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  1. I did a Santa thing for underprivileged kids through work a few years ago and one of my coworkers got someone whose only interest listed was "Cuphead funny moments"

  2. The game needs an easy mode. It really does. I know it has that kind of practice mode or whatever but you can't progress the game with it. I'm someone who has beated every souls game, super meat boy, Celeste and tons of other challenging games, but I overall just don't think Cuphead did that well. It's old school in a bad way, as in you are punished time wise so much for failing. It'll take 5 minutes just to get to a part of a boss that's challenging and it will take you 4 times just to get to that part, then you find out there is another segment to the boss battle after that. I dunno I found it an immensely frustrating game as a result.

  3. Imagine some Polygon "reviewer" watching this then trying the game out only to fail at the tutorial.

  4. Idk I think a kid would last longer than I did, I enjoy cuphead it’s really fun, but I did not get very far before I had to give up😅😅

  5. Somebody copy and pasted this to the YouTube trailer like one hour after you posted this lol food comment I guess

  6. You're describing the childhood of anyone who came of age in the NES Era. The games were hard. You either got good enough to beat them or you just ended up playing the first few levels over and over each time you played it and enjoyed the game that way.

  7. A young family member has been able to beat three or four bosses. Don't believe they played on simple difficulty as I think the bosses had all their moves and stages.

  8. My 4 year old loves watching me play and wants to play all the time. She got to the 3rd phase on Hilda Berg (on simple) the other day. I was so proud

  9. This feels like a 90s cartoon emulating a 50s cartoon, and I don’t mean that as an insult. Reminds me of some of the 90s slapstick shows I watched as a kid, with higher-quality animation

  10. Have you played the game? It's REALLY hard. I can't play it for over an hour at a time bc of how frustrating it can get. It's in the exact same style too.

  11. I know its not hand drawn like the game was but this seems like a good compromise. The characters move and bounce right and everything is still loaded with invention and creativity.

  12. That is called rubber hose animation, the most prominent form of American animation before Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was released. It was called such because when characters moved their limbs they resembled rubber hoses, done so as it was a cheap and easy way to draw animation before Disney advanced the medium

  13. The game is fantastic. It really is like a playable piece of century old animation. People will complain about its difficulty but its also fair.

  14. This is obviously quite well done, but there's still something off about how it looks compared to actual 30's cartoons or even the game. Which maybe just highlights how much of a feat the game actually was.

  15. It uses a lot of camera angles and animations that just weren't in those old cartoons. A better emulation would be Greg's dream sequence from Over the Garden Wall. It gets the music, voices, sound design, and animation just right, in my opinion. Felt like Popeye or Silly Symphonies.

  16. Pretty sure the games main attraction once unveiled was it was a hand drawn game and was why it took a long time to finish development wise and at the time was quite a feat to think of. Could be wrong but I do remember quite a buzz and big deal on its announcement and hand drawn developments.

  17. That is not the voice I had in my head for what Cuphead and Mugman sounded like when I played the game at all lol, it's weird to hear them but I'm on board with this show!

  18. The elephant right??? I could've swore it was his voice but didn't see anyone commenting on it! Also Mugsy kinda sounds like spongebob?

  19. I love the animation, obviously, but I'm not digging Cuphead and Mugman's voices for some reason. They're too goofy and mature vs. the innocent-ish vibe I got from the game. I sorta imagined Cuphead sounding more like Sonic, maybe, and Mugman sounding a bit more nasaly, due to his slightly bigger nose.

  20. I mean, they’re both gamblers. They lost their soul to the devil playing poker. I think a new york “I’m walkin heeere” sort of accent fits perfectly.

  21. This is the inherit problem with giving a voice to characters that are not known to have them. When you give iconic characters that are from books (or in this case, text-only lines of dialogue) a live-voice, it will inevitably be different than the voice(s) each person canonizes in their heads. If the casting director is on their A-game, they'll choose someone whose voice really personifies the character which allows people to suspend their own head-canon voices and adopt the new one.

