Yep. The dentist would totally shut down his entire business for 2 hours while he watched a movie

  1. For me what makes this stort hard to believe is nobody clapped and cheered at the end. Also, nobody was hired/fired in the spot. Very hard to believe for those reasons.

  2. Depends on the practice. My excellent, former dentist wore expensive business casual under the white coat, while my current,also excellent, dentist wears scrubs under the white coat.

  3. I once waited in the ER and nobody was called while Idiocracy was on because all the doctors were watching it. Once the movie was over, they called my name but I was already dead.

  4. If it’s my first time going to the dentist, and I have to wait more than a half an hour, I’m dipping out. If it’s my second time, I’m probably going to remember my dentist from the first time, what a stupid story.

  5. About three years ago, I was waiting in my hospital bed to be taken down for surgery to repair a herniated disc. My anesthesiologist came in my room to ask questions about previous surgeries. Well, guess what? It just so happened that I was watching Avatar on TV and the anesthesiologist got so engrossed watching the movie, that we had to reschedule the surgery. Boy we had such a laugh about that! Later, my orthopedic surgeon was so embarrassed at the anesthesiologist’s behavior, that he decided to comp the surgery re-scheduled for the next day. 😂😂

  6. I unfortunately am inclined to believe this BS. My wife has worked in the dental field for over a decade and has seen some pretty wild shit first hand.

  7. My Podiatrist would not schedule appointments during Ellen, and if you came in you would find her in the waiting room watching Ellen. She has a “YUGE” crush on her

  8. This makes sense in a universe where the mom is married to the dentist and they have an at home practice

  9. In the majority of places, it's never the dentist that calls you back. The actual dentist only does work after prep has been done or checks for cavities and other issues then quickly dips out.

  10. Bruh doctors are busy AF. I talked to one and asked if he could attend an hour and a half longeeting to open 4 business accounts. He said he couldn't since he pretty much would be losing $1000/hr by not working. When you own your practice you're always busy because everyone wants YOU.

  11. If you think this could never happen then you’ve never actually known a doctor in your life. There are absolutely dentists out there who would do this. Source: family full of physicians so I’ve met plethora of medical professionals throughout my life.

  12. Yes normal people definitely thing whilst on their job, "let me stop what I'm doing to watch a movie and also during that time, pausing my pay especially as a medical professional as we get paid by how many patients we see, and have no one complain about the wait times"

  13. Idk dentist folk are on a different level. Like we have nurses and teachers. They like to party. But then we have dentists and they are kinda goofy party people

  14. Plot twist: The guy in the waiting room was just a patient impersonating the dentist. During his appointment he'd turned the laughing gas onto the dentist and staff, who were now lying unconscious in the closet.

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