1. So you are unaware of the FFDO program that was started post 9/11 that permitted pilots to carry weapons onboard for crew protection? 🤔

  2. Not arguing against gun control by any means as I very much agree with your sentiment, but after 9-11 congress passed the "Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act" to allow pilots to carry guns in the cockpit. This of course requires a license and training.

  3. Literally no one is saying we should ban schools tho. But after 9-11 they did make sure to take extra measures to ban guns, bombs, and any weapons from planes and airports.

  4. Guns are not banned, you just have to follow proper protocols and file paperwork when flying with them.

  5. I have what I feel are pretty developed and nuanced understandings of many topics: guns and gun control aren't one of them.

  6. No, but we did highly restrict air travel, strictly enforce search & seizure during the boarding porcess, and eliminate privacy by monitoring all lines of communication for all American Citizens.

  7. They already are, but guess what? Sane people who follow laws don't murder children. So, we need to secure the schools and actually enforce these laws instead of trusting that people should do the right thing

  8. After 9/11, we started wars with two countries of strategic import that were not even hiding the perpetrator, but were remotely linked to him.

  9. Your only 50% right Buddy. The 9/11 perpetrators were hiding in Afghanistan but eventually fled to Pakistan. If lying dickhead Bush didn’t side track us into Iraq we would of bagged those “perpetrators” much quicker

  10. As well as a fuuuuuuuuck ton of procedures and policies within the airport prior to departure but yeah sure all we did is “secure the cockpits” fucking idiot lol

  11. Yeah let's secure the schools. Let's put metal detectors and security guards at the doors, and let's lock those doors when they're not being used and, in the event that something happens we lock down the school. We should even train the teachers and maybe even the kids what to do in those situations. I bet no school has ever though of that before.

  12. I think this is a comment of what some republican lady said. She said “we didn’t ban planes after 9/11.” So this person I suppose is pointing out we didn’t do nothing about it and tightened flight security. Looking at it that way it has a point.

  13. So they made it harder to get acces to a weapon (in this case the control of a plane), so only qualified people have acces? Great! Glad we want the same thing!

  14. Ok, but a few people make meth and now I can't buy Sudefed without going on a registry, and there's a limit to how much I can buy. We could at least do that with guns and ammo.

  15. The post is about how the shooter found a side/back door that was unlocked. Per a lot of school districts all outside doors except the front door are to be locked at a school.

  16. That's like saying to prevent a 9/11 type attack happening again we should make buildings plane proof instead of preventing people from hijacking planes

  17. I believe what they're saying is that the better idea is to get better security at schools as opposed to outright banning guns, which is honestly something I can get behind

  18. After 9/11 they breached our privacy as free people for the “price” of safety…take care of your own family and those you love stop relying on governments who let you die over and over again.

  19. lol if this is serious it’s one of the worst takes I’ve ever seen. Imagine thinking 9/11 was the planes’ fault. Very different than blaming guns for shootings ffs.

  20. You don't blame guns for shootings, you blame the people who have the guns. for school shootings you blame the adult that didn't secure their gun.

  21. The school was secured and locked but for some unknown reason the Teacher left the door open. So in walked lowlife and did the unthinkable. Security systems only work when you utilize them correctly

  22. VERY different. Banning planes would extremely limit tourism and some trade. Limiting gun use and introducing the need for a license before being able to own a gun would not be that bad for anybody. Even for people who want guns

  23. schools do need to be more secure, it should be very difficult for someone to get into a school, they should require an ID, a reason to go in, approval from the office administration, my highschool requires all of these plus having police on the campus, whenever there us a gun threat, we immediately go into lockdown and the problem is usually resolved quickly.

  24. There's really a problem with the idea of securing the place we send our most vulnerable, and it's from the same people who think that's already been done, with signs that say "Gun Free Zone", or as shooters like to read them, "Please kill some kids, we can't stop you."

  25. How many 9/11's do you think it'd take before they started to think "hey, maybe pilots should have a license to fly these things??"

  26. After 9-11 the Islamaphobia and racism, and biased regulations against Muslims skyrocketed because the terrorists were apparently, "Muslim" and foreign.

