Nina Jankowicz resigns from the DHS after Disinformation Governance Board is put on 'pause' following right-wing backlash

  1. I'm the exact opposite of right wing and I hated it too. If you wouldn't want there to be a Disinformation Governance Board that Trump is in charge of, you shouldn't want one to exist in the first place.

  2. It’s almost like you should be able to take principled stands against things without being accused of being on the Wrong Team.

  3. Exactly, using the right wing backlash as a scapegoat is just stupid. I know many liberals as well as conservatives that hate this idea of the government telling people what is and what isn’t real information especially after this whole Covid bullshit where they were prove time and time again that some of the conspiracy theories that were on the Internet in the early days were proved to be right.

  4. Ditto. I've been alive long enough to have seen that the biggest disseminators of disinformation has always been government. No matter which party is in charge.

  5. Obviously we need some way to combat disinformation, but I just don't see a way for the government to do it that's not a huge breach of power.

  6. According the the media, you probably just don’t know you are right wing. Why can’t you be for democracy and support the disinformation governance board?

  7. A terrible journalist who will consider your question as a coordinated, personal, and maybe even racist/sexist attack on her.

  8. Honestly there were a lot of left wingers who were opposed to the idea as well. Granted for the extreme left those left wingers were still right wing.

  9. There is universal backlash, the problem is people want to continue to target the right because it fits the narrative.

  10. I mean I wasn’t opposed to it because I expected it to do nothing. Basically Polygraph (government funded fact checking) plus non-binding advice for media companies to block bots and identify fake info. I wasn’t expecting them to actually do anything worth being upset about.

  11. Believing that you’re an adult who doesn’t trust the federal government to decide what the truth is very right wing apparently.

  12. Yeah, don't you know that not wanting the government to unilaterally declare what's 'fact' means you're a 'right-winger'?

  13. Yeah, a lot of people on the left would only figure out it's a bad idea once in 2025 Trump or DeSantis appoints someone to head this board that they don't like.

  14. Yes, Republican's entire platform is based on lies, making any fact-checking an existential threat.

  15. The original headline blaming "right-wing" people was in WaPo and was quoting an unnamed DHS source... So it was pretty close to her writing the headline, if not her.

  16. It's literally a Ministry of Truth. Do not need, no matter how much this sub has wet dreams about shutting down every non-liberal website and blog for wrongthink.

  17. I would put bombing the children and aid worker to look tough after the Afghanistan failure was his worst idea.

  18. Exactly! This wasn't a "oh Republicans didn't agree with her, so she's gone".. She was misinformation, either party trying to create things like this should draw red flags

  19. The disinformation governance board shut down over what it called a “coordinated attack of disinformation”, which was just people mocking it and posting videos of the lady they tagged to run it. It’s hilarious that the board collapsed due to disinformation but it’s extremely scary that they called the critiques and mocking “disinformation”. If the board was fully up and running people would not have been able to criticize it, according to their own press release.

  20. Everybody right and left could see the true purpose of this disinformation concoction. Can’t shut em up then shut em down. Oh why did take gop’ers to make a stink. Seriously have we lost our minds

  21. “Following right wing backlash” lol. Plenty on the left called it out as well. I do find it interesting how they attempt to frame these stories though. 😂

  22. I don’t think it’s fair to say right wing backlash. The very idea of that disinformation board was anti free speech no matter what side you’re on

  23. Oh, it was just right wing backlash?? I think you'd be surprised about that, whatever hack journalist that wrote this headline.

  24. so a person who has been caught spreading disinformation is appointed to head a government agency whose purpose is to stop disinformation, gets called out and its suddenly a right wing issue? May God watch over the USA since its citizens have lost their collective minds.

  25. Listen I don’t think this is just from the right a lot of us independents don’t like the idea of a literal propaganda government truth machine that can just veto things the government disagrees with. I do not trust the government with this kind of power.

  26. People forget that when you're forced to vote between lesser of two evils, you're never voting for good, that you're still voting for evil only that you're trying to weigh against your conscience which is the least destructive to society. But at the end of the day, it's still evil, and that's not a set of choices that are healthy for the long term stability of democracy.

  27. How’s that whole “bring everyone together. We gotta save the soul of America. There’s more that unites than divides us” thing working out for ya?

  28. "weeks of targeted harassment" AKA "weeks of very reasonable criticism that she is incredibly biased and completely wrong for the position". Does fair reporting even exist in America?

  29. “Right wing backlash” also known as people angry over the government policing free speech run by a woman who pushed disinformation.

  30. Kinda hard to justify a “disinformation governance board” when half of the presidents Twitter followers were proved to be fake lol

  31. The DGB shows you what an echo chamber the WH is. Coming up with the DGB in the first place and then putting that person in charge is total insanity to anyone that isn't left wing.

  32. Right wing backlash isn't the whole reason here, both side of the political spectrum hated the idea. Who would have thought that people don't like the government stepping in discussions and enforcing their "truth" which I'm sure isn't bias or in their interests at all.

  33. The worst part of this ordeal was the intensive justifications and mental gymnastic by some certain “news” organizations to push this as a good idea. I am happy to see backlash grew enough to vaporize those articles.

  34. Well we saw what happens when republicans are allowed to lie without any concern for the consequences. A bunch of filthy animals attacked the capitol of this country, and nearly 50% of republicans still think the election was stolen.

  35. I mean honestly, are people seriously that comfortable with the government telling you what is and isn’t disinformation?

  36. Oh so it turns out that people don’t like the idea of an official Propaganda Department in government? Weird

  37. You mean people that value the first amendment right? Fuck off with this “right wing backlash” bullshit

  38. Came here to say this. Not everything is about right/left, this was just an all around horrible idea that the people do not want.