  22. Same. There's something about it that instantly made me pull back. They sound like... your friend doing a voice during a tabletop game, or something. It's like an impression of an impression, losing something in the process and feeling inauthentic.

  23. To be fair, the way Cuphead and Mugman sounded like was common for some cartoons stars of the 1930s when talkies were new for cartoons.

  24. Cuphead and Mugman’s voices bug me the most. Everything else is great in the show. I imagine Cuphead to sound like Season 1 Felix from Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat.

  25. To be honest it feels like something is a little off with the animations. Maybe it's just me. I think the character designs are all true to the classic style, but the actual animation, while high quality, feels a little too modern. The movements are too quick and clean, and lack that sort of wobbly, "bouncy" feeling that I think really defined Cuphead and the old shows it was inspired by.

  26. The creators described this when they were making the game too, after experiment in multiple ways they reached the conclusion hand-drawn lineart makes the difference. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s colored with a computer or paint, or how it’s shaded/lightened, it’s all in the lineart. Only when drawn by hand it really captures the feeling of being made in the early age of animation.

  27. I think it’s because most modern 2-D animated shows including this one are done digitally. While Cuphead the game actually incorporated traditional hand drawn paper animation for all the characters that were later scanned and colored digitally. It seems like a subtle difference but maybe that’s why the show feels off.

  28. It is the case, as everyone is saying, that this show is produced digitally as opposed to the way the game was animated...

  29. I feel the same. Came here expecting to see a lot of comments like yours but seems like most people don't mind it and actually love it. I know the animation is nice but it doesn't feel like a Cuphead show, it feels more like a Cuphead cameo on a different modern show.

  30. It is true that the movements of the characters and the animation of the series are different from the video game, with for example the head of Cuphead and Mugman which is larger and more "expressive" than in the original designs. Personally, I think it surprised me a little to see the trailer as well, because before I had seen an animation, I think it was called "Cuphead vs Bendy" on Youtube (very well done by the way), which was really faithful to the animation of the video game so I more or less expected it to be similar in the series.

  31. Netflix actually has a good track record with not cancelling their cartoons. Green Eggs and Ham (which is astoundingly good with beautiful animation) was seen by nobody whatsoever and is getting a Season 2.

  32. I was expecting the animation to be closer to the game. And it seems like it's aimed at children. Still I am interested and the music sounds good.

  33. Yeah, it's amusingly backwards that the game has a more hand-drawn feel than the show. Guess it makes sense since the game was so ridiculously laborious and expensive to make

  34. I think it's nice it's aimed at children, some of the recent "adult animation" have just been over the top, and to watch it I have to carve out my own time. With this I can just pop it on and don't have to worry if the kids are around or not.

  35. Pulling from the world of indie games in order to finally pull off adapting a video game well…. Not a bad strategy and Netflix seems like quite the place for it.

  36. Honestly Netflix has a good score for adapting games to shows. Castlevania, DOTA, and Arcane are all legitimately great shows.

  37. Omg a Dead Cells show with the same animation the trailers have. I would lose my mind with happiness. My girlfriend doesn't like the game but even she is obsessed with the trailer animations.

  38. This looks good! Only thing is Cupheads mannerisms arent what I thought they would be. I thought he would be more of a "roll up your sleeves" type.

  39. This looks horrible. The game is a parody of classic cartoons, why not direct it like a classic cartoon like the game did?

  40. It looks nice overall, so, I'm not criticizing too hard. But, there are moments where it looks spot on in the style it's going, and then others where you can really see the more modern animation style kind of overriding the rubber hose art syle. I think a lot of it comes down to shot composition more than anything.

  41. The animation is not like the older early style that inspired it. That's a real shame because that would've been quite cool to see a revival of such

  42. Why didn’t they go with the art style of the game? I would have preferred the golden age, rubber hose style of animation, with the faded colors & low frame rates. I’ll still watch it.

