Damaged Display/Digitizer? Bring Mouse Issa Done Deal

  1. Yes, done that before. Needed to turn on bluebooth to transfer account and get pictures but the screen was cracked and didn't respond anymore. Plugged in a mouse and clicked away

  2. How did the phone recognize the mouse? Did you have to something to get a pointer displayed on the cracked screen?

  3. I did this so many times when I worked at a computer repair shop, always the same, customer smashed the phone screen, screen was way too glitchy to use, use a mouse to set it so it would actually usb connect to a computer then sell them a USB stick with all their photos and stuff on it +£15 for time.

  4. My wife dropped her phone and cracked the screen and destroyed the digitizer about 5 years ago. Plugged a mouse in to transfer a few files she hadn't backed up (don't ask me she is stubborn about Google getting her stuff, but less so after this event) and dumped the files into my NAS and she was happy. This has been a feature of Android for a while.

  5. I have a tablet I do this with, not a main device, just one I play around with, its an x86 tablet with a regular UEFI bios, basically a laptop without a keyboard, but no connector for a keyboard, so I like to play with different OSes on it. I dont even know if the touch screen works under Linux, because the touch screen doesn't work..

  6. I was really surprised how smooth and well GeforceNow works in 2022. And how much they offer for free.

  7. I used a Galaxy Note v1 as my primary computer for a year. Had USB-to-HDMI, so you just hook up a monitor and Bluetooth keyboard + mouse (or just use the stylus). Still kinda blows my mind that this didn’t become the default way of working, but whatever. Also blows my mind that a 5.3 in screen is now considered normal.

  8. Huh? This is nonsense lol. Things don't just work because it's the same plug. They have to intentionally make iOS allow for mouse and keyboard, which they do.

  9. And if they are worried about people plugging in random shit and bricking their phones aside from obvious hardware damage from incompatible stuff, their software is terrible as it shouldn't be easily vulnerable thanks to a... computer mouse.

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