non-chinese of reddit, what’s this?

  1. Thats the same thing I wanted to say, we balkans have a lot of pig in our diet so yea I know what is pig when I see pig

  2. My guess, having not had this dish, was "Intestine Noodle Soup" which actually looks like I'd enjoy eating it. However I will draw the line at another menu item I've seen which is "Pig Uterus Soup"

  3. I'm looking at these comments and It's making me wanna grab these ppl answering by the throat and shout in Chinese "HAI SHI SOUP MAH? HAI SHI MAH? HA? NI MA JI BAI"

  4. I think intestines? Im not chinese but in south east asia its pretty common to eat intestines they are chewy savory and cheap and much more flavorful with vinegar!

  5. A picture of a table with stuff on it and some stuff in stuff and some stuff that doesn't have stuff

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