HBO Max Is Doing Well — So Of Course Changes Are Coming

  1. These all feel like changes for the sake of making changes. New execs come in and have to feel important so they tinker with things.

  2. They're the idea fairies. They show up, dump a bunch of ideas on everyone, get changes made, and don't actually know what they're doing.

  3. I feel like if they are actually going to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ it would be valid to rename it but only because 90 Day Fiance being associated with the HBO Brand in anyway might change perceptions of it.

  4. Yep. Someone comes in, sees a way to head a project or initiative to add to their resume, then they’re promoted or leave before the results show it was a big waste of time.

  5. The movies thing sounds right though. I think with such a short theatrical window there is little reason to release on max first and having a theatrical run will make max movies feel more special.

  6. Call it “HBO-“ and frame all the marketing around how you can now get such and such feature from the exclusive, invite-only (and fictional) HBO+

  7. I would think it would be HBO copying Apple, as Apple led the charge and started the whole “plus” in the name of a streaming service. Disney did it afterwards, and then every small service followed suit.

  8. And don’t even THINK you can charge me more for horseshit discovery channel reality garbage. Either combine them keep the price the same or allow me to pay for an ad-free tier of ONLY HBO Max content. I have zero fucking interest in Deadliest Catch: The Next Generation or My Fat Person Reality Life

  9. HBO MAX was a bad name because of the unnecessary confusion... but now its catching on so why waste all that effort?

  10. the bottom of the article says its about raising the price since they want to fold in discovery+ and make you buy both. discovery shows and hbo shows are way different.

  11. And really does anyone even care what it's called? Like who is the person out there who isn't getting HBO Max because they don't like the name but once they change it to HBO plus they're on board? I don't think that person exists and if they do I want off this planet.

  12. In Canada we don’t have either HBO or HBO Max. Instead. We have to pay for anooooother service called Crave that includes HBO as it is, with some added things like Showcase and some Comedy Central stuff. To add even more confusion.

  13. I mean, the problem isn't marketing people who keep randomly changing names, it's the product people who keep throwing up variations of the same product, and marketing people (imo correctly) figuring that giving them all the same name is going to be even more confusing than the situation already is.

  14. They need to feel relevant. They also get canned a lot. Most never stay in the same place long so then the new team tries to “make it their own”. - in marketing

  15. marketing doesn't always decide name changes, they get a say to some extent but often times it's marketing AGAINST these name changes.

  16. HBO streaming services’ and mens razor brands must share the same marketing agency. Ultra, Mach X, Xtreme, Flex, etc. Or maybe HBO will do like all of the others and throw a “+” suffix in there. HBO Ultra+

  17. So what I'm reading is they're probably gonna ruin HBO max and to top it off confuse people by changing names again.

  18. I got discovery plus for a year for free and used it one time. I couldn’t find anything on there that I cared to watch. It was all low quality reality tv. I’m scared that what ever that abomination is will pollute the good quality programming of hbo.

  19. HBO has way too much positive as a brand to give it up for something else. Whatever CEO tries that will be written up in Business School articles for years about stupidest mistakes in history.

  20. The DoJ will never let Amazon buy WBD. Most likely WBD is heading for a merger with NBCU or Paramount. It needs to get the debt levels down first as folks are obviously wary of a company with debts of $58 billion and a market cap of only $34 billion.

  21. If they make big changes can they at least make more new content 4k / hdr with a higher bitrate. At least freaking 4K content. Almost all new TVs are 4K and we are forcing them to up res new content. It’s stupid.

  22. HBO Max's technology was cobbled together basically on the fly from leftover pieces after the ATT merger... its honestly impressive they were able to get any of the big films available on the platform in UHD/HDR.

  23. How about they fix the app (at least on fire stick) so that if you are rewatching something you’ve seen before then it starts from the beginning? The way it works now starts it near end credits and then immediately moves on to next episode. There’s no way to mark all as unseen. This is a basic fuck up.

  24. If they really, REALLY just HAVE to do a name change then drop the Max. Just call it HBO. Unify the disparate brands under your most successful one. No once cares about the Discovery+ side anyway.

  25. Are there HBO max reality shows? The only one that I could think of is the Selena Gomez cooking show, and that was ok. Then there was the Lebron James show but that was more a talk show/interview type show.

  26. I guess I’m in the minority but I’m absolutely not in favor of making HBO the de facto brand of WB’s streaming catalog.

  27. Bro tf is the point in this shit? These services worked because they were cheap and accessible. Why is shit being walled off at every turn? I might as well cancel everything and go back to cable.

  28. The interface is still poor. Maybe fix that before the name change? For me , adding all the Discovery + catalog won't change my habit of subscribing & unsubscribing after a month for HBO Max or any other paid streaming service.

  29. I genuinely have absolutely no idea what problem people have with the interface. I mean, maybe the mobile app is bad or something; I've never even tried to use that, but the browser and smart TV interfaces are probably the best of any streaming service.

  30. Forget the interface, what about the shitty picture quality and audio sync issues? I love the content, I hate how it's delivered.

  31. HBO went from a streaming service I’d only have for a couple months and then cancel it, to a permanent thing I pay for. I don’t even know what’s on Discovery, Deadliest Catch? It seems odd to rock the money boat of HBO just to add reality shows

  32. There is a lot of the HGTV shows, the older mythbusters, some BattleBots. That's what I can think of off top of my head. Probably some things others care for, but more niche audience I would say

  33. You're thinking too small. Long term, investing more in these original movies allows them to rebuild key parts of the brand that pay more in the future. If you want to do anything worthwhile with DC, you need more than 50 million but that money is an investment if you use it to make good content. Go cheap and you get worse content. Ya you'll get a good ROI short term but long term the brand suffers.

