1. Although I don't think I'm a conservative myself, I think I've been around them enough to understand their language. I'm pretty sure most of them believe that "the Left" are going to be the ones to attack them first. Make of that what you will.

  2. I wouldn't say it's drooling over killing other Americans. It's more just saying that the left doesn't know shit about guns.

  3. Most rednecks would last five seconds in an inner city. What kind of places would they control? Bumpkinsville, Arkansas?

  4. I can go ahead and tell ya now that rednecks prefer the countryside. Intercity is fine to visit every so often, but we don't wanna live there.

  5. Since when will a republican let a women have this much firepower in a civil war. They would probably take her guns away, give it to other men to let “the big boys” handle the situation. Who do they think they are? The USSR?

  6. I saw some prepper show at some point where they covered this a little. One of the families was a very stereotypical religious conservative nutjob family and basically if I remember correctly the man was in charge and would secure the perimeter but the woman was expected to be able to hold her own with an AR at a choke point inside the house.

  7. Why are they so obsessed with civil war? I'm Canadian, and I don't understand why they want their country to descend into war. Is this a normal mentality among people in other countries?

  8. They've been predicting/threatening it since Obama announced he was running for the 2008 election. Just at the prospect of his being nominated.

  9. Because right-wing propaganda has so demonized liberals and Democrats that many right-wingers fantasize about killing them, and think a civil war would be a good opportunity to do that with impunity. It really is that simple.

  10. This is the result of political parties, political pundits, and social media influencers turning every political issue into an "us vs them" situation. Combine that with a culture that glorifies owning and using guns, and boom.

  11. Have you never talked to people from Alberta? You're 5 minutes to midnight of having the Canadian version of Sinn Féin giving North America a much more destructive version of The Troubles. Canada is just as much on the brink of domestic armed conflict as the United States is. A significant minority of your rural population has been stockpiling illegal arms from the United States for several decades now (as well as internally stealing them "going missing" from your military/self manufacturing them) . They're just way less on the nose about it compared to their U.S. counter parts since...well...they're still Canadian.

  12. Honestly I think most of the ones with this fantasy have to believe their special for all their mocking of my generation for "participation" ribbons and trophies they're the ones that are eager to feel special and this makes them feel like they're important freedom fighters it's only after they were living in the version of 1984 they created that they'd wake up and go wait "Didn't we win?"

  13. It's because these guys get off on the fantasy that they're being persecuted and will successfully alpha male their way to victory. It's fucking pathetic.

  14. Because they know that their policies are too unpopular for sustained Democratic action, and therefore their only options to enforce their beliefs into law are to legally cheat or direct action via violence.

  15. They don’t like democracy. They’ll claim they’re trying to protect it, but they’re drooling over its end because they want to kill the undesirables and usher in an autocracy. They’re doing everything they can to expedite the process.

  16. Giving power over to anyone but a white protestant man is (in their view) the demise of society. The believe that calls for civil war.

  17. As a non-American I see this as the Democrat going out to party because they won and the Republican getting their guns because they can't accept the fact they have lost.

  18. It honestly goes both ways. It'll be the same next year if the republican wins it'll be the same shitty memes but from the radical left. (These memes not by either its just a shitpost)

  19. The republican fantasy army wants nothing more than to kill ordinary citizens just because they voted for a guy that didn't make a phoney college to defraud people.

  20. I dunno, I'm way more comfortable with a guy asking me what undergarments he should wear than someone telling me how they are going to customize their long range, higher fire rate killing device.

  21. It's not a "high rate" killing device. It's one trigger pull, one bullet. Like everything other than a bolt action, handguns included.

  22. Laugh all you want, person who made that "joke", but all it tells the world about you is that you prefer a world in which people murder each other to a world in which people dress sillily.

  23. Jeffery Star was actually who I thought of when I saw the post. Extremely flamboyant, and owns some absolutely amazing firearms, which are equally flamboyant.

  24. They live in such a gun fantasy. Your expensive gear won't save you when the bullets start flying. They seriously believe they're superheroes or some shit. The first time they hear the snap of a bullet passing by their head they're gonna piss their pants.

