Hana Kimura has passed away (Official announcement from Stardom)

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  2. seriously wtf i thought that tweet from earlier today said people went to hana and she was fine?! wtf happened?! so sad

  3. Looking back at old Hana posts there sure are a lot of [deleted] showing up. If you’re gunna delete your comment because someone killed themselves maybe don’t post it in the first place

  4. Thanks for your comment! I'm a huge wrestling fan, but discovered Hana through TH. I hate that she was receiving so much hate simply for winning a tournament or getting on WK. That is so disgusting and just fills me up with fury because my wife and I are such big fans of hers. She deserved so much better. Wish we had the opportunity to meet Hana. Glad you were able to meet her!

  5. A mental health speaker once came to our university and told us that her daughter seemed better the moments before she took her life. She explained that the reason her daughter seemed better was because she had already come to peace with her decision to take her own life.

  6. I haven’t been following her on SNS, but did something happen or did she lost something that caused people to worry about her, and have people check on her?

  7. I remember Hana on her date with Reo. Talking about how she wanted to know herself better before having a romantic relationship. And I was so proud of her. Trying to make right for herself. I thought she was ready to graduate for TH. And start working on becoming what would make her happy. I’m so, so sad this was the resolution. She was a young person, dealing with life, hard as it is. Doing her best. Please remember yourself that you’re doing your best. Even when you feel you’re not. Probably it’s the impostor in your head. Not the reality.

  8. My favorite Hana moment was when Vivi first came to the house and didn't start speaking Japanese right away. Once she did, Hana jumped up on the sofa and was shrieking laughing, so relieved.

  9. Something I said about Hana on the last episode thread I can remember was that I loved watching Terrace House because it reminds me that as imperfect as I am, me and all my other fellow 20-somethings are still learning and growing. That growth is messy, ugly, sometimes even harmful to others. But we can only hope we come out on the other side of it as better people.

  10. Just want to say you put into words a lot of thoughts I'm having trouble connecting right now. I don't read this sub much for fear of spoilers and now I'll never finish this season. This is probably the most a famous person's death has effected me. She was also my age and because of the nature of the show you really feel like you get to know the members. Just a month ago I was crying watching her go through heartbreak and fall in love again. I hope something good can come of this, fuck.

  11. I'm a huge wrestling fan, and Hana Kimura was the reason why TH was on my radar this season and got me into this crazy world (well, also Nick Robinson/Babylonian's admitted love for the series and how it was the Japanese answer to reality television), and the word unbelievable is apropos for such a moment.

  12. This is beautiful--thank you for sharing information about what she loved to do for her job. I personally was thrilled for her excitement at performing at the Tokyo Dome. Such a huge accomplishment.

  13. thank you for sharing. i admittedly know basically nothing about wrestling and didn’t realize how big of a deal she really was, i just figured she was pretty good, and cute, and liked her because of TH. she was so young and i’m devastated over all this because she had so much life ahead of her. rest in peace ♡

  14. This is absolutely shocking and heartbreaking. RIP Hana. She had a bright future ahead of her and she is probably a classic example of someone who hides her pain behind her bubbly personality. I hope that anyone who is considering extreme measures, knows that they do have people who love them or hope for this.

  15. Definitely. I was worried for Emika as well when she watched herself and cried about it. And all the panel did was continue to bash her.

  16. I feel like their own agents or organisation needs to have a fair share of blame, as I think they're the ones who gets them casted in the first place. (Otherwise it would be weird how so many famous ppl end up on there)

  17. All Hana wanted was to be loved and accepted for who she was. What a desperately tragic end to a life barely begun. I am so very sad for her and for her loved ones. RIP Hana Kimura.

  18. Yeah I feel you, I spent all day trying to work out how to watch part 4 from Australia and now I don't think I will be watching. I thought she came across as really lovely.

  19. With this horrible news this season is done for me. This season just needs to end. Were missing Tokui, the cast doesnt seem to have a real bond, they are selfish, everyone is basically just self promoting.

