If you could see one show that was cancelled revived for however many seasons it needed to finish it's story, which one would you choose?

  1. I posted the same thing before seeing this as the top answer (so far). One of my favorite shows ever. I have a poster of it in my living room and in the frame below the poster I have three tarot cards mounted: the moon, death, and the magician reversed

  2. That’s the thing, most of these shows you can’t put lightning back in the bottle. I would love more firefly but all those characters would be 20 years older now and it wouldn’t be the same vibe.

  3. The facts are these: At exactly 1 season, 18 episodes, this perfectly poignant parable of the piemaker was cancelled. Although the final episodes were eventually aired, it was already too late to save the tragically truncated tale and its many plot threads, leaving frustrated fans foundering.

  4. Shit, I forgot about SCD. Fuck Netflix. They’re always cancelling shit without wrapping up properly. There should be a clause in TV show contracts that state if they’re cancelled, they should get an extended episode or movie to fulfil all the open storylines.

  5. No one saying My Name is Earl? Yeah, the show lost its way a little bit but the writing was still sharp as ever in the last season, even if the plots got a little ... out there. Ultimately it's a show that deserved a wrap up, and ended on a needless cliffhanger that's never been resolved.

  6. Was worried not a single person had commented this for a second hahah, I really wish we got too see him finish that list

  7. 'Patriot' on Amazon prime. The second season finale could be considered a faux ending of some sorts as the crew knew they were very likely to get canceled and made the ending in such a way. But they originally had plans for a third and final season, which always breaks my heart as I could never get enough of that show.

  8. Rome needs full reboot, not just sequel. They've cut so much great material to fit into budget and 2 seasons, it deserves a retelling.

  9. To be fair, I know how the story ends, but the civil war and Augustus coming to power should have been two seasons. Beyond that you'd need new storytellers to follow because I don't think Lucius and Pullo would be compelling at 70 year olds

  10. Just watch I, Claudius instead. It picks up late into Augustus' reign, makes a good companion to Rome.

  11. I'd be happy if they just released an OA podcast or something explaining what the hell they where planning on going from there.

  12. You know I think Teenage Bounty Hunters would be my answer as well, that show was really fun and there's a lot of other shows that are maybe just a bit too old to think they could come back the same as they were.

  13. oh man, the OA for sure. i had to take breaks watching the first season cause it was so intense. a coworker binged all of it when the second season came out, i meant to watch it, then Netflix cancelled it and i heard there was no resolution for the story so im leaving it as a good one season show lol. hopefully in ~20 years when things from 2018 are "vintage" we can get a revival lol

  14. The worst part about GLOW was that it was already greenlit for the 4th season and it was already planned to be the finale season.

  15. They had started rehearsals for season 4 when it got cancelled. Stupid Covid. Stupid Netflix

  16. I weep for what could have been. Pretty hyperbolic, but I think "Swidgen" is one of the greatest characters in the history of the medium. What a cast. What writing. David Milch at the height of his powers.

  17. i don't remember much about the ending and i dont know how to do the spoiler thing but what else could they have done after will and Hannibal did that thing?

  18. I never watched the last season because I saw so many people were pissed off about how they ended it on a cliffhanger and I didn’t want to end up as one of those pissed off people haha

  19. I'm crushed about this, because you can see from the documentary the amount of love and care that went into it. It reminded me of the Lord of the Rings making of docs, and that level of detail. Nothing is made with this much passion any more and it's gutting there won't be any more.

  20. Usually when a show I like is canceled I get annoyed and move on, but this one really made me genuinely sad. It was so charming and unique and I really hoped that Netflix would let us keep this little gem. I know it was relatively expensive, but I thought that maybe during lockdown this is the kind of show they could still make.

  21. Came here to say this. What a beautiful, creative, charming, effed-up, exciting show! Every detail was so gorgeous, the writing was on point, that cast was fantastic, puppeteering was game changing... Damn I just couldn't believe Netflix would drop it in the dirt like that

  22. Yes! I was genuinely disturbed to find that amazing show and then realize it had such a terrible fate. Good writing, great acting, interesting concept, and everything was just left unfinished.

  23. I completely forgot about that show. I can’t even remember ember if I stuck with it or what the plot was. I just remember that it aired around the end of Lost and I thought it would eventually fill the Lost void.

  24. I think they need to just do another series in the Firefly universe. I'd love to see a Deep Space Nine style show about a trading post on a space station, with some of the original cast showing up occasionally as cameos.

  25. I scrolled through many shows that I would have liked to see more of, but this is the only one that left me wanting.

  26. I'm convinced there is going to be a surprise at the end of this weeks announcing that it's being continued in some way. Feeling almost certain even.

  27. Yea the society is a shame, especially because they had another season in the works but Covid killed it. The damn dog in the last scene of season 1 just implied such an interesting story.

  28. Fringe. I know the show was "completed" but the last season was obviously rushed to get everything in. So remove the last season and do it the way J.J. Abrams wanted to finish it.

  29. If we had access to time travel to resolve the WGA strike, prevent FOX from cancelling shows, etc, allowing the writers to continue making their shows without interruptions, a few of my top contenders would be:

  30. When that bounty hunter says something like "he isn't who you think he is' about Booker in the series finale then it's NEVER EXPLORED ANY FURTHER, is one of the greatest crimes in tv history.

  31. Reboot. The original 90’s animated CGI series. It was canceled in the middle of a multi-episode cliff hanger that started off as one of the best stories in the series. Even today, 25+ years after the show ended abruptly, I still have this sad/empty feeling that lingers from my childhood knowing that show was ended abruptly in the middle of the series. I still wonder if somewhere, buried in some office box, or in an old SGI box, theres a final script/plan that was written but never saw the light of day. So tragic.

  32. +1 for Travelers. Such a great show with a lot of potential plotlines and different endings to explore. I didn't love the ending (probably because the writers we're expecting it to continue) but it's not the worst I've seen (Dexter for example). I'd love for the show to go on.

  33. Well I've been waiting 57 years to find out what happened to the original Robinson family from Lost In Space. The last I saw of the Brady Bunch Greg had orange hair and then they disappeared. I'm pretty sure The Partridge Family drove that bus off a cliff or something. All things considered though, I guess that I can be satisfied with the continuity of the original Star Trek series at least.

  34. The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency with Jill Scott from 2008 on HBO. I loved this show. It had one season with loose ends bed never come back.

  35. Happy Endings. It doesn’t really have a story to complete, but every episode puts me in a good mood so i guess the show completes me :)

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