Active shooter reported at Uvalde elementary school, district says

  1. For anyone who points to this and says it’s mental health issue and not a gun issue…I say fine. You’re right. I’m a fucking teacher in Texas. We have 2,000 students and ONE crisis counselor. ONE. And we have a community of students who are raised in single parent homes, have family members in prison, experience drug addiction in their homes, witness friends and family be victims of violence. They desperately need access to regular counseling, and it needs to be available during the school day because we have zero control over their access to it after school.

  2. These young children were prepping for summer to start in a few days just for their lives to be taken on a random Tuesday. 😭

  3. Trying to picture myself in this situation when I was 8-10 years old. This is legitimately one of the most fucked up things to think about.

  4. It used to be that we wanted kids in school, because they’re safer there than having nothing to do and getting in trouble. Nope, they’re safer out of school.

  5. I pray they they are all safe. I’m so sorry. This scars everyone and it will never heal. Take care of yourself and your friends. I’m so sorry.

  6. This is truly fvcked up, I read the news earlier today and it said only 2 persons were killed while 11 injured and the suspect was in custody. What the heck happened since then??

  7. Mass shooting are chaotic and getting a good sense of the numbers of dead and wounded take time. Especially as people are rushed to hospital in critical condition.

  8. The fact that abbott confirmed in his press release that the suspect is an american citizen is really telling as far as the first items they decided to investigate.

  9. Does anyone know why 90% of the new posts in this thread are hidden? It's making this thread real hard to follow.

  10. I’m speechless. I work in education technology and have been to every school in Uvalde ISD and every other district along Highway 90 out that way.

  11. I'm really sorry. I can't even begin to imagine what you're feeling right now. I hope you're okay, and if you're not, that you can get the support you need.

  12. There’s demons and dickheads in every population, it’s unfortunately human nature. What is preventable is giving them access to guns, and we know who’s to blame for that.

  13. ABC News in Houston is saying they are getting reports it could be much higher. I'm hoping that's just sensationalism.

  14. I live in Sandy Hook and know how this really hits a community. This is unspeakable. I truly hope these folks can find peace. I just heard they’re 10 year olds. My goodness.

  15. This was days before NRA conference, I’m expecting this to become the next sandy hook “fake news” shooting with crisis actors

  16. Ok, 14 students and one teacher dead. So here's how it's gonna go down: thoughts and prayers, national tragedy, our hearts go out to the victims and their families, it's too early to politicize this, let's not use these innocent victims for some governmental over reach, how dare Biden and the democrats try to trample on the 2nd amendment rights, we're not going to do anything, next shooting happens and then repeat because who cares if children die since they're not fetuses.

  17. Jesus, 14 children dead and their teacher, as well as many others in the hospital as per local news. I could cry.

  18. I came here and posted about fire ant allergies and after I posted I saw this and legitimately had to swallow back tears. I picked my 8yr old up from her elementary school earlier. ANY random town or school or venue can be shot up with sooooo many deaths now and you never know when your kids school might be next. My heart hurts for those children, their parents and the teacher. The entire town. This Country, in general.

  19. The NRA is scheduled to have their annual convention here in Houston this weekend. Despite this tragedy occurring here in Texas, I doubt they'll cancel.

  20. Why would they? They can use this to inflame tensions and get lots of people out there stocking up on ammo and guns because ~liberals~ (jingles keys as a distraction.)

  21. I’m in San Antonio. My daughter came home from high school saying one of her teachers hopes this will be the reason they’ll allow all teachers to carry guns.

  22. Texas Republicans have given the United States the answer to this problem: every state in the Union needs to pass an SB8 bill only instead of abortion it needs to be changed to something like: anyone that sells or helps a person acquire a firearm that is used in a deadly incident can be sued by anyone in that state for a minimum of 10k.

  23. The main issue going forward from the Right will be a focus on the shooter being Latino and then use it as an opportunity to criticize Democrats border policy. This is nothing more than leverage to them.

  24. They care more about banning what they deem to be "dangerous" books for children than they care for children being murdered or dying from poverty.

  25. Anyone want to guess how many school shootings have happened already this year? I'll give you a hint, it's way more than has ever happened in the rest of the world combined - and the years not half way over. Hell, this is the third this month!

  26. Funny how their God demands action for issues like abortion, but they can only pray when faced with mass murder of children.

  27. When is enough enough? This shit is never going to end. Fuck your thoughts and prayers bullshit. Whoever says” thoughts and prayers” is part if the problem.

  28. This just hit my news this morning in my country. My condolences to anyone who's lost a loved one. Fingers crossed for full recoveries, to the rest who are in hospital!

  29. How does this happen??? How does anyone willingly murder little kids?!? Leave the method aside for a moment. What the hell is wrong with these people that they can do this?

  30. I really don't know. All these people saying "he had mental health problems" and leaving it at that piss me off. I have mental health problems, I've even had homicidal thoughts once or twice. Never, have I ever thought, "gee, I'm so unhappy with my life, time to really ruin it by committing premeditated mass murder at an elementary school".

  31. From the sounds of it, the shooter was dealing with some mental health issues. Yet another example of what happens when help isn’t easily accessible.

