Kyle Rittenhouse is Innocent

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  2. This trial should have been kept quiet. It got way to political and just because a gun owner vs gun restriction person. Assuming he did not go there for a fight. Because there’s no proof he did. He did not break the law. (Aside from owning a gun as a minor) But the legal system gave him a slide on that. So he never broke the law. My point is. This trial strayed from fact a long time ago. And became almost purely political.

  3. This is not correct. Minors in Wisconsin can own guns and carry them openly at least if they are 16 I think. The judge threw out Rittenhouse's gun charge because it did not meet the size specifications. I believe it was too small and thus legal to carry. States like Ohio don't outright ban firearm possession by minors but make it almost impossible to obtain legally unless you make one.

  4. He did go there looking for a fight. There's literally a video of him saying he wished he could shoot shoplifters so he went there with his rifle looking for opportunities where he might be allowed to use it

  5. He wasn't looking for a fight. He was putting out fires in a BLM riot, and he brought a gun for self defense and ended up having to use it.

  6. The way Wisconsin law is written actually allows this to be possible. Very unlikely but possible. Each state has their own verbiage of self-defense.

  7. He didn't go looking for a fight watch his interview before the event he was there putting out fires giving medical aide and cleaning graffiti. He wasn't a vigilante you don't know what that word means

  8. wasn’t he the guy that was walking with an ar-15 and a medic kit during the protests to help every injured person?

  9. Im gonna be honest with you mate. Im glad that Kyle walked out free, but calling everyone that has a different opinion than you a Commie or a leftist-libtard aint ok. I completely agree that Kyle did the right thing, but others dont and thats ok. You shouldnt insult someone because they believe in something different. Instead, try convicing them by presenting evidence and facts that speak for Kyle.

  10. I should insult them because they’re lowlifes who would rather see an innocent man spend his whole life in prison instead of looking past their ideology

  11. Because it was his dads and he was legally allowed to possess it? He was at a riot. If he didn't have it then he would've been injured or killed by the multiple people that chased or assaulted him.

  12. Wow y’all are really dumb aren’t you, maybe go learn about what happened in the situation before going into the comments to defend rapists that were trying to kill a 17 year old kid

  13. I agree that many people are uninformed about it but I think it was irrelevant the crimes of the people who chased Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse had no idea the people he killed were rapists or abusers and even if he did, he is not judge jury executioner. It has no bearing on neither the case nor the verdict.

  14. Guess what excuse is being used on Twitter for Kyle winning? Yup, as delusional as it may be, the excuse is racism and white supremacy.

  15. Thank goodness it he was decided to be innocent. The prosecutor was grasping at straws the entire time.

  16. The prosecution didn’t really have a case tbh. They couldn’t prove the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury makes their decision based on what they witness. They saw that the prosecution was doing a pretty banged up job so they had no choice but to left him off. Whole case was a shit show from the beginning

  17. Not satire, and everything you say in your comment is wrong. The gun was legal, it was not a short barrelled rifle and was therefore legal for him to posses openly. The rioters chased him down while he was running to cops for safety, one of the rioters also had a gun, one started hitting him with a skateboard. He acted in self defence versus an enraged mob, you’re completely blinded by leftist ideology if you say anything by different

  18. He didn’t cross a state border with the gun or purchase it. A family friend made the purchase and stored it at his house in Kenosha, this man is facing felony charges over his actions. The gun charges were thrown out of court because the rifle had a standard barrel, it only would have been illegal for Kyle to open-carry it if it had been short barreled

  19. These shootings wouldn’t have happened if rioters hadn’t tried to beat Kyle to death in the streets of Kenosha. I’m glad he had a gun to protect himself and give the POS rioters what they deserved

  20. getting guns isn’t actually that easy, plus even if guns were completely illegal i once knew a guy that illegally got a grenade launcher multiple arms and pistols so there are other ways of getting them illegally, also there are ghost guns which are homemade guns

  21. taking a life or multiple lives is murder, he beat the justice system but his actions will follow him for the rest of his life, a privilege the people he killed cannot share in

  22. Innocent and not guilty are 2 different things. He’s not guilty by law, but he created the situation, no one else on either side pulled a trigger. He killed multiple people. Under “ reasonable doubt” he is not guilty, but he killed those men.

  23. Kyle Rittenhouse had every right to defend himself however he should know that he was scaring people with his open carrying and that’s why a person attacked him

  24. How, someone was beating him with a skateboard. Was he just supposed to take it until he went unconscious? Even if you say yes, there’s no guarantee that it stops at unconsciousness.

  25. this shouldn't have ever lead to a trial in the first place. Everything is blaming the attorney, but you cant turn shit into gold.

  26. A black man is shot by police after attempting to kidnap his two children, the man did not have custody of the children and pulled a knife on the cops

  27. A group of men threatened to kill him and while trying to run away he tripped, the group that threatened to kill him started beating him to death so he shot them killing 2 of the 3

  28. Case should not have happened either should have the trial or any of this shit if rittenhouse got national guards. Though i understand what rittenhouse did and why he had to do it, who wouldnt shoot a rapist?

  29. He went actively looking for someone to kill. That’s NOT self defense. This trial was a white supremacist farce and a mockery of the justice system.

  30. literally saw a mod in another subreddit saying anyone who defends Rittenhouse is banned. like imagine not being able to stand facts so you silence all opposition so the only people left are those pushing your narrative? pathetic

  31. Maybe he acted in self defense that time but there's a video of him saying he wished he could use his rifle in Kenosha. He was enrolling to be a cop and went there cause he wanted to pretend to be one on the street. Basically went there looking for a fight 17yo civilian kids have no business policing the streets looking for situations to use force

  32. You have no proof he was there looking for a fight. And I know the clip you’re referring to, he was making a joke, not threatening anyone

  33. one of people he shot is paralyzed from the waist down there has to be in what is self defence, they're laws around the world including the U.S.A where there has to be in how you defend your self these means for example if the guy has a knife and and there is a choice between stabing him in the neck and disarming him and stabing him in the neck the law would like you to disarm him rather stabing him but if its a do or die then do is alright this is the basis of self defence law around world kyle Rittenhouse did more then self defence

  34. Hahahahaha wtf???? “Regardless of the outcome of the trial” bro what other outcome matters????? The opinion of Twitter users???? He was determined innocent BY A COURT OF LAW this is leftist brain rot in action

  35. Bro he is fucking murderer. Wtf are you on? I hope this rittenhouse gets in a car accident on his way home that kills him

  36. Lmao what? The jury who deliberated the decision for three days are biased? Obviously you can’t look past your ideology and see how obvious this is lmao

  37. You’re a massive fucking idiot and your country is a disgusting cesspool of degenerates. The only good thing is that you are constantly killing each other off, thereby hopefully over time expunging your diseased culture from the earth. Dipshit.

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