You just met yourself but there the opposite gender what do you do

  1. Or versus games, me about to do 1v1s on Rust with girl me like in the good old times (assuming she still has a 360/PS3/Xbox One, I had a 360 but sold it to get the PS4)...

  2. It would take an infinite amount of energy to move time, as time is infinite. This means that instead of time moving through you, you move through time. This means you emit an unknown force that propels you forward in time. If you learn to control this force, you can stop moving through time, making it appear frozen, move forward in time, or even backwards in time.

  3. The human anus can stretch up to 7 inches, and racoons can fit into holes 4 inches wide, meaning that you can fit almost 2 entire racoons up your ass at once

  4. if i played coop portal with myself i would get nowhere doesnt matter the gender i already stink at singleplayer portal 2 (getting stuck in levels for way longer than normal)

  5. Force them to create OnlyFans, and because technicly they're still me, all of the money they make off of OnlyFans is mine too. After all of this I'm filthy rich

  6. I think it would literally be you but the opposite. Since you’re a trans guy, they would probably be a trans girl. The opposite of your birth gender and wanting to be the opposite of your current gender.

  7. I would take more than one job and have the female clone help me with work and school studies and save up enough money to get 2 tickets to Japan and live there the rest of my life

  8. I would absolutely fuck my self ! Cuz any how it's me and I used to check owr my over all size as well as taste them so this is my most honest reply !

  9. Go on a weight loss journey where the end goal is to become healthier & love both our selves & each other. Then smash

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