  20. My favorite contestant. 2 months ago she came to the restaurant where I worked at to shoot an episode of the show. I was so excited to see it. As simple as it is welcomed her in the restaurant. I was really happy. RIP

  21. This is really upsetting. This season especially made it apparent to me that the panel/social media feedback combined with the very young (unexperienced) cast and manipulative editing was very toxic to the members.

  22. This kind of reminds me of when Yousuke, a member of BGND, received a lot of hate and couldn't handle it. He would have gone crazy if it wasn't for the other members cheering him on and supporting him. He ultimately grew from that experience. This is a really unique and sad case where she wasn't able to get that due to the pandemic.

  23. I have had the same thought. It's been especially apparent in this season. The entertainment value of incident episodes just isn't worth the pain and suffering of the members. I don't think TH will ever look the same again...I hope they continue, but only if they really take a hard look at how the members are being negatively affected and implement some changes to protect them

  24. This is a wake up call to all of us, whether or not we participated in cyber bullying, to do better by our fellow humans. May Hana Rest In Peace, she will be missed.

  25. Yup exactly. We have to remember that words do hurt, and that they can have a lasting impact. Just because we are online, hidden behind a screen, doesn’t mean the filter should be gone, if it’s something you can’t say to a person’s face, you shouldn’t say it online either. I really hope going forward the show will take more measures to take care of the mental health of it’s members.

  26. I think I'm going to take a break from this subreddit, not only to take a break from thinking about this tragedy but to also reevaluate the point of me even discussing my views on the members. I'm on a few other subreddits where we passionately discuss fictional characters in TV shows, how we hate them and how we love them.

  27. I'm in agreement here. I started out visiting here because it was fun to occasionally get insight from people who knew Japanese culture, but this season has especially been rough in terms of criticism and hostility directed towards the cast members. There's a real herd mentality behind it too, where critical comments get upvotes and defensive ones get downvotes. These are real people and even if this forum wasn't where the hate originated from, that still makes us part of the problem.

  28. this is a really good point, I joined this subreddit because I didnt know anyone else irl that watched TH but really I dont know if this even enhances my enjoyment of the show, and if it doesnt then why stay?

  29. This is heartbreaking. Damn. It’s so sad because she wanted to take time improving herself, which she said during the show after the whole incident. Fuck all those people dming her and making those comments. We can dislike someone’s actions and be done with it, but attacking someone personally is just heartless. :(

  30. Absolutely devastating. I haven't been watching the show recently but I've definitely noticed a ton of hate for her on this sub these past few months. I hope this pushes the people here to think more carefully before they post hurtful things about the members.

  31. This can not be happening.. words can hurt people. We all need to watch out what we say because we don’t know how much it can hurt.

  32. I don't know how the commentators will be able to continue on with this to be honest. I mean, this was in no way their fault, but there must be some element of self-blame especially when it is expected that they provide the occasional scathing viewpoint.

  33. Probably not to be honest. Three people involved in the UK reality show Love Island have taken their own lives in the last couple of years and the show’s as popular as ever. Might be the end of this season though.

  34. Fuck...yeah I can't help but think this will have serious repercussions for TH. I know that's not the priority right now, but I think the show will definitely have to address the situation and it's role in the creation of a situation that drove her to feel this way.

  35. Absolutely heartbreaking. I can't imagine the pain she was going through. People in the internet bullying her to the point of this. I hope people take a hard look at themselves in the mirror because this is downright disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  36. The things humans are capable of doing to each other, for no reason, or just “for fun”, are disgusting. I really can’t believe that the girl we saw coming into the show was brought to this point. It breaks my heart into pieces...

  37. One of the most wholesome shows on TV about young people finding their way in life, their trials and tribulations, becoming closer, relationships, etc, has just taken an incredibly dark turn. Terrace House went too far in the direction of creating drama and narratives that paint people in a certain light, instead of just watching them grow. And this is the price.

