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  1. My sisters are about a decade younger than me and I literally had a "Y'all don't know nothin bout that Cudi" conversation a while ago. Felt geriatric seconds later.

  2. This may be the most ridiculous trailer song of this trend yet but somehow it still feels less out of place than Kanye's "Monster" getting shoe-horned into the Witcher s2 trailer.

  3. I was old enough to remember its existence, but I literally just got into the song for real a month or two ago, so now seeing it in the trailer was surreal since its so new for me

  4. Having read the comics, I can assure you he's both. He's also Charlie at the end of the play when he's lowered in that bright yellow suit.

  5. Watching this trailer made me think that Night Man deserves another go. Just think about it - sexy sax man who moonlights as Batman but with red eye and 90s medium-legth himbo haircut. That's like license to print money. And the theme song will dominate charts

  6. There's a rumor that Ethan Hawke will be playing a villain called "Sun King", so if that comes to fruition, we really will have Day Man vs Night Man.

  7. Inside Llewyn Davis is my favorite movie he's in (not counting Drive because it wasn't a big enough part) though Ex Machina is my favorite performance of his.

  8. His voice in this is unrecognizable. It's a really impressive accent change. It looks like he got what he wanted when he asked to push his acting skills in this one. He looks totally mental.

  9. I had dinner with him once. Dude spent 30 minutes doing an impersonation of Bob Dylan. Great stories, great company.

  10. First Reformed is so friggin good. At first I didn't like the ending but the more I think about it, it is fraught with meaning.

  11. Moon Knight is a WEIRD ass fucking character. Imagine Batman but schizophrenic, multiple personality disorder, and brutalizes/murders people and then take all of that and sprinkle in some ancient Egyptian mythology and that’s basically Moon Knight.

  12. Yeah I can appreciate a swaggery Oscar Isaac like Star Wars or Ex Machina but he's so goddamn good at playing self-loathing headcases.

  13. Except it’s marvel. So expect it start out as weird like loki and wandavision and then just develop into something mellow where they fail to conclude the story properly.

  14. The arc of his jump turning into the Disney Plus logo is a pretty fun if insignificant touch. Show looks great, Oscar Isaac deserves his Marvel redemption after that awful turn as Ivan Ooze.

  15. It extra sucks when you see the alternative design they turned down in favor of what ended up in the movie.

  16. The giant bird skull design is from Declan Shalvey’s depiction of the character. And it’s exactly the giant, mummified walking bird god I needed.

  17. If The Batman can get away with a PG 13 rating judging by the trailers I hope this show doesn't shy away either. Moon Knight deserve a different treatment imo than the usual Disney Marvel stuff. Not a bad trailer

  18. I mean, it doesn't have to be R-rated to make it dark and disturbing. There were some...out there moments in WandaVision, and there was that infamous scene from Falcon and the Winter Soldier where Walker brutally murders that guy.

  19. The Batman doesn't have a hundred Disney execs looking to make it kid friendly so they can sell toys and make a theme park ride.

  20. This is on Disney+ though, not in cinemas so I don't think this will be as violent as people are hoping. Disney+ allows pretty heavy violence from shows from other networks (like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as well as movies, but judging by Falcon and Winter Soldier, the violence would definitely be toned down for Disney+ Originals. I hope I'm wrong.

  21. They're going to have to figure something out, because I don't think a pg13 Deadpool or blade is going to work, also looks like they're mulling over bringing daredevil back, which was definitely R rated material

  22. I mean that looked high-key terrifying, far more than much of the Marvel stuff. I will say they're letting films/series pull further away from the norm- you have Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and No Way Home (yeah it's lighter than the other two I just listed but it's still pretty dark) on one side, and Hawkeye (and the other upcoming Kid Avengers series/films) on the other.

  23. Probably one of his alter egos (Steven Grant, based on the trailer) seems to think he's British. That's what I'm assuming, anyways.

  24. I'm so used to British actors playing Americans that I actually forgot that Oscar Issac isn't British when I get watched that. I thought "oh cool, he gets to use his British accent for a change".

  25. Never thought it would work in live action but it looks really sick. They really went all in with the all white look.

  26. He’s got a good backlog of stories and it fits in with some of the supernatural stuff they have planned such as Blade.

  27. To be fair, Guardians of the Galaxy, Agatha Harkness, Vision, Werewolf By Night, and even Iron Man to an extent were all obscure but Kevin Feige is willing to give the spotlight to lesser known characters and make them household names.

