My m.2 is not being recognised by my system

  1. One thing to remember that tends to bite people in the ass is a lot of motherboards share the NVME ports PCIe lanes with their SATA ports and so if you install an NVME drive it might disable some of your SATA ports, or vice versa where if you have some SATA drives plugged into the wrong ports it will disable your NVME drive.

  2. I should also mention that a friend of mine had the same issue but instead of trying to fix it he sent it back on the warranty

  3. Please post your specs, and your motherboard details. Some M.2 slots are for network cards, you might have it in the wrong slot, also as others have posted, some motherboards need processors to have a specific mircoarchitecture. ie Rocket Lake . Otherwise they won't be recognised.

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