  38. it's also one thing to comment on and critique behaviors we see on the show on public forums such as this subreddit, but nothing warrants personal attacks towards her. It hurts to think about the people who had went out of their way to say hurtful things to her whether it be spamming her social media or whatever. She seemed to have a very bright future and this is tragic. My heart hurts, we really feel like we get to know these people

  39. This is why I quit almost all social media besides Reddit to follow my interests. Twitter, Facebook, and lately Instagram are just avenues for COWARDS to spew hate behind screens.

  40. I am so sad to hear this. I was fangirling to my husband recently because she liked my comment on Instagram. This is just horrible, I really liked her.

  41. honestly don't know what to think... this is heartbreaking, i hate and can't believe that the internet did this to such a young and beautiful soul. rest in peace hana - sending you all my love <3

  42. Absolutely tragic. I've only seen the episodes on US Netflix, but she seemed like a sweet girl with a bit of growing up to do (like...almost everyone else on the show and at that age) and it's a tragedy she won't get that chance. Thinking about her friends and family. :(

  43. My heart absolutely aches. People have been brutal to her, and I’m so sad she didn’t get the help she clearly needed. And for everyone on this sub that’s been bashing her ruthlessly but saying “Well she doesn’t read Reddit,” check yourself. You’re still part of the problem.

  44. As a huge Terrace House fan, Asian-American, and a reality TV producer, Hana's death hit me hard in several ways.

  45. I am truly truly shocked, I don't know what to say. I really thought things would be ok, but it's not. I am shocked.

  46. I’m currently in a very dark period of my life and recently discovered TH. It was a small thing to stay alive for; watching an episode every morning and then waiting for the next part to come out, seeing life (however edited) outside of my bubble. I saw who I used to be in Hana and it gave me hope that I’ll get back there. My heart is broken for her and her family. I hope one day people can learn to be kind <3

  47. Hey OP, you are strong. You are going to overcome whatever is in your path right now. You will see the light.

  48. I hope someone can check in on Kai since he was the other half of the laundry incident. I bet he's devastated beyond belief

  49. First of all, this post was created with DeepL. My English is not good enough. Hope the translation reflects my words. I have been following Terrace House for about two years. The news of Hana's death upset me, as probably every viewer of TH.

  50. I couldn't sleep well all night yesterday knowing what happened to Hana. Watching her from Terrace House, it felt like she was a friend and that we truly got to know her. She wore her heart on her sleeve and she was genuine even though being genuine put her in a bad light at times. It pains me that such a beautiful soul such as hers could no longer bear what was being said to and about her. Words clearly do matter. We should all be kinder and be more empathetic and sensitive. We don't know what battles other people are going through so the least we could do is be kind.

  51. I feel sick to my stomach right now. I posted on here a few weeks ago about the ridiculous amount of hate she was getting and was downvoted to hell and told that she deserved it.

  52. The toxicity of this community has been bad and this event has made me realize I can't tolerate subreddits like this. I defended Hana just 24 hours before this happened and the amount of power social media users have and the way it is used to perpetuate hate really makes me want to distance myself from this community.

  53. I am honestly so shocked... I can never watch Terrace House and look at it the same way again... Rest in peace.

  54. It's just so sad when you contrast this to the bubbly young woman that we see early on in the show. I loved that she felt things strongly, that she had her bursts of laughter and happiness. Going through puppy love, achieving amazing things in her career, learning about friendships, relationships, people... When I watched her I felt that I could relate to the things she went through.

  55. Everyone who contributed to harassing Hana should be ashamed for life. Words have weight, Hana was sweet and kind and funny, She did nothing that ever warranted this kind of abuse and harassment. Rip Hana, I wish this never happened. Terrace House has brought me so much joy over the years but this needs to be the end. I don’t think I will be able to watch it anymore knowing what has happened.

