Feeling really shitty can I get some positive reinforcement…

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  2. In no way bad and dont mean to annoy you. Im guessing your trans or possibly a femboy but your really cute in the skirt and if your ever feeling bad you can dm me

  3. Nah fuck this I’m so done with this subreddit like can you actually not read? Maybe look at my account for 2 seconds before posting stupid shit like that omg I said I felt shitty already this obviously will make me feel shittier and I can’t even put im trans in the post or every comment will be “oh their trying to get attention” or “ok did I ask?” Like seriously for once in your life think before you comment you probably don’t think it does much but it does

  4. You’re a guy dressed as a girl in a skirt lmao, maybe if you dressed like a real man you wouldn’t be “feeling really shitty” obviously being a wanna be girl didn’t solve ur issues and nor will “positive reinforcement” stop wearing dresses man, embrace who you are, you’re a guy, a male, a dude. Go to the gym, lift weights, get strong and stop wearing skirts like some little poof and you won’t be feeling shitty playing dress up like a barbie doll lmao

  5. Literally am embracing who I am? Also I do sometimes dress masc and I rock that shit. I look better in fem and masc clothes than you look literally ever. I dress however I want and that makes me me

  6. I’m a woman… still more of a man than you wimpy self will ever be too afraid of anything you don’t understand that’s the least manly thing ever. Aren’t men supposed to not be afraid?

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