B. Patrol [0] (AUS) Def (SRB) N.Djokovic [1] in worldwide stunning 5 setter! 2-6 3-6 6-2 6-2 101 - 99

  1. The extraordinary tiebreaker took over 4 days and broke Isner v Mahut’s record for the longest match, before the World No. 1 got broken with two missed shots decided by Hawke-eye challenges from B. Patrol.

  2. He passed his racquet to his agent to play a bit, so he said that part was a a mistake and shouldn’t count.

  3. Astounding late game development. It seemed as though Djokovic had finished one of his trademark comebacks when his unforced errors began mounting and gave B. Patrol the chance to work their way back.

  4. Ivanicevic screaming take the shot to Djokovic and go for the winner in that last set. But Djoko not taking the shot but instead looking for some unforced errors by B.Control is what cost him this match.

  5. Is it not more accurate to say that this match went from being a 3-setter to a 5-setter and now a 7-setter? :) Who knows if both are ready to leave the court just yet!

  6. I would say the Aussie gov won the 3rd set and is up 5-0 in the 4th. Not counting out a Djokovic come back until AO actually starts 😅

  7. Djokovic even had match points in the fifth, would never usually let this slip away from him, but B.Patrol was just too strong.

  8. But what can the judge really change? They would have to say the minister misused his power which would have even bigger implications. I think to do this over the weekend would be ... interesting

  9. If he will appeal again on Monday, I guess he will be still playing. Just on a different court. 😏

  10. Good!! I'm glad he finally has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Just goes to show, you're no different to anyone else, even though you can hit a fuzzy ball over a little net, you still have to follow the rules. The arrogance of him, finally put into check. Well done Australia

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