  56. Watching part 4 episode three where Hana and Reo talk about Yosuke’s passing now has a whole new meaning. Rest in peace Hana, you will be missed x

  57. This feels like a slap in the face. God damn. I am so sad and sorry for the pain she faced. I honestly don't even know what to say.

  58. I think everyone needs to examine where on the line between fantasy and reality you place Terrace House. Do you feel sad at the passing of a character, or that of a young promising woman.

  59. I'm in the minority because I love this season. It shows all the aspects of life : peace, love, betrayal, reconciliation, conflicts, work ... It's just for us to watch unroll without getting involved emotionally. I even love the different vibe and action that The Boss brings.

  60. This is completely insane, it’s like Black Mirror. I can’t believe I watched the last months of a persons life including the events that lead directly up to her suicide, on television. I can only imagine what her family must be going through.

  61. I’m quite shaken by this news. I go to her Instagram and I can still see her stories and she looks so alive and beautiful? It doesn’t feel real. It hasn’t sunk in for me. This is really distressing.

  62. I think this spells the end to Terrace House as a whole. It’s not the first time participants were bullied. It was a ticking bomb. Japan and the world in general are not ready to continue this.

  63. None of my friends watches terrace house, so Im just gonna leave a comment here to express my feelings. I was scrolling through instagram yesterday and I saw Hana’s selfie. I didn’t pay much attention at that time (bc I cant read japanese), and later found out that she died by suicide and the selfie was her last instagram post. My whole brain cannot process the fact that this beautiful human being left the earth with a broken heart. I still remember her entering TH, saying she’s on the hunt for romantic love. To me, she is always bubbly, brave and sweet. It is devastating that a beautiful soul decided to take her own life because of cyberbulling. My thoughts and prayers go to Hana’s family and friends. Rest in peace Hana.

  64. I’m sure everyone has been so surprised about Hana’s sudden choice to take her life. I found out about it through Ryo’s post on Instagram yesterday morning and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. One of my favorite members of terrace house was gone forever.

  65. As much as I have loved this show and how much happiness it's brought to me, its ethical implications are now tragically clear. The future of the show should be seriously considered--and for the first time, I'm finding myself on the side that maybe it should end. It won't bring a wonderful soul back, but maybe it will protect others.

  66. This is so tragic. She seemed so excited to be in TH so it saddens me that just because her emotions got the best of her in one incident, she was threatened and demonized by TH "fans" and now look at the outcome of that. I've always liked her despite that incident. She seemed like a sweet and fun person who just wanted to be loved and I don't think she deserved the hate she got. RIP Hana.

  67. You saying this just makes me hear her giggling and squealing and all the great times she did have in the house. Sad to think they won’t be heard again. I feel the same in that regardless of what happened I’ve always liked her because well, we’re human. I would love for this to be a reminder to everyone to be kind, check on loved ones and never assume you know the whole story.

  68. Wow. That's awful. My condolences to her family and friends. She was so lovely and bright and smiling. Exhuberent. Gosh, really shocked by that. I lurk here but I see no reason at all to hate on someone like that.

  69. I have no words to express how heartbroken I am for Hana and the people in her life. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry, Hana.

  70. All I ever wanted in life was a friends who yells “WOW!” with Hana’s enthusiasm when I tell them some news. I always admired the way she let herself feel emotions- the highs were highs and the lows were low. I never thought they would be this low though. She will be missed.

  71. I keep coming back to check this thread as part of the grieving process. I keep thinking about this incident and I can’t discuss it with anyone in real life, so this community is my only outlet.. Thank you everyone posting, the fan community needs this as support too. Hope the mods can open up new posts soon.

  72. same. it's affecting a lot of people since we were basically watching her grow up and learn how to live her best life in real time (kind of, I know the show editing is a culprit). she felt like everyone's sister in a way

  73. 😭😭😭 I can't believe it. I literally can't. I wish I had defended her more. She had just started posting again. I was so happy the show was back. I don't think I'll ever watch it again.