  43. I like the animation but the writing shown in the trailer is terrible -- is there a single funny or unique line? Take out the name "cuphead" and the dialogue sounds like it could be ripped from any generic kids' show from the past 40 years, but not in a homage sort of way

  44. Sorry but this looks like shit to me. How can they make a Cuphead cartoon show and completely miss that what defines Cuphead is the 1920's old cartoon look?

  45. Animaniacs is early 90's take on the retro cartoons. Which has more nostalgic reach than actual 30's 1930's cartoons. Holy shit, I can't believe I had to add that 19 in there...

  46. Yeah, I don't get this. The things that make Cuphead great is it's animation and it's game play. Does anyone actually care about the characters?

  47. Because you're smoking crack if you thought Netflix was going to pay for hand drawn everything for a childrens cartoon lol

  48. Don't really like the voices (sounds like impressions of Spongebob characters) and the art style is plug and play flash version of the original graphics. People used to hand draw cartoons, don't act like it is impossible. What's the point in even doing this if its not hand drawn with film grain?

  49. Sure I'm in the minority but this looks awful. This was a video game based on classic cartoons. To then turn the video into a classic cartoon feels fairly hollow. It looks like it's just references to classic cartoons mixed in with the characters from the game. The style is fun but it's FAR less interesting as a show than it was a video game. I would have preferred they make some original characters and an original story, not just turning the game into a show.

  50. I agree. They could have kept the style of not doing 3d rotation or zooms on the characters and make it a classical style 2D animation. I doubt kids really can tell the difference between the silver/golden age of cartooning and 21st century animation but adults can.

  51. It seems like this might be fun for a season but the novelty will wear off quickly. Hard to tell if there's going to be a plot or if this will just be a new 'adventure' every episode. Based on what I saw, it doesn't look like the show will do the latter well. They typically require smartly written dialogue/jokes, memorable visual gags, and quotable lines which this doesn't seem to have. Just tired banter "let's do this" followed by "I don't want to do this," or the trope of someone getting foiled, hurt, or inconvenienced by CH/MM and remarking "I hate them" or "I can't stand them." However, I'm probably 20 - 25 years older than the target demo for this show so there's probably an appeal to it I don't see.

  52. This is crazy. My sister is married to a close friend of the guy that made cuphead. It's absolutely crazy how this blew up so big.

  53. Man, this makes me want to play Cuphead again. I tried a while back, took 2 tries to beat the first level on easy, was told I can’t progress on Easy Mode and gave up. I should probably put in some effort.

  54. I wish my son was older so he could watch this with me - this gives me great 90s nickelodeon cartoon vibes

  55. If anyone likes the look of this, they should check out the 90’s series ‘The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat’ the whole series is on YouTube.

  56. I'm very interested to see where this goes but I'm not thrilled based on this. I could nitpick the animation but obviously they're still going for the same style. More than that, though. There's something off in the tone of this vs the original game.

  57. I wish I was excited for this. It absolutely should’ve been an adult show, and looked more old school. I love the game, but I have no desire to watch a show for little kids

  58. Gotta admit, the animation being neat and tidy in it's way isn't quite as endearing as the original style the game emulated. It nailing that aesthetic is part of what makes Cuphead so special. Still excited about this though, looks fun.

  59. It's so strange to me this show exists. The game had a lot of style but hardly any plot. It was basically a series of difficult boss fights. Was the game really that popular?

  60. This looks surprisingly good! I wasn’t expecting the animation to be this good and unique despite the source material being renowned for just that.

  61. Looks like something fun to watch. I loved the game and the show seems like it will be lighthearted and an easy watch. The animation style is a lot more modern but that’s not really a problem, if it was going to look like the game it would take way too much effort.

  62. Will you be allowed to enable subtitles on this Netflix cartoon if hard of hearing or pause it if you can't binge it all in one sitting?

  63. Seeing this, I kinda want a cartoony Metal Slug show now. Metal Slug is another chaotic cartoony run and gun game. It would be perfect along side this show.

  64. I literally have 3 of the cupped show episodes saved in my computer, but they're only the animatics. I basically know every single thing that's gonna happen in episodes 1, 2, and 4. Also a little bit of 3.

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