  34. HBOMAX is actually the best streamer. High quality content and very little of the total crap of Netflix and the others. Of course they'll screw it up.

  35. If they’re renaming it, they need to let people know it’s Warner Bros so I don’t have to keep explaining to my dad why every movie that’s in theaters won’t be on HBO Max

  36. Why tho? WB doesn’t have the same quality in my mind as HBO. Pretty much everything I watch on HBO I associate with HBO. There is absolutely nothing I watch that I associate with WB

  37. "Let's combine high-quality HBO content with low quality "reality TV" garbage, because you know what they say - If it ain't broke, fuck with it until it is."

  38. Rumor is they will be killing off Discovery Plus and adding it to HBO Max, so I guess a name change makes sense.

  39. The season finale of season 1 ruined my enjoyment of that show. I couldn't make it past season 2 episode 1 lol

  40. WarnerMax seems like a good name I didn't know hbo max would be doing this good in year 2 but they just need to not go crazy with the huge content buys and they should be fine Maybe include a ad supported option at a lower cost too

  41. Easily my favorite streaming service. The sheer amount of classic films available means I always have something decent to great to watch, even if there's nothing "new" I'm interested in.

  42. The hell are you talking about. Stranger things this season was amazing. Season 2 and 3 dragged on but this one is so great. However Netflix dies in mid July that’s for sure.

  43. Don't know why someone downvoted you because odds are you will probably be right. If anyone wants to know of another example of companies making the exact same shitty decisions as other ones look no further than the video game industry. The moment a single company found out they could shove unregulated gambling into a game it was all over. Every major company either introduced gambling in the next installment of their franchise or just completely gutted a perfectly profitable monetization system just to get that unregulated gambling money.

  44. The thing is, I’ve gotten Max and Go for free from being a directv and DTV stream customer. If that doesn’t continue, I’m probably not going to get it. If they change names in an effort to push off the freeloaders, there will be an apocalypse.

  45. The only change we need is to that shitty new app. Damn thing doesn’t keep the spot on a single app half the time and never syncs between devices.

  46. Wish canada had any version of HBO instead of crave. Only streaming service I've used that feels there's lag or some delay

  47. Wish I could use the service but it's not available in my country so pirating it is.

  48. Calling the streaming service owned by the company that owns HBO and Cinemax HBO Max and not including Cinemax content is fucking maddening.

  49. Already canceled my subscription with the news of raised by wolves and made for love being canceled, two unique shows in the climax of their plots and both canned. Still salty about it

  50. Just give me a 4k streaming version of the game of thrones prequel and snow or I’m not paying for this and renew raise my wolves

  51. Sounds like Vulture doesn't like the fact Zaslav is dumping a lot of the woke trash that isn't making HBO/Warner Bros any money. CNN is getting a major overhaul, DC is going to as well. Being folded into Discovery will add value and more content. I'm looking forward to the changes.

  52. Just cancelled my HBO Max subscription. Decent enough service, but I just wasn't watching much on there except for Babylon 5.

  53. People say HBO max is doing well but the numbers just don't show it. Are they making good content? 1000% but their numbers have always been a huge question mark.

  54. They're piling a bunch of AT&T debt on the spinoff, and Discovery's boss already likes to pinch pennies.

  55. Seems like silly clickbait, of course merging with discovery is going to bring changes, I thought this was about something else

  56. I am not looking forward to the merge of services. Discovery content is 95% garbage, it is going to suck wading through all of that to browse the good HBO/Max stuff unless it’s totally shunted off to its own section.

  57. Someone tweet at them giving them a list of complaints and genuine disadvantages to why the change is bad. Maybe link them to this post to for good measure.

  58. TBH I could care less about a the name, people I know still call it HBO and I do as well. I do care about improving that app and please get on with the Times. Every other big competitor Offers 4K HDR, DV and DA content and HBO picture and audio quality is WAY better than HBO go but still is not at the level an a streaming service should have in 2022. Everything new nowadays is made in the highest quality but HBO max doesn't offer it only in some select titles and that's just not good. They should look at Apple TV+ the offers the best Picture quality in Streaming apps.

  59. WB and horrible name changes. Name a better duo. Remember when they changed "Edge of Tomorrow" to "Live Die Repeat" AFTER the movie came out

  60. If it ain’t broke, don’t fuck with it. But what do people and companies do 100% of the time? Fuck with it. These people are stupid.

  61. We're adding a bunch of shitty content from discovery so we can charge you more ... so basically recreating cable

  62. Here's something I don't understand, and maybe only in that swirling cosmos of a marketing exec would I be able to contemplate the hidden genius. The article says "A new ID would thus provide an opening to reach the millions of consumers...". How?!? How the fuck does a name change achieve that!? A cosmetic change, as the article rightly calls it, does nothing more than swap one label for another. How does it not lose more people than it gains?? Who the fuck thinks changing their name does any good and what madness are they basing that logic on??!

  63. HBOMax seemed like an odd choice to me at first for something that basically encompassed all of Warner but it seems odd to change it now that's it's got widespread adaptation.

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