  28. Guardians of the galaxy were more obscure than moon knight, he’s had multiple series since the 70’s and was even a part of the avengers in the 90’s, I don’t think he’s obscure at all just lesser known

  29. Most of the superhero in the MCU were obscure, at least for the general audience (and for the Guardians of the Galaxy for everyone). People don't come see this because they know the characters before

  30. Between Boba Fett clawing his way out of the Sarlacc Pitt and now Moon Knight making his MCU debut, Patton Oswalt's 2013 filibuster is creeping closer to fruition.

  31. There's no question that a Marvel/Star Wars crossover on screen is 100% inevitable, we just don't know how many years it will take for one of the franchises to need the other one to jump start it

  32. This is the first Marvel TV project that has me hyped. This trailer looks amazing. It seems Disney listened when we said we wanted more stuff with the tone of Daredevil, Punisher, etc. in the MCU.

  33. Ethan Hawke has had such a steady career. He's been acting since he was a kid. Not all of his roles were highly successful but he's still remained relevant and still puts out some excellent performances. He and Kurt Russell are always good. Even if the movie isn't.

  34. My issue is always that the trailers show something that feels truly different from the rest of the marvel projects but once it's out, by the end of the show/movie it ends up playing it safe and reverting 'back to formula'

  35. Inb4 the villain is Sun Knight and has the same powers as Moon Knight, except he's an evil businessman who hates Tony Stark.

  36. I totally get that view, but personally I think the reveal being CGI is perfect. I took that to be entirely the perspective of Marc hallucinating a "mystical Moon God" suit appearing around him like it emerged from his soul--when in reality (which we're not shown), he actually just made the suit either in one of his other personalities or while being literally possessed by Khonshu, and simply put it on, and he just imagined it appearing like that.

  37. The insomnia/mental health aspect looks really interesting but the costume and tone seem kinda off. Hope I’m wrong but so far this looks like they could fumble it by the halfway point.

  38. Like, I get the peaky hood is extremely accurate Moon Knight, but it looks pretty silly in live action (well, CGI, but the point stands).

  39. Their shows have all been extremely average so far on Disney plus imo, so I’m not going to go in with high expectations. I’m worried about Disney trying to balance a dark tone with the constant marvel humor they cram into everything they make

  40. Disagree, this needs the series treatment to fully develop his complex character. The man has 3, if not 4 (counting the moon knight persona), different personalities. A movie would be a disservice to fleshing out not only Marc’s story, but the world-building that it brings to the table.

  41. Agree. I wish this was a movie. The shows have the same budgets but end up having subpar fight scenes and vfx.

  42. Yeah really not much is revealed in this trailer other than Khonshu is keeping to a classic design and Moon Knight’s “Steven Grant” personality is now just some British gift shop worker instead of a multi-billion dollar Wall Street mogul...

  43. Like that they're playing up the "is this supernatural or is he crazy or both" thing. That's what makes Moon Knight so distinct.

  44. This looks insane. I liked the “is she crazy or bad or both” thing that Wandavision had and this looks like it triples down on that. I’m way more excited about this than I thought I would be.

  45. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. It gives me, it will either be great or mediocre vibes. Hoping for the best though.

  46. I think they have tampered with the storyline. As per comics, he shows up at the Khonshu's temple half dead. But the trailer showed him differently. Hope it is Marvel's way of diversion.

  47. I haven't watched a single Marvel show or movie since Endgame. I personally felt fulfilled with it and didn't see any value in the other products. Not to say they're bad, not at all; I just wasn't interested, so I didn't watch.

  48. Their shows are for sure pretty different from the movies especially Loki and Wanda Vision. There's a lot more character work getting done, a lot more dialogue, and a lot less action overall.

  49. It looks like it's a more serious show so I don't know why they would incorporate a dumb, made up meme into it that never even happened in the comic.

  50. I can't not hear the "bruh" meme sound effect during that scene where he's beating the shit out of the guy on the ground

  51. It’s one of his alter egos that thinks he’s British. He’s not meant of be a genuine Brit. Think James Macavoy in the movie Split.

  52. You guys are gonna hate me for this, but Rami Malek would have been a much better casting choice after his performance in Mr. Robot

  53. You must not have read many Moon Knight comics if you think explicit language is a part of the character.

  54. I don't even think you need that to make a good show, but there's something so sanitized and lifeless when it comes to a lot of this Disney shit.

  55. Love to see every mixed reaction just get downvoted either because the astro turfing is that bad or everyone is just so marvel brained they refuse to even allow for criticism. I’m totally with you, generated absolutely zero interest from me.

  56. Ye gods they’re fucking with the storyline. I’m biased as a huge fan of the comic character but this looks weak.

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