  74. Hana Kimura's death has affected me unlike any other celebrity death. It's strange to feel such a tremendous loss when you haven't met the person. She was such a ray of sunshine. It's no exagerration to say her smile lit up the room. It seemed her positive energy had no end and the fact that she was hurting so badly that this felt like her only way out is so heartbreaking. The hate she received from the community I'm sure was overwhelming and I would never blame her for taking the easy way out, I can only imagine the pressure she was under. Even now people in this thread as spreading hate in a space that should be filled with nothing but love and regret for losing a star with so much potential. Snuffed out by the worst kind of people on the internet. Please be kind to one another and remember how your words can affect someone.

  75. Hana came to TH as a young innocent woman looking for love, insecure with her femininity because of the line of her work. But despite her innocence, I could see that she was an absolute badass once she got inside the ring - her drive and passion for her career was so inspiring to watch.

  76. What the fuck. I loved Hana. What the fuck. I’m sorry y’all, this does not seem real. I just don’t even know what to say. I went to her Instagram and the first picture in her story had me choking up, her eyes will haunt me for rest of my life. I pray for her family, i pray for all the friends she made in the house, I still pray for Hana. I just, I don’t even know what to fucking say right now. I never comment, but I loved watching this little pink haired badass on my screen, hoping she would find love. I just. I don’t know. I hope everyone that knew and loved her has someone to hold them close right now.

  77. I'm so fucking hurt and angry. Humans are garbage she didn't deserve this. It doesn't seem real that she's gone now. I can't believe it. Recently she's replied to me on insta and liked my comments. Now she's gone. I've only had one conversation with her and now that conversation will always be with me forever. Fuck. She was such a beautiful soul

  78. I saw someone post earlier about the things/moments they loved most about Hana and that really made me smile amidst all this madness and tragedy. For me, I loved how after Pepe left (and even before he left) when there would be awkward silences between housemates, whenever Hana walked into the room she always broke the silences with her laughter and brightened up the atmosphere. I really like that quality in a person

  79. Right after this article.. So shocking and sad. How many people are going to be claimed by the overlooked bullying?

  80. Im absolutely devastated, i use to watch this show and think hana was so beautiful and pure and all she wanted to do was find love like any young girl in the world... not sure what hana was talking about but this unreleased clip :

  81. Essentially, they're discussing the incident. Yume totally understands how Hana is feeling and why she acted the way she did because she thinks that if anyone but Kai had been doing their laundry, they would have done the right thing and checked first. It was just because Kai is self-centered that he didn't bother.

  82. Yume and Vivi tell her that while they understand Hana's feelings, she overreacted in her way of dealing with Kai. Vivi thinks it's a shame that Hana reacted that way since it contradicted Hana's intentions of not being associated with negative stereotypes, being a pro-wrestler and all (strong, violent, etc.). Hana says that while Kai said he would work for and pay for the costume, he has been lowkey ghosting her text messages, and she's unsure as to whether or not he's going to respect his word. There is some doubt as to whether or not Kai is going to just run away from the whole thing. She is also upset about having to wear her old costume as it reminds her of feelings she had in the past and she doesn't feel as confident in it as she did in her newer costume. Vivi and Yume tell her that they're willing to help pay for a new costume, Hana thanks them for such a kind offer.

  83. I've been a fan of Stardom Wrestling for years and Hana specifically since she joined that company. I was overjoyed to see her on TH. I met her at shows in VA and NYC. She was lovely, humble, and a bit shy. She seemed to enjoy practicing her English. She was very sweet with my little girls. I pray God will wipe away all her tears.

  84. To anyone following Vivi's insta story (she posted a video drunk and very - understandably - distraught over Hana's passing, wondering how to move forward etc.) - Emika posted on her story about an hour ago that she was also worried and went to check on her. She said she is doing fine and that they are all [TH members] looking out for / supporting each other (rough trans, please correct me if I've misunderstood). This must be so hard for them all, especially since they're expected to make statements quickly and have to essentially grieve in public.