  25. Lmao no chill at all. But let's face it. This is coming from guys who's beer gut took away their ability to see their dick since the Nixon administration. In combat a lot of these buffoons wouldn't last long. After all it is more progressive liberal people who are more open to healthier diets and lifestyles. Sure they don't use guns as much but as someone who isn't a big gun person.. they aren't hard to use if you have basic common sense. The red meat, beer consuming gelatinous masses would be like hitting a barn.

  26. 24,000 trained California national guard troops with guns vs a bunch of confederate flag waving rednecks with bows and arrows plus a hunting rifle…….I’m sure those redneck republicans are really gonna hand them a Jesus approved beat down…….oh wait those rednecks are dead already?…….. who would’ve thought otherwise?

  27. keep in mind that most of the people posting this shit are overweight, unathletic Americans who do nothing with their lives apart from complaining

  28. Love how the people who make these memes think democrats and republicans are vastly different - even so far as thinking democrats are far left when they’re most likely only very slightly centre-left 😂

  29. Given most of these memes portray women as incompetent and unable to comprehend firearms (Or really anything that isn’t makeup or saying “OMG” before every sentence), this is a nice change of pace at least

  30. Oh wow, is the civil war starting after the mid-terms now? I thought it wasn't until after the 2024 elections (were stolen). I guess 'they' decided to move it up!

  31. This sports-team syle political diversity is ignorant and toxic as shit. Its only guarantee is to always leave one side feeling marginalized. The fools who harang about this us vs them nonsense and allude to war forget that the defining lines between them have become too nuanced and would only lead to the destruction of those in the middle. I wish they'd just wear colored armbands and go have their bullshit little culture war on an island somewhere else. Preferably with one big hill we can call Shit Mountain that they can all constantly fight for control over.

  32. There are night vision and thermal scopes on the market to attached on a rifle. But, a good one on average goes for at least 2000k and change. They are not cheap.

  33. If we're doing stereotypes then most of the gop would be stopped by anything their hoverrounds couldn't get over.

  34. Allowed? It's not "allowed", it's a right. And yes, you can get whatever you want, as long as its not a full-auto (if you want that, its going to be about 2 years, 10k+, and interviews from multiple agencies and extensive background checks).

  35. God these are getting tedious. We get it. There are some really sexually confused and screwed up conservatives out there. You don't have to keep reminding us hourly.

  36. Implying that there will be a civil war in a meme is the most toxic shit I’ve ever seen. It looks like it’s generated from a corrupt meme farm.

  37. Ah yes 'civil war' totally not conservative getting ready to intimidate with guns or mass murder people who just want to exist and go about their life..

  38. Nah the one on the left should look like an everyday person while the one on the right should be pale, obese, bearded, smokes weed, and has a low quality shotgun obtained from the local black market seller "it should have 8 rounds but I only got 3 left since i wasted my ammo on Friday nights and I used my money on cheetos...."

  39. If you gonna make a shitty meme to make your side seem better at least use the correct terminology. Either night vision, or thermal. Plus you must be rich af to just casually ask for a night vision scope, unless it’s complete shit.

  40. Fake as fuck meant to piss off people, namely democrats. The rifle already has a 30 rd mag and I've never heard anyone who knows a thing about weapons utter the words "night scope" let alone "needs a nightscope"... And I've worked in an armory for 4 years...

  41. A civil war would be a rebellion vs the United States Army, not against the citizens of the country who aren’t enlisted. This is fairly obvious

  42. It wouldnt, the military has an oath to the Constitution, not the government. It would split when given unlawful orders.

  43. Republicans don't see Democrats as Americans... on the other hand Democrats give way too much leeway to Republicans. The Democrats really need stronger leadership, if they want war, give it to them.

  44. Fun fact: the Democrat is on the right. Women are more likely to vote Dem while a surprisingly large number of far right doods are femboys

  45. They're in for a big, potentially fatal surprise if they think transgender folks don't know how to use a gun.

  46. Probably the republicans don’t have to worry so much. Not with all the intercity shooting, your pro abortion stance and now the trans movement all they have to do is wait . Leftist numbers are dropping well below conservatives and are actually being bred out.

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