  27. You should have to graduate from school, before you can make stupid comments about schools. Did she even make to high school?

  28. Banks have armed guards standing by, even a few grocery stores in my city have armed guards (I live in a rough city). Why not have armed guards for schools?

  29. There was an armed guard at the Buffalo shooting but the shooter was wearing body armor. Armed guard died trying to take shooter out.

  30. This comment is from Bang Band Boebert….her response to the Uvalde shootings. There’s a reason it took her several attempts to get a GED.

  31. They're right, we didn't ban planes, we banned weapons that might be used to hijack said planes and use them as weapons of mass destruction.

  32. The analogy here doesnt even make any sense, no matter how i twist it. It would make sense if ppl were trying to ban schools to prevent school shootings.

  33. Oh you mean the airline industry made it more difficult for random POS to access the controls? So why again does the NRA insist on making it easier for POS to have access to high capacity weapons, even fighting to make sure people who collect federal welfare dollars for mental illness still have the Right to own weapons? And had all the right wing GOP vote against something so basic when Obama tried to pass this piece of COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL?

  34. So what is he suggesting, we hire a school version of TSA and everyone has to wait in line to get in to schools, walk through a scanner and be patted down ? Yeah great solution.

  35. After the Dunblane massacre my country placed severe restrictions on firearms. To my knowledge we have not had a single school shooting since.

  36. Unfortunately co pilots can still be locked out of the cockpit so the other suicidal pilot can end the lives of everyone on board.

  37. Its like this, we've tried no guns allowed in school, that isn't working. Why not at least try letting the staff defend themselves?

  38. Schools are supposed to have a guard that patrols the front and vicinity, the school didn't have one for some reason.

  39. Can someone tell me why arming teachers is a bad idea? I’m genuinely curious. I’m not a right wing troll. I actually want to know why that’s some kind of problematic solution.

  40. Imagine that tiny young new teacher you had. The one that's about 5ft and 95lb. Now imagine her having a gun. Now imagine a disgruntled 17 year old student who could be 6ft tall and twice her weight.

  41. You have to get a TSA clearance as a foreigner to flight train including a background check and running fingerprints. Imagine having to do anything to get a gun or if gun owners actually locked up their guns instead of leaving their “cockpit” doors wide open.

  42. After 9/11, "we" banned box cutters, knives, nail clippers, large bottles of water, and toothpaste for carry on. After 9/11, The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and TSA eroded away lots of rights.

  43. Once again, proof that conservatives either don't know or don't care how analogies work. Here, plans would be analogous to schools. So you're right. We didn't ban planes. So let's not ban schools.

  44. In response to 9/11, the TSA was founded and security was greatly tightened on the passengers trying to board the plane. It was founded to prevent similar attacks from happening.

  45. You know what we need? More guns to fix the gun problem. Yup- that should solve that problem nicely. I couldn’t imagine anything that could possibly go wrong.

  46. Actually, if i remember correctly i was only 8 a the time, they stopped all flights for a couple weeks until they could figure out what to do to prevent it from happening again. And than started putting in the airport security and TSA we know today

  47. Conservative gymnastics at its finest. "But what will happen to those poor weapons manufacturers if guns become hard to buy for idiots and radicalized teenagers and if state money isn't spent to arm cops to the teeth, my god!"

  48. We also instituted a whole bunch of security at airports, checked people’s background and identity before we let them on planes, and established lists of people who weren’t allowed to fly.

  49. We didn’t ban planes, but we did ban everything that could even potentially become a weapon in planes and airports. Whoever made this seriously never looked at how different getting through airport security was pre-9/11 compared to how it is now.

  50. Clearly the only place mass shootings take place is schools...this is genius...nobody Google Buffalo NY

  51. Notice how only a small percentage of Americans have access to a plane and know how to fly one unlike guns where any old idiot can walk into their local Walmart and buy a gun

  52. Have these people been inside schools recently? Locked door protocols are in place, majority have armed officers on site at all times, many have metal detectors at entrances/exits

  53. Um... But we banned people of the same skin color as the people with the bombs and everyone had to remove their shoes.... This argument doesn't add up.

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