Kids shouldn't be allowed to social media

  1. Tell me about it, next year people born in 2010 will be old enough to use social media. (That is assuming they didn't create an account already by lying about their age.)

  2. I was born 09 of nov so I’m on the very edge of 09 but all my friends are 14-15 cuz I’m taller than most 12 year olds (5”8) and I’m pretty athletic but some times I worry that when my friends go to college that I’ll be all alone cuz I only have 1 friend my age

  3. Well, legally (at least in France) you’re supposed to be at least 13 so yeah, they aren’t really supposed to be on social media

  4. I get where you’re coming from but also bro what are you looking at on the internet that makes you run into 12 year olds twerking. I’ve literally never run into this online ever.

  5. Fr my tiktok reccomendations are all about people fighting about a son of a dictator running for president and having the highest score on surveys

  6. i've seen too many vids on tiktok with some teenagers in revealing outfits, and they look mature, but then in the comments they say they're like 12 or 13 years old

  7. It’s also gross when they ask sex questions and speak about doing it and shit. Like that’s not for the internet to see, hear, or answer. Their parents need to do a better job at raising their kids. It also doesn’t help that some subreddits even somewhat encourage this from younger teens.

  8. Tonight my dad got us KFC for dinner and I said "thanks dad" and my ten-year-old sister dead-ass said "ty" out loud. She said ty. The letters. The acronym for "thank you". She said it unironically. I fucking hate her. I whole heartedly agree with you. If we let ten-year-olds be raised by the internet then the next generation is going to be stacked to the brim with losers.

  9. Yes, but maturity is not something that can be regulated. There are some kids that are probably mature enough to realize that what they see on Instagram, TikTok, etc. is not real, but since that’s not most people we have to set an age.

  10. I agree with your point, but it is also important to account the correlation of maturity with age. On average, a 22 year old would be more mature than a 12 year old.

  11. People, or dumbass parents who cant be bothered to be actual parents, just chuck an ipad at a 2 year old's face and leave em be. Ofc un regulated that will go horribly wrong. And at this point i genuinely think the ban on tiktok and instagram is actually needed. Here in india, tiktok being banned has saved me from a lot of cringe torture. Genuinely, social media shouldnt be allowed before at LEAST 12

  12. Lmao same, the ban of tiktok saved me from endless cringe. They should ban minors from using social media. Like people below 13 shouldn't be able to use social media at a young age. They should go outside and touch grass. Maybe they can see YouTube and educate themselves and have some entertainment but they should not use actual social media like instagram or Facebook and such.

  13. Actually the first few times you use tiktok if u identify as a male they will automatically shove more sexually explicit tiktoks until you fix your feed

  14. Not really... I only follow anime and fandom things in tiktok, but i still get the random videos of teens dancing, some with revealing outfits, in my FYP

  15. As a terminally online baby, I agree. I wish I hadn't joined the internet so early so now, those cringey thoughts you have when you're 12-13 are just out there for anyone to see.

  16. I think it’s very common for kids to lie about their age to get social media, and even if they are old enough they might not make accounts with their real ages. I remember watching my little brother sign up for Roblox when he was 7, barely 8, and he scrolled all the way to the bottom to 1920 or something lol, even if there was no age limit. He’s now 14 and still uses that same account.

  17. agree, tho i turned 13 recently, but still, kids are stupid, all of us humans did or do stupid things

  18. Yeah, One time, an 8-year-old (She said she was 8 in her bio.) Said I had a crush on her just because I was being nice. and she kept calling me 'baby'. Kids as young as her definitely shouldn't be on social media

  19. In the US there are laws that prevent people under 13 using social media, of course that is easily circumventable with how most age selecting systems work.

  20. Fuckin 10 11 ur olds uploading shit on IG sum'in' like "ayo suckers just bought a gun"(shows middle finger stupid underage bitch)

  21. Also, I had a disc acc when i was 11, i used to talk to strangers and tell em i was girl and on my about it was "super fire hot. Dm me"

  22. I was exposed to social media when I was young, so I decided to get a facebook acc when I was 7 yes 7, good thing I didn't do anything cringe, btw yeah looking back at it, I don't think kids lower than say 12 shouldn't be using social media, It's messed up, they can learn so much from social media and don't know what right or wrong is, music nowadays is also kinda messed up, involving profanity and some pretty questionable words, and these kids ofcourse think it's fine, and copy this shit, had classmates when I was 9 years old TWERKING and doing dances for tik tok fame, I don't think they succeeded tho, It was just cringe and immaturity, and this is why people should not expose their kids into the danger of social media until they're in the right age or they are fully taught what is right or wrong.