  85. I did see that an hour or two ago and immediately messaged my friend who knows Kai, asking him to get in touch with her.

  86. I found out about Hana this morning and just started crying. I’m just a viewer of the show, but this really rocked me. Hana was my favorite of all the franchises. She’s one of those people that even through the screen had such a light about her. I always smiled watching her because she was so cute and radiated joy. People don’t think about those on TV as being people. They think they can leave a nasty comment aimed at someone they’ve never met and go about their day. They don’t realize that the person receiving that comment is suffering. Not everyone feels okay enough mentally to brush things off. She was sweet and she didn’t deserve this. She needed support. More should be done to censor or delete harsh comments towards people on social media. This has happened too many times where people on tv are treated as punching bags instead of people. We need more humanity.

  87. They just announced on the news that a suicide note was found in Hana’s home. Not sure if it will be released at some point, but there were no other details given.

  88. So many people were bullying her on social media and saying mean things. I can't believe she is now gone.

  89. I haven’t caught up in the season, so I have yet to watch the episode in question— but at this point, I don’t know if I should even try to catch up. It just wouldn’t feel right.

  90. I just... wouldnt watch it. Drop the season altogether mate. No really, like knowing what happens in the end (this tragic news) will mess with your head if you watch it.

  91. Came here to just be with you in this moment. I’m speechless. I’m shocked. I’m crushed. I’m sad. Simply cannot imagine the kind of pressure that each of these house members face once they join Terrace House. Let’s not ever take that for granted. Such a horrible tragedy to have happened.

  92. She had such a vibrant personality and was so pure. My favorite moment was when she stood up for Yume and helped her say no to boss in Kyoto. Rest in paradise.

  93. To wake up to this first thing in the morning...I’m just heart broken and crying. Hana’s entrance in the house was such a moment of wonder for me. Her bright pink hair and bubbly personality was something I hadn’t quite seen on Terrace House yet. Her awesome wrestling outfits and her beautiful make up amazed me. Her fierceness sexiness in the ring pumped me up. I found her youthful lack of experience in relationships cute and I was looking forward to seeing her grow. I don’t think I can finish the episodes that are left of this show, seeing her, it’s just too upsetting to see that beautiful pink flower and know that it was gone far too early.

  94. This is crazy, but I cannot stop crying today. I loved and cheered for her so much. I hope her friends and family get through this as okay as possible. I cannot help but wonder if this could help people be better, more compassionate people. Sending a big virtual hug for all of you who need one!

  95. Does anyone remember Yosuke (BGND) was also a victim of cyberbullying? There was one point he disappeared for a while and almost quit TH, if not for his members encouraging him to stay and continue to grow together.

  96. This sucks. I saw some of the posts on here and thought it would fly by. Guess not... I don’t know her and you think these people are just on TV - I went on her IG page to check what was up and it seemed alright but you just never know. Even a message from a stranger could have helped.

  97. I was having a call with a Japanese friend when I saw the news. We both got a shock, but she also mentioned that commenters (or keyboard warriors, whatever) are much meaner in Japan that in any other country. I’m not sure how true that is.

  98. Honestly the shitty thing about this show is that we don't really see or know the house members for who they really are, only bits and pieces and yet people feel like they can criticize and talk shit because of just one incident that we saw on screen.

  99. I saw a lot of Tweets blaming three particular accounts that contributed to this on Twitter. There was this Japanese account that kept harassing Hana who knows since when. It’s disgusting.

  100. Never again will I comment on who I think someone is. That’s for ANY influencer, social media star, youtuber, ect. We do not know these people, only what we see online or on TV. It’s okay to judge someone’s singular actions but to put a blanket statement on them and label them as something they know in their heart that they’re not... I can’t imagine how terrible that must be mentally. Hana didn’t deserve this.. the harassment and lack of privacy the members constantly get isn’t okay and I truly think the panel makes viewers think is okay to comment and judge the members as harsh as they do. There’s a lack of reminders in the panel that these people are human and make mistakes too.

