College in the Metaverse Is Here. Is Higher Ed Ready?

  1. Zuck really trying hard to stay relevant, if meta actually wants this to fad to bump the bottom line just make a deal with pornhub, it's not like they have any morality

  2. Can confirm. I'm enrolled at the College of Winterhold. There are more extra-curricular assignments than I expected, and it seems like one of my classmates is literally a Thalmor agent. Still, better than dealing with Meta or anything Zuckerberg touches!

  3. Think I saw this article back in the 90s when we were stripping two CRTs to our faces for VR (no really).

  4. Hardly ready today, but there will be a time, likely in the 2030s, where a virtual college attended via VR/AR will be a really compelling experience.

  5. The 20’s are just getting started, I see VR and AR becoming significantly useful in college lab work within this decade. Especially for applications like physics and engineering.

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