may have done to help the planet.

  35. First, the fakes following his own account alone make up more than 5% fake ratio. He knows this well, because he paid for all of them.

  36. I still find it incredibly funny how some people hate Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter, but have no problem with the current share holders lol.

  37. Haven't you heard, we collectively have to hate Elon musk. And we have to up vote every negative article that's posted numerous times everyday about him

  38. Because Elon has stated publicly that he will take it private and allow any kind of hate speech to run rampant with no moderation or consequences. I agree that Twitter isn't exactly run perfectly right now, but it's a hell of a lot better than what Musk is promising.

  39. That's because, and hear me out here, Elon is mostly an idiot when it comes to science and many technologies. Seriously though, every time he speaks or tweets about a deeply scientific or technical topic he literally proves it to experts of the field. My aha was his tweets around what he thought could be done with doge coin while the literal inventor of it said 'you all know it's literally designed to go to 0 right guys... The code is open source and that's the joke...guys.. guys?'

  40. Could it be possible that in this case the “experts” simply don’t understand the situation? Elon claims that Twitter themselves used a sample size of 100.

  41. Experts also said his approach to cars was all wrong. Experts also said his approach to space flight was all wrong. Experts also said his approach to building tunnels was all wrong.

  42. No they didn't. Also they should have called his approach to building tunnels all wrong considering they turned out to be overpriced death traps.

  43. Did you even read the article? It seems likely that Elon is using the same sample size of 100 that Twitter used previously.

  44. What counts as a "fake" account? Someone that's not willing to give their 100% accurate personal information? Or obvious ones like "ForTehLulz" etc?

  45. There is obviously some fuckery going on here, both sides have an incentive not letting the full-truth be know. It would be trivial to get a much larger sample size with a better sampling method, this is a huge red flag. Why not use actual random sampling, why not use a statistically significant sample, why not compare different samples using different methodologies, all the se tell me they both try to tell a specific story and are in no way trying to actually let the amount of Bots be part of public discourse.

  46. This is the same guy who said, “give me a plan to fix hunger issues around the world and I’ll pay for it. “ Someone offered a plan, CRICKETS.

  47. my social media accounts are probably flagged as bot accounts, i just don't post things on social media, i only use them to keep with news and updates from games that i play.

  48. TBH who gives a fuck. Practically everyone already knows all social media platforms are full of trolls,bots, duplicates and fake accounts.

  49. musk is just a troll. he wants to manipulate the market and get a better deal. he should be tried for fraud.

  50. "Elon Musk wants to manipulate the stock market through social media, but experts say that he will get away with it and everything else he does because laws only apply to poor people"

  51. He knew about the bots and now he knows Twitter is for sale. He’s going to stall and try to drive the stock price down so he can negotiate a much lower price. My guess 7-10B lower.

  52. That’s because he’s just looking for any excuse to back out… claim Twitter is garbage then go for Trump’s whatever it’s called social media site?

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