My grandparents just gave me this money 💯what should I buy

  1. Save half of it and spend the rest on whatever you want! Anything you want for your hobbies, clothing, food you normally wouldn’t be able to buy, etc :)

  2. Depends on when you need the money. If you are going to want it in a couple months, just save it. But if you don't need it for a year or two, putting most of it into stocks right now will give you a pretty good return on investment. Just make sure to diversity (buy stock in different companies) or invest in a mutual fund.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend investing unless you have the experience or time to do so, because you might be throwing money down the drain

  4. Depending on your age, you could save it for college cause dorm shit can get rlly expensive (speaking as someone who is currently buying all that stuff lmao). If that's still pretty far away for you, a laptop would definitely be the best option. If it's not quite enough for a laptop, save and wait till you get a little more, or ask your parents to help with part of the cost as long as you're paying for most of it. $500 (usd) should be enough for a pretty decent HP laptop in my experience.

  5. Firstly:Aight your grandparents need to fucking chill like everyones nan is smuggling cash into their grandparents hands but JESUS that's just unnecessary.

  6. Put it in an envelope, send it to my address and you’ll get 69 years of good luck and fortune, trust me it works!

  7. hate to break it to you buddy but your grandparents gave you fake money :/. real money is green and will have a founding father on it.

  8. Go to the bank and turno them all into penny's, then Buy a super-glue, and glue everyone of then in random places of the city and get on the news as "lots of penny's glued to the ground are upserring people around the city"

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