Facebook scrambles to escape stock's death spiral as users flee, sales drop

  1. Facebook absolutely sucks at bringing people back in. When you learn to stop looking at it every day and spend less and less time there with each visit, they bombard you with useless notifications like "a stranger posted in a meme group you're in," "your former coworker's birthday was last week," "some stranger made a post with zero engagement, wanna reply?" Absolutely not, now I'm even less likely to go back.

  2. It e-mailed me once saying I had 30 new notifications, I thought something terrible had happened. It was just a bunch of empty filler notifications.

  3. The amount of bullshit notifications they keep coming up with for me is insane. It’s exactly like you said. “A stranger in a meme group you no longer visit has posted.” Okay..? Who cares?

  4. It’s hilarious. I have a burner account I used for some corporate work years ago, and I used to get an email every day with “important updates from your friends” even though that account has zero friends.

  5. When I disconnected from it in 2017, I was actually surprised how little I missed it. And that realization didn't happen until a couple months after; once I dropped off, it simply left my mind.

  6. I stopped looking at it years ago. I only have an account because my dad is on there, and it would probably upset him if his son unfriended him. He checks it regularly. I never do.

  7. i started getting notifications that some extremely random person from my past had commented…on their own post! like they replied to a comment on their post that i have never seen or interacted with!

  8. And makes it really easy to leave when it bans accounts for no reason and then refuse to appeal.

  9. Every day Facebook lies to me and says I have notifications. I don't have notifications, nor would I care if I really did.

  10. I wonder how much of this is a direct reflection on "Meta" and facebook, vs. the stock market in general.

  11. I mean I hate Facebook but everything looks like shit off that post pandemic money printing absurdity. SoFi is down 80 percent. Roku is down 87 percent.

  12. Have they tried I dunno returning Facebook to an actual social site instead of the world's shittiest closed-garden adbox? I still log in from time to time and the level of "engagement" one gets from stuff you actually care about is basically non-existent, the algorithm has completely abandoned any pretext that it's anything but an ad machine

  13. This is exactly it — it’s all ads and group posts. I rarely see updates from people I know, even when they post them. One friend posted that her mom had died and it got a lot of activity from people offering their condolences. It never made it to my feed and I found out about a week later when a bunch of friends were setting up a meal train for her.

  14. Yeah, I went from checking it multiple times a day to once every few weeks when they disabled the setting to keep everything in chronological order.

  15. It’s downright hostile to content creators. It actively hides your posts and content from people who follow you unless you pay for sponsored content

  16. The last time I logged on to Facebook my feed literally showed me eleven ads in a row. Didn't show me shit my friends have posted, didn't show me their photos, it showed me ads. Haven't logged on since.

  17. As a creator, instagram and facebook have plummeted my engagements. I use to push my YouTube content on my pages and engage with the community and since this push with ads and reels etc. has crushed engagements. There are moments I’ll post something, refresh, and won’t find it for another 5-10 pages of ads.

  18. Using facebook is like driving that old, junk car that you know you need to get rid of, but you just can't quite afford a new one yet. You know it's a terrible experience, and that it'll be a problem, but there's nothing better in your price range yet.

  19. lol they even went harder in this recently. FB and IG would recommend popular people instead of people you may know.

  20. Netflix is doing the same thing, public companies always have to be growing, its unsustainable and is responsible for a decent chunk of the worlds problems. If the userbase isn't growing they have to show more adds which makes more people quit so they show even more until they reach maximum shit and then thier is nothing else they can do. You can bet all the people at the top saw this coming but they all made tons of money when it was on its way up still.

  21. Yeah I love how even if you have a large follower base, your posts are suppressed unless you explicitly pay to have it "boosted". So fucking lame.

  22. It never got the balance right. I want to see stuff from people I know, and stuff from, say, bands I follow. There was a period of years where I never saw anything from a band. There were shows near me I would have gone to, but I never knew about them.