  101. Fuck, this is terrible news. I watched the costume incident episode online since it wasn’t available in my country and I wanted to see what made people turn on Hana because she was one of my favorite people of this season. She was so young and beautiful but depression doesn’t care, it only takes from us. People can be terrible and say horrid cowardly stuff behind the anonymity of the internet. As a fan of wrestling, as a fan of terrace house, and still a fan of Hana I am so deeply saddened.

  102. If anyone was wondering about her kitten, it’s being looked after by her company, according to news I saw just now. Too sad :(

  103. this makes me so fucking sad. this poor girl was just immature, but she was doing her best to grow up. this isn’t fair.

  104. I usually only read this forum and rarely write myself. But the death of Hana still really shocks and saddens me deeply even if I didn't know her in person. But by what one could see on the show she was so adorable and still so young and this death is just so tragic and senseless.

  105. This is unbelievable and heartbreaking she was way too young. I feel so sorry for her family, Terrace House was supposed to be good for her and not cause her to end her life.... i cant believe this

  106. I don’t think this show can continue if this was suicide and internet bullying from the audience led her to this. I recently started watching and I’m still watching BGITC, but as much as I love the show there are too much criticisms on internet towards the members. And these people are just normal people with a bit more fame than most of us. I don’t think all of them are ready for being suddenly subjected to the amount of attention and criticism they get from fans around the world over everything they do in the terrace house. This is the first time I hoped this was a scripted show.

  107. I’m still struggling to believe this. When she entered TH she completely transformed it, she was so bright and bubbly. Hope you have found peace gorgeous girl 🌸💖🌸

  108. How sad. I hope the other cast members get emotional support and I hope if the show continues cast members are given more support and advice on how to deal with social media. She was so young and it’s a terrible waste.

  109. To anyone who needs to see this: you are not alone. Even if you have started watching TH recently, not sure what's going on, or find that you have no one in your social circle to talk to about processing this tragic news - you are not alone. Please reach out to someone here on the sub, myself, or hotlines. We're here for each other. Don't ever feel that your emotions are invalid.

  110. I've been lurking here and crying on and off since yesterday I really wish this whole thing was just a dream...To be honest, i didn't expect to be hit this hard by the news but somehow, having watched her for the last couple months, it truly feels like I just lost a friend. I really thought she was going to be okay after reading that tweet that someone had managed to get in touch with her. It's a horrible, horrible tragedy. Reading all those posts by the housemates and really anyone who loved her breaks my heart. I hope you get some well deserved rest, Hana.

  111. I don't know why this is affecting me so much. Just a feeling of general sadness 😔 I'm only up to part 34 but I don't think I can watch season knowing what has ultimately happened.

  112. Though I don't post often, this subreddit has been a great company for me to enjoy the show and also helping me deal with this immense sadness. If anything, I have long promised to oneday become a volunteerer at Japanese suicide prevention hotline (my career circumstances won't allow me to get the trianing at the moment) and this has just made me even more determined to pursue that someday.

  113. Rest in peace. It's tragic to think how much her life turned around after the show and what it resulted to. I hope that the producers reflect on how they manage the show especially in contestants mental health during/after their time in TH. We already saw Emika having a breakdown and now this. There's clearly something done not quite right by the producers.

  114. Looking back on her episodes I find it really poignant now that she shared a moment with Kenji and his tribute to his best friend’s passing and then for this to happen. I hope the cast are together and staying strong. For Kai, I pray to god he doesn’t do anything where he feels like he is the cause to all this. Everyone should have been better and I’m not discounting myself or anyone from this.