  23. mostly the dumb ones, i am on the internet since i was 7 y.o but i was quiet as fuck, i started commenting when i was around 12.

  24. Teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to use certain social media either (namely Instagram and TikTok) because it destroys their mental health, makes them have unrealistic impressions of the world, and can be addictive.

  25. I mean, i know a lot of people who are 11-12 y/o and they don't twerk or do any cringey shit like that. I will probably get hated after this tho

  26. I honestly think the internet should be 14+. 13 year olds are also a little to young. Children shouldn't be raised by the internet or have phones at all

  27. discord and reddit (and other apps/sites) state that you have to be 13 or older, but most kids either don't care or don't read the rules. literally the same thing with roblox being 13+ but 90% of the people who play it are below that age.

  28. tbh imo i think they can be allowed to have an account to view things/comment a little at around 11+ but they should be 13+ to actually start posting

  29. I feel like before they are 13 its ok to a degree to have a private social that is monitored by parents but anything else should be left to teenagers and such

  30. hell, I'm 14 and I shouldn't be allowed in here either, I think that to use social media you don't just have to have 13 years of age, but to have fucking critical thinking and knowing the infinite risks creating an account can bring, I have classmates my age who use instagram to post photos of them shirtless for the whole world to watch how much they go to the gym or whatever, like, why? you're 14 years old, you're not even in high school, are you an idiot or something? or I've seen people with mental health problems like anorexia or shit like that becuase they think they're not perfect enough for someone to like her (I never thought that would even be possible and were just exaggerations but turns out kids are kids) or people who fake those mental health problems like depression because they think they look cool, I'm not an expert but I know enough to know that you're not depressed, you're braindead and shouldn't even have a cellphone, but anyways, people should take a test or something to know if they can handle social media because the amount of stupidity in here is outstandingly horrible

  31. Imo 15 should be the cap there and no they shouldn't even be allowed in vlogs if their parents are vloggers, those parents are literally selling their kids for content and money

  32. Social media should be for people 18+. Period. Sounds stupid right now, but if only we started with that and regulated it… 16 at the youngest. But definitely not the ages people get it.

  33. Why are you being down voted it is true like being bullied for example is that not contact and changes you dramatically he is right and I mean by a lot

  34. younger sister(cousin)...she is 10 and uses tiktok and reels... She is a k-pop stan too... It's so sad to see cause she is so spoiled by her parents.

  35. They’re not. At least according to the rules of most social media’s, buuuut it’s not really enforced because ad dollars are ad dollars regardless of who they’re from (in the companies eyes)

  36. IMO If your like 10 - 12 then you should get social media with restrictions. Except for facebook, nobody should be allowed to use facebook.

  37. Saw a kid on Insta, looked around 6/7 years old dancing to the “I was busy having lunch with Microsoft” audio. Like what the fuck

  38. I am ashamed about ppl in my age and below (I am not perfect too but those tik tok trends etc., I am so glad I had tiktok for a week only and then uninstaled it)

  39. Actually i had social media at 11-12 years old, but i also thought that other people of my age shouldn't use it to post something where they show themself, i wasn't posting anything on myself and i don't understand why people do that bcs first you don't have legally the required age so why you show it and also because it's yourself, it seems logical to not show yourself to everybody who want to see it at 12

  40. PLSS- there's this 6th grader at my school who I need to tutor and she makes *lewd* dancing videos in sports bras and then casually shows up to school 💀

  41. There is bright sides and bad sides, if i had social media before then maybe i wouldve noticed that my mom was not normal etc. On the other hand fuck tiktok.

  42. Or we teach kids and everyone to use social media correctly. Honestly it should be a class in school. Media is a big part of everyone's lives

  43. That is probably impossible and if it were rly that easy the world would be completely different. What I mean is its actually so fucking hard to change anyone’s mindset in general.

  44. Or online bc like holy hell, just started gorilla tag, it's mostly like 10 screening obscenities it's ridiculous

  45. My biggest flex is that I've had an Instagram acc since like 9 or 10 and have never posted anything that I cringe abt.

  46. Honestly it’s pretty unsettling for me hearing young kids rant about sexually explicit topics when I’m playing games online. Makes me shudder that they know so much at that young of an age, not to mention that it’s kinda sad, too.

  47. Yes exactly! When I think back to being on Instagram and at age 11 pretending I was 13, it was so cringey. Those videos are still out there somewhere and I hate that.

  48. Ikr, like this one group of 12 year olds went past me and they we're singing the "ratatata dont pee on the floor" song and one of them was doing something close to twerking. Like what the fuck?

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