  23. Agree it's horrific. I had 100+ friends on it. Several things have killed it - the ad between every post, the algorithm that ensures your friend's posts are buried, and the horrific mod tools for groups, ensuring that each group becomes more and more of an echo chamber as time goes on. What really killed it for me was that if I respond to some fringe looney, EVERYONE in my friends group sees it. So if you have some work friends, now you can't really interact with anything, and FB again is just a place for white bread type of posts. "oh look at my cat" for example. I'll jump to whatever is next when it comes out but I killed my friends group which basically destroyed any way to connect with old friends. But i'd rather do that than take away my ability to respond to looneys. (I know, i should probably just not do that).

  24. Facebook is literally the only company that is actively working against adblocker. They modify their ad codes on almost daily basis in order to nullify ad block. What an asshat.

  25. Advocate for investigations and actual punishment for their messed up crimes. It’s time we start bringing down anyone who breaks the law, regardless of political status, race, or wealth.

  26. Which is crazy because TikTok has a reputation for importing the 996 culture from Chinese parent company Bytedance into it's western offices.

  27. That's an ad executive tho. That guy probably thinks China does nothing wrong. He's probably talking about hiring ad sales people, not engineers. Or, at least, assuming people are all the same.

  28. As someone who occasionally uses TikTok, I have tailored my feed there to literally be 100% things I'm interested in, unlike Facebook. With TikTok I see absolutely zero doomsaying content because I've "not interested" it out of my feed and the algorithms actually listen. Unlike Facebook\Instagram who seems to ignore my interests and just show me politics, mobile game ads and thirst traps 99% of the time.

  29. Remember when Facebook was a college hookup site? And status updates from your friends were easily viewed on your home feed? And you had to have a college email address to sign up for it?

  30. I can't believe what they did to Instagram. I used to spend so much time scrolling through pictures my friends would post and people I wanted to follow. Now I get 3 or 4 of those posts then endless ads and "suggested for you". I've stopped using it and about to do the same for Facebook only keep it for family to see pictures of the kids. And I was college 05-09 so been around since the college email required days.

  31. I was a college freshman in 2005 so right when Facebook was starting to expand to other colleges. Around Sept/Oct it came to my school and it seemed like overnight everyone signed up.

  32. It all went downhill when Marks ego was hurt when Snap refused to sell and he went to buy on Insta … and then started the reel downward spiral trying to change Insta into this combo of YT and TikTok and Snap..

  33. I absolutely hate the feed set up, I want to see shit from folks I don't interact with, folks I do interact with I know what they are up to. Just fill up the feed, and I can scroll.

  34. Yep this was an awesome time. At my school you could even add what classes you were signed up for. Then click on the classes and see who else was in there. If they had done the same of course. Now the whole site is just garbage and has been for years.

  35. Bro. Poke wars were legit. I’d update my pic. Get a half dozen random pokes from hot girls I didn’t even know lol.

  36. When all my aunts and uncles and everyone else joined I deleted mine. Same as MySpace. I got out of Facebook in 2014 and watching everyone else for the last 8 years slowly come to the same realization I had after the 2012 election (Facebook is a massive burden to the mind) has been absolutely insane and terrifying that it has taken this long.

  37. I am not surprised. Yesterday I scrolled through my feed. After a while I asked where are my friends posts? I counted the ads, suggestions and hidden ads, I took a video. 25!!!

  38. You’re not seeing stuff from your friends because your friends are not producing anything. Your social bubble has left Facebook, so it only makes sense it’s not producing content for it anymore.

  39. Guess its hard to make money when your biggest client can no longer pay for ads cause they have to pay for the war.

  40. There's honestly just better places to run ads now since they screwed the pooch on Instagram and turned it into an ad platform and basically did the same the Facebook. YouTube, Google and TikTok all have higher intent behind their ad platforms and higher engaged audiences than metas platforms, so advertisers are moving their ad spend elsewhere. If they fix fb/ig (arguably impossible) then they can remedy things. Until that happens the death spiral continues.

  41. They’re still making billions of dollars every quarter, their US daily users are only down by 1 million (198 to 197), their global users are still growing.