  32. I always said I was numb to the shootings because of how often they have happened. Yet here I am crying because now it's 18 kids that are dead. And what's so depressing is that I don't expect anything to be done. I expect people who live on the internet to claim this was fake and everyone is an actor. I expect to hear, "don't make this political just thoughts and prayers." I'm so heart broken to think their deaths will be in vain and we're just going to move on from this like we've done in past shootings. I'm just in tears and I'm hurting for these families. It's not fucking fair or right.

  33. Pshhh... Plenty will be done. Abbott will make it easier for psychos to get guns claiming if we just had more of them this wouldn't happen.

  34. To the Texans in this thread, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I live hundreds of miles away but this still fucking hurts. I hope you're okay.

  35. I moved away from Texas about a year ago, after being there a few years for work. I still have friends there and emotional investment in wanting Texas to be better.

  36. Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn, and Crenshaw are/were scheduled to hype guns at the convention on Friday. Cornyn has now canceled.

  37. Please explain to me as an European in Texas, how is this possible? How is it we have laws that forbid sale of beer to people below 21 but an 18 year old can get guns without an issue? You can not open carry a can of beer but can open carry a gun?

  38. A "pro-life" country where NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON is safe and yet abortions are prohibited cause apparently that is immoral. Right??! Literal terrorists roaming around in the country killing innocents EVERY FUCKING WEEK is apparently okay.

  39. As someone from Buffalo who has just had this happen in our community. I am so sorry...I wish everyone would do more to prevent this.

  40. Things that didn't stop this mass shooting: school resource officer, good guy with gun, teacher with gun, thoughts and prayers, open carry laws. Did I miss anything?

  41. How many of you brave gun fetish Texans are going to volunteer to clean up the brain splattered crayon drawings on the wall? Or comfort the mother of the 8 year old that was screaming mommy as she choked on her own blood? Come on, man up. Mop up the gallons of kiddy blood in that school. It’s the price you pay for your rights. Easy to be a macho man with BBs if you don’t have to see the destruction your fetish causes.

  42. Fuck. I have previously commented a guide for teen/adult shooting victims, and I've tried to tweak it to address carers for child victims (e.g., parents who lost a child or who are caring for a child who was present). If you're an adult who was present or otherwise develops PTSD as a result of today, you can read a past version

  43. This is really good advice. It’s also really sad you have this at your fingertips to share every time there’s a shooting. I hope you’re doing alright.

  44. Such a good, thorough, compassionate guide. Tragic that you've experienced this and had to post this advice more than once.

  45. I sure hope that he cancels his speech out of respect to the victims and their families…but something tells me in our political climate, he might go forward with it.

  46. You can't talk about gun control in this country because there's a mass shooting every week and republicans will always say, "It's too soon" And then the next one happens 48 hours later. I hate how desensitized we are to this and I can't help but to think it's part of the republican plan.

  47. When will Americans learn? When a celebrity's kid gets gunned down? The statistic for school shooting must be disgusting. Thank god I was born in a first world country that acts like it.

  48. Where is that guy that screamed "fake news" or "crisis actors" when you need him? We need someone to denounce that Texas even exist in these hard times.

  49. There are some teenagers on instagram with the #freesalv supporting the shooter...what the fuck is wrong with people...

  50. I've already had a discussion where "you fucking democrats can't wait until the bodies are cold before making a tragedy like this political" and "this is the future that waits for Texas if it ever goes blue. You ain't taking my guns. I need them to protect my family" all where said within 5 minutes of each other

  51. I’m sick of Americans saying they’re the greatest country in the world. You cannot be the greatest country in the world when you place so little value on your children

  52. I don’t have a solution but why can’t we do something. Whether it’s a Republican or Democrats this continues to happen. As a Texan I’m sad. This needs to stop n

  53. I can already imagine that Abbott is going to blame everything but his policies for this when he speaks at the NRA rally in Houston

  54. Congress passed a 10 year ban of assault weapons in 1994. It seems impossible now to think of that getting passed

  55. I have so much to say but nothing that has not been said before, so what's the point? RIP to all those killed today for absolutely no fucking reason. This is a sickness that needs people power to end it.

  56. Fuck mass shooters you fucking incels can go to hell. I’m glad that the one who did it is fucking dead. I’m tired of this shit happening in the country it needs to stop this disease that’s been plaguing our society for years enough is enough.

  57. Why the fuck isn’t this all over the front page of Reddit? Are we really this desensitized to children being KILLED in their classrooms?

  58. Sandy Hook happened almost a decade ago and we have shitwads claiming it was a staged hoax walking freely without repercussions.

  59. So when’s the time to start talking about restricting gun ownership, for people who can’t be trusted with one? Can we not follow the Swiss who allow guns only for those trained to use one or at the very least those who can pass basic background and mental health check?

  60. I am old enough to remember the days when Texans bragged that there won't be any mass shooting in Texas because everybody carries. Good old days!

  61. My son is supposed to be starting kindergarten next year, and this makes me strongly consider homeschooling. These shootings are becoming way too common for me to feel comfortable sending my child to school.

  62. Mental Illness, another issue that's just used as a scapegoat but not really cared about by the GOP.

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