are messy and fluffy hairs cute?

  1. Yeah, for both genders. Though personally it’s cuter in a female than on a male, though I may be a bit biased as a straight male.

  2. Yeah ig, but u get extra credit if u can pull off a better look that doesn’t involve either of those. (actually don’t listen to me bc even tho I pull off a different look, my track record with relationships says otherwise)

  3. Hair is hair as long as it’s their idc. Not a fan of people that choose to be bald. Not that I don’t like people that are bald I just don’t like looking at a head. Unless it’s drawn.

  4. Well as I do have infact "messy and fluffy hair" described by others I guess it is since they've said that aswell so, theres your answer from my part fellow humanoid

  5. Depends on the person it’s attached to. If it’s a generic e-boy than it’s the most hideous plate of spaghetti I’ve ever seen.

  6. Uh trust me it's terrible i feel great after cutting it tho i look a little dumb but yk way easier to maintain, lighter on the head and people don't mock you for it xd

  7. depends on situation. example - u r drunk and had rough night - no... or -u just woke up in sunny day after long sleepy night- yeah, very much cute

  8. bro why is this a question..? y e s. It's well known lol honestly; that's why Messy™️ is part of fashion, the messy hair in a hat on skater boy, the messy bun on lazy girls ... i digress.

  9. Floofy hair is the best. I always want to play with it because mine is always really flat and smooth looking… then again I have a massive undercut so I hardly have anything to be floofy.

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