  39. I've never voted Republican in my life and likely never will, and I thought this ministry of truth was one of the worst ideas to come out of federal government in quite some time.

  40. who called it ministry of truth? There is a problem online with disinformation and other countries are tackling it. It's not he said, she said or something harmless. It's bad actors going online to deceive people for a goal. You can't just turn your back to it because weirdos on the right (they aren't conservatives, just weirdos who think they are) get triggered trump didn't come up with it.

  41. Pretending it's only the "right wing" that takes issue with the feds literally plagiarizing Orwell in real life is blatantly dishonest. Biden wouldn't have scrapped it just to appease MTG.

  42. I guess there was no one in house who could fill that position? Someone with 10-15 years of experience working in counterintelligence? They decided to with a partisan straight out of college...

  43. I don't know about everyone else but id like to decide what is or isn't information. I don't need what I see to be censored by whomever is in charge at the moment.

  44. In the UK we apparently have a 'fake news rebuttal unit', this story from 2019 saying after a trial period it will be continued:

  45. Time to fight fire with fire. What you reap so shall you sow. Karma returns 10 fold. Best get to those rocks you climb out from under ya wankers.

  46. The right wing wasn’t the only source of backlash. It was a terrible idea with the cherry on top being them choosing the worst person possible to be the head.

  47. “Right wing backlash” - a minimum of 50% of those opposing this “disinformation board” are non-republicans, including me.

  48. Yes, it’s quite ironic but also extremely terrifying that the board labeled criticisms of it “disinformation”. They unwittingly revealed their hare brained scheme.

  49. Orrrrr, and I'm just spitballing here, maybe her calling for full out censorship on social media didn't go over the way she thought???? I'm no right winger, but when an agent of the government is saying social media should allow people the right to alter or delete another person's thoughts that they don't agree with, that's government sponsored censorship and is a very slippery slope.

  50. it wasn't a 'right wing backlash' it was 'People knowing that the government is trying very hard to codify cancellation and censorship instead of something useful and important like abortion or voting rights.' Game's rigged. The democrats are just as corrupt and evil as the republicans.

  51. they weren't simply pointing out her stated beliefs tho. The whole weirdo machine was going full speed.

  52. She “debunked” multiple theories that have proven to be 100% factual. So even if such a board should exist (it shouldn’t) she isn’t the person to run it.

  53. The dems wont give up on establishing this office. They will quietly put it in some bill that will be passed on a late friday night.

  54. Too bad their just gonna try to put someone else in there, hopefully less dishonest and cringeworthy but the whole idea is bull, Government is a terrible source of the truth.

  55. Right wing backlash? No one was excited about Ministry of Truth. No one is sad its gone. Last thing you want is govt telling you what to believe.

  56. good. the government should not be involved in regulating speech. this is not a right-wing issue. this should be bipartisan

  57. They just don’t get it. I don’t think either side was happy with the “ministry of truth.” The White House tweet about the vaccines that was left unchecked for a couple of days I think really threw people against this board. Government propaganda

  58. Oh no doubt. That's how it always goes, one party gets the people used to something, then the other party expands on it.

  59. Good, however, question still persists: misinformation is still rampant. How do we deal with it? Cuz I gotta be honest- I got no idea how.

  60. The Mary Poppins thing was like a parody written by some talentless conservative hacks to mock liberals, except it was somehow done in earnest.

  61. The thing is depending on who is in office this "Disinformation Governance Board" either does it's job or becomes a right-wing "Ministry of Truth" nightmare. It just shouldn't exist from the government at all.

  62. Citizens in any country have their own decision-making power to obtain any information, but once the government decides that certain information is correct or incorrect, it is a dictatorship in disguise, which has nothing to do with whether it is left-wing or right-wing

  63. I'm not right wing, and I hate it. Having a ministry of truth is not a liberal act - it's shameful, and the kind of behaviour that is strengthening the appeal of the republican party. Not cool. The Democrats need to get their shit together.

  64. Everyone’s all about this disinformation board right up until it’s controlled by evangelicals. Then, you get Florida on crack.

  65. Kudos to all of the liberals who found this just as reprehensible as conservatives did. This should have disgusted everybody on both sides of the aisle if you're an American and have even the vaugest understanding of our constitution.

  66. Pretty sure Russia and China could provide robust use cases for a Disinformation Governance Board. Theirs seem to be working quite well.

  67. Isn't there already something that does this? I believe it's called the media. The white house even has a press secretary to spoon-feed the truth to the media. How else would we have known hunters laptop was disinformation.

  68. While we’re talking about whether the Disinformation Governance Board should exist, can we talk about whether DHS should exist?

  69. ...Everyone does that. Even local news will allow candidates for everything from school boards to State Senate to go on and promote themselves.

  70. It's not about whether or not truth is good - obviously, it is. It's about whether or not the government is a reliable, trustworthy source to determine it for us. The DGB would be a corruptible mechanism, prone to political influence and bias. That's the concern.

  71. You are sadly mistaken, with all due respect. There is no time the government should tell you what you should or should not believe, in the freest country on the planet.

  72. That’s why China and North Korea have the best governments. They have agencies that decide what is truthful and let their devoted citizens know!

  73. Something needs done to combat misinformation but I don't think a minitrue is the right way to go about it.

  74. It was a stupid decision to name it that in the first place. DHS can strategize on how to counter misinformation without creating a new board. Could have quietly created a new department called "Homeland Intelligence" or something like that. But then again, the bar for competence for Biden is so low that I'm not surprised they bungled a basic thing.

  75. The right wing is the biggest joke right now. I’m not excusing some of the nonsense from the far left but the far right crying the loudest speaks volumes.

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