  115. I started watching TH with my friend K at a weird time for us when we would spend the whole day at home and stress about life/jobs and watching this show, together, for me was a way to process reality in a way different from what my immediate reality was. Reality TV does this weird thing where you see people on a screen and they are characters but they're also real people and that only registers in your brain when something big happens. I feel guilty and sad thinking back at the time when I watched the episode of the costume incident and I am one of the many people who disliked Hana. I never sent her a message or commented but the energy I put out from my subconscious brain towards her person was very negative. The episodes I watched after that one I didn't have anything positive to think about her. Now looking back I can recognise that I had my reasons for feeling that way but the fact that many people felt that way and didn't hesitate to say cruel things to her disturbs me so much because it could have been me if I had crossed that threshold from keeping those thoughts in my head to actually putting them out onto her social media pages. I'm sorry Hana, because I judged you, thinking that we are the same age almost and I thought I saw reasonableness whcih you didn't and it gave me some kind of moral high ground. I'm sorry because you are young and beautiful and talented, so talented and you had a bright future taken away from you. From people who are probably not that different from me. And if I hadn't purposely disengaged myself from the thought of you and maybe empathised and realised that the moment that show aired you also became a victim not just a culprit. And if others like me who were silent or on the fence had stood up for you instead of staying silent. Could this have been avoided? Or maybe it was always bigger than us Terrace House fans. I don't know. But I know that I can't watch this season or probably this show anymore. It went too far and I won't be able to see anyone on the show the same way anymore. Maybe I'll come back to TH after a while with more empathy and more heart on my sleeve rather than the cold cynicism I brought the last few months. I'm sorry. Rest in peace and power.

  116. I honestly can’t stop crying. Why why why must people go out of their way to directly attack someone they’ve never met. I cannot imagine the amount of strength it must’ve taken Yui

  117. I have no words. I'm just so flamed, not upset but angry. I remember seeing her story and she said 'goodbye' and i was confused. I was like ok, maybe her cat died and she wanted to get closure so she just posted the pictures to remember her cat or something. based on the news that came out, I'm so sick and tired of the internet. To give context, I personally didn't follow any opinion pieces until I joined this sub-reddit and even now I was not aware that Hana was receiving hate at all and even if I thought she was, it wasn't to a high volume. I personally really liked her. The whole thing that happened to Kai, I did mainly see it from her perspective so I didn't think much of it until I came here... hearing about this just makes me angry. I don't understand how people have the time to project their own insecurities and hatred onto another person because of something that happened on 15 mins of a whole season. Who are you?!? who do you think you are? you're suddenly better them them because they aren't perfect, you feel better than them? what is wrong with you? what is wrong with your mind? how dare you be so selfish and arrogant to think your hate is worth it. Do you know her in real life? NO, especially if you're giving her hate. The worst thing is that people are going to start saying she was selfish because she died. But, they were selfish enough to not be empathetic and type something stupid on their screens for her to see and make her upset.

  118. I might get some hate for this but it’s how I feel, I see most people are blaming Terrace House but not the viewers, imo the viewers are mainly to blame because it was them who were making the hate comments and being such shitty human beings, like why the fuck can’t we just be nice to each other, no one is perfect and no one deserves that type of emotional abuse. It’s just so sad what happened because of all this.

  119. Has anyone seen Vivi’s latest Insta Story she posted around 30 mins ago? I just saw it and am now very worried about her as well, she is drunk and in tears... current circumstances of physical distancing restrictions in place don’t make it easy for people to cope with something like this...

  120. It was just fucking laundry!!!! And Hana apologized. I will never understand why garbage humans would bully someone over this.

  121. Heartbroken. She was the one member that I knew before her appearance on terrace house. Hoped to see her perform live one day. A prodigy destined for greatness. Lost for words. R.I.P. Hana

  122. 特にこの番組のファンでもなかったけど、何話か観て結構好きだったキャラ。まだ若かったのに…ご冥福をお祈りします。安らかにお眠りください。

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