  42. He took someone else's idea, built Facebook off of it, then used the cash to purchase other companies to stay relevant.

  43. You hit the nail on the head, if Mark truly loves Meta as much as he claims he needs to step back and let an actual innovator at the top because that’s what they need right now. Cause VR isn’t happening as quick as Mark thought and now he’s on a fast sinking ship throwing all this money at it.

  44. Spreading disinformation, spying on people without consent, and promoting genocides just not paying what they used to these days.

  45. Who would have thought becoming less user friendly and overrun with violent extremist hate groups would be a bad business model?

  46. Wait. Are you telling me that FB being full to bursting with folks age 50+ that have made it a toxic waste dump is effecting it’s share price?

  47. Just like most other Reddit posts, it's just there to give people a hate boner. These anti Zuckerberg posts have been trending for a few years now and little has changed.

  48. Why do all these headlines claims that users are fleeing Facebook, but when you read the fine print it says "Daily Active Users (DAUs) on Facebook were slightly down in the fourth quarter compared to the previous quarter, marking its first quarterly decline in DAUs on record."

  49. They also lied about video viewing metrics leading several independent companies to crash, including College Humor, for which they were held liable and settled for 40 million $.

  50. I've never wanted a company to fail, crash, and burn more than Facebook. I hope Zuckerberg pays for all the blatant invasion of privacy and general assholery.

  51. This is exactly what their business model led them to. Originally it's a social media site designed to target a slightly more educated community. It was more professional looking and cleaner than MySpace, it rid the customization. It was a real platform that actually worked for most college kids because it was a great networking tool. I think a lot of people are super dismissive about how successful the original platform was and how well it worked for a specific group of people.

  52. Do yourself a favor. Get out. Just cut the cord, delete your accounts and never look back. Getting rid of Facebook and Instagram have been quality of life improvements that I regret not having done sooner.

  53. Leaving Facebook means severing the main form of contact with the clubs I belong to for my hobbies. All of our original/legacy forums have shuttered. It blows.

  54. Between the bigotry and hate that's been allowed to fester, the massive amount of misinformation, and it's role in literal genocides, the sooner facebook dies the better

  55. It's so fucking wild to watch because they could fix so many things so easily and instead just do stupid shit like add a shopping button to Instagram that no one wanted or asked for.

  56. I deleted account 4 months ago and don’t miss it at all. Do it people, it takes a month and don’t use Facebook to log on any sites or it resets.

  57. Facebook, when it first opened to the public, was a great way to keep in touch with friends you would otherwise never see regularly. There was serious merit to being able to softly interact with your weak ties, and reducing the friction of "catching up" in person. It was especially great for creating events for groups of people numbering 5 or more, just because technology.

  58. There is no facebook stock price death spiral. It was repriced and has has been holding up very well in relation to the repricing of all large cap tech stocks right now. Whenever you read these articles, the target audience is final capitulation, so portfolio managers can buy the bottom and begin writing articles for you to rebuy. When Meta was at peak price the articles were inverse to this. Do not forget the intent behind financial articles or else you will always be selling bottoms and buying tops. A bottom to the market is likely within 12 months. And big tech is usually rebought near that bottom. Not after.

  59. i always knew FB would fail at some point. I will be honest and say i use FB but it is just a simple way to keep in touch with old friends .

  60. They are definitely dead. According to their last quarter, they made of profit of... ... 6.7 billion dollars. This company is dead as disco!

  61. The headline seems a little over dramatic. Look at market sentiment in general. Meta literally has just fallen back to pre-pandemic levels. Pretty much every stock got overextended during all the money printing happening in 2020 and 2021. Now the FED is raising interest rates which makes lending more expensive for investors and for businesses alike.

  62. Delete that shit, let it die, and keep real friends. I killed it in 2016 and have never been happier. Let it burn down!

  63. The last month of me logging in and looking the the feed, it's just a continuous ad, hardly any of my friends, it stinks.

