important question frfr: a or b?

  1. A is for beach fries as they can only be eaten with a fork, or if eating them while walking. B for all other situations.

  2. In the UK at the beach we have chunkier fries with a crunch outside and a light fluffy inside and we have salt and vinegar only (plus the grease from some sort of enormous deep-fried protein that was on top.)

  3. a. Is for cavemen who haven't learned the scientific advantages of b. Except for the chili cheese part yeah I can see that.

  4. People that choose A. wipe their ass with a single tile of toilet paper then pull up their pants and leave. Tossing the toilet paper in the trash instead of the toilet on their way out.

  5. finally someone with good taste. Fries have always tasted better by themselves. Good salt/seasoning and you're set.

  6. My experience with Dutch fries is a paper cone with a giant glob of Mayo or ketchup so that every fry is a disgusting soggy mess and your hands are sticky.

  7. I went to elementary school with this girl who would show up every day with a lunch consisting of just a plastic bag full of ketchup and one full of mustard. Occasionally one full of mayo or bbq sauce.

  8. And the thing is, it doesn’t have to be messy. Either grab em without the ketchup part, or use your fingers instead of your whole hand. A all the way!

  9. I get it's harder to eat. But more coverage with less ketchup! Especially useful if you have a limited amount of ketchup (take away packets).

  10. B. If someone gave me A i would fucking kill them. With A I gotta move my damn hands around trying to grab it without getting ketchup all over my hands. B is easier

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