  64. Social media platforms come and go. Zuck needed to step down a long time ago. I think he lucked out with Facebook but he's no visionary. The idea wasn't even his to begin with just made a good idea better. Tik tok is huge with the younger generation and they decide what's cool and popular. Tik tok isn't here to stay either there time will come too once something else comes along. He's really pushing the meta universe too hard.

  65. Every time I open it up it shows me stuff that’s 3+ days old. I never see updates from the people I care about but I sure as hell see everything my ex boyfriends sister’s, college Trump supporter roommate who I met at a party one time thinks. It’s useless and IG too. Just awful and joyless to use.

  66. theres reddits dedicated to ppl who were booted off and lost ALL of their family photos and contacts, unable to retrieve their info... even worse for those who had small businesses attached to their profile and lost customer info and orders. their AI bots just booted thousands with no warning.

  67. Love how they always use the most reptilian looking pictures of Mark, like he just spotted a juicy fly on the branch next to him.

  68. Wants to spy on and steal everyone's DATA with impunity and allow misinformation and divisiveness to flourish and then think everyone wants to be a Mii?

  69. Am I an asshole for loving the potential downfall of fb and zuckerberg and him losing billions? Anyone else feel like this?

  70. I haven't been on Facebook since my kid had all his baby teeth. That was more than 10 years ago. I only get on reddit to see who die or what headlines are up. The internet social media age SUCKS. I wish I had friends that wanted to play cards and exchange awesome recipes with.

  71. How anyone still uses it after Cambridge Analytica is beyond me. Once you drop social media you stop caring. It is like going through drug withdrawal. Once it is over you don't really look back.

  72. That's what happens when you decide to not moderate anything and allow your site to become a dystopian hellscape dominated by the worst society has to offer.

  73. I've been telling FB to fuck off going on a decade or more, on top of never using the platform myself. Go suck a fuck Zuck.

  74. Maybe if he hadn't shit on the Facebook algorithm I'd be on there more. 8but no, now I can't see most my friends posts, just shit loads of ads and stupid ass memes.

  75. Let it die. Fuck em. They had a nice lil service at one time. Completely overreached and stole peoples personal information time and time and time again. Let it die.

  76. They deserve some comeuppance. I get banned for a Dahmer meme but someone suggesting they get a rope to hang me is somehow within their community guidelines. Fuck em.

  77. I deleted the last vestiges of Facebook from my life yesterday, by finally deleting messenger. I haven’t used the actual platform in years.

  78. LOL, maybe they should not have shit ad's every other post and instead of none stop group postings maybe they should actually show me what my friends post

  79. FB would be great for two things: personal blogs like myspace and event websites. Basically, it’d be the only place where you put everyone you know as a friend, keep them up to date and then plan events with groups where you can have all media under a single event. Things like weddings can even have anniversary events.

  80. Maybe, now this is wild, maybe if they made a product that wasn't malicious at heart and didn't absolutely suck in every possible way for its users, this might not be happening.

  81. I am of the opinion that the internet must be rid of social media. For all the amazing things it has done to allow people to voice their opinions, communicate their lives and their perspectives, and allow people to connect it has been muddied by false news and misinformation.

  82. If something is owned or related to FB...I actively try to avoid it, find an alternative, cut it out of my life. What a soul sucking disgusting business at this point. Cambridge Analytica anyone?

  83. Karma is tough. FB started out wanting to connect people. Then it created advertising revenue and monetized the platform. Then it sold users information to advertisers. But most damaging, it chose to never validate users and thus allowed bots to infiltrate FB and spread disinformation throughout society. If no one uses FB, what is it worth?

  84. I have been scaling back for over a year now and just took it off my home screen last week. It truly seemed like they have me figured out pretty well as a person and just post shit to make me angry in an attempt to get me to argue with others online. Facebook is truly not good for people's mental health.

  85. I sort of care about all the Facebook scandals, but I also just want to use facebook only to keep in touch with some friends. The moment Facebook started giving me notifications for everything (not just my friends) by default… I stopped using it almost completely. I don’t want to know about the crappy dresser Tony Bolognie down the street is selling.

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