SPOILER Daily Discussion Thread July 05, 2022

  1. The new trailer's subtitles confirm that Gabby says "after overnights, you change your mind". I am more and more inclined to believe the other day's spoiler. Jason must leave after overnights, which definitely sucks for her.

  2. Rachel just followed Ben Higgins (Almost Famous podcast) and Francesca Mariano (Chicks In The Office podcast). Ben just followed both Rachel and Gabby. Here’s to hoping that we’ll get to hear about their press tour soon.

  3. Ben and Ashley have been doing this 12 days of bachelorette thing…it’s been boring so far but there’s no way they don’t have a gabby and rachel interview somewhere in there

  4. I’m wondering if in promos if they will use dialogue from Clayton’s season to try to throw us off. Previously they’ve used sound of someone else crying in promos. Rachel saying “After overnights you change your mind” could have definitely been said last season.

  5. Me checking the ig comments on the new promo and seeing the most popular comment being “who hurt gabby” … prayers to whoever the “he never loved me” was about… gonna be a rough season for ya bud

  6. So the voiceover of Rachel (at least according to the captions) on the promo is her saying “after overnights, you change your mind?” Interesting.

  7. If it’s Rachel I still think it’s about Aven, but is it still possible she could be saying that in a convo about someone changing their mind on Gabby and not her? Like you’re so shocked you kind of repeat what your friend says.

  8. I believe Gabby is going to troll us with possible SHVs /locations alll season. Even with the picture that was just posted of her on here has me wondering if that’s the Susie/Clayton house

  9. Same 💀 however her tag today did make me think she’s definitely with someone because who wants to troll like that if you’re single and not with anyone? Lol

  10. They actually came back yesterday and doubled down. I don't understand their motive if they're lying. Imma need RS to address this.

  11. They commented on the gabby shv thread saying it wasn’t a shv…given their comment history of trolling/being rude about other contestants me thinks this was their way of low key trying to start a gabby doesn’t get her happy ending narrative in the sub.

  12. It looks like Spencer is a part of that group on the cruise ship. Do we know anything about when Spencer was back home?

  13. According to Bach/ette forums he had activity on 4/26. So he made it decently far but def not hometowns or anything

  14. No they just finally posted the one we got a few days ago (the one with James turning down Rachel’s rose and gabby crying)

  15. I noticed Greg followed Sarah (from Clayton’s season) after hanging out with Andrew, Justin, and Tre all weekend. do we think Andrew could’ve left paradise with Sarah? 🤔

  16. Y’all, this Sub as a collective has been in its petty, whiny, agitated over anything, unhappy over everything era for a bit of time now and it only seems to be getting worse over the last couple of months.

  17. I try to engage sometimes to have fun/try to expand my horizons or whatever, but main sub has been MEAN lately, has it always been like this?

  18. who is the guy that says “shall we make a wish” in the promo? i am bad at matching faces w names lol edit: thank you guys! he’s such a cutie (my reddit isn’t loading the comments who replied to this but i see it in my notifs so ty!)

  19. Super random thought but how do we think the finale will be done? Could they possibly give each girl a night? Just thinking that it may be kinda chaotic to have both girls there, each talking to their F2 and getting each ones reactions to everything then showing both with their F1s in one night.

  20. Jessenia's story is interesting - someone asked if she was in a relationship and she basically said that she hasn't posted relationships in the past because she wasn't totally sure they were stable enough, but we would know when she got to that point with someone. She also said she's at a point in her life where she'd be willing to move somewhere for a significant other. Do we think there's any chance she and Andrew left the beach dating?

  21. It’s funny because a lot people (well maybe it was just her fans and people who were in denial) who said Katie and Blake were perfect for each other because they both liked sex and had raunchy personality…yeah. And whenever people pointed out that that was surface level similarity and that we didnt see a deep connection, all hell would break out.

  22. I think it all comes down to compatibility. Katie and Blake were never all that compatible. Gabby and Erich seem very compatible on the surface, but we’ll have to see if that is fully true as we get to know Erich more. I also think if something happens with her f2 guy, him being a confident guy will be to their benefit. My main hope is that IF that situation happens is that they still show a lot of her relationship with Erich so they even if she’s heartbroken over another guy that it’s still understandable to the audience why her f1 is good for her and will support that rather than bombarding her with “you settled” bs.

  23. At this point, I’m convinced that exec producers are trying to tank the ratings so they can just make the switch to streaming on Hulu and getting away from network tv and the limitations that come with it. There’s no good reason for such a lack of promo less than a week out. If you didn’t follow the show/Rachel/Gabby on social media or watch sports on ABC or see the tent at CMA Fest, you’d have no idea the season starts next week. I know Rachel and Gabby are on GMA on Thursday, but why no Kimmel this week? Why haven’t they done any podcast interviews? Why no interviews yet with E!/ET/UsWeekly/etc? It’s already hard enough to get people to watch non-sports programming during July/August, and this franchise is doing itself no favors.

  24. They seem to put less and less effort into the show each season. It’s like a gun is being put to their heads. At the end of the day, if they aren’t going to producer and interesting and compelling show that actually leads to some semblance of success (seems like they gave up on that years ago), at least do a good job promoting it. But even then…nothing.

  25. The thing is producers just make the show, ABC buys it. I don’t know the TV business but I would think that it’s ABC that needs to promote it so that they generate the most ad revenue. It would make sense for there to be a clause in the agreement between ABC and the production company that requires the production company to create a certain number of ads/promos/previews so that ABC can air them during the season.

  26. Posted this in the SHV thread, but thought I’d bring it over here. Here’s a comparison between the 7th slide from Gabby’s IG post and a photo from the one the Airbnb listings:

  27. Thanks! I felt like it was an SHV cause it didn’t look like her room in Nashville. Unless Gabby books airbnb for herself whenever she’s visiting friends in LA but I highly doubt that

  28. One nice thing about the potential couples this season is that it doesn’t seem living location will be as much of an issue as it was for the last two bachelorettes.

  29. This is very true! Only ? would be Zach if he was f1 ik he has family in LA but he lives in Austin and no idea how invested he is in staying there. Erich, Jason and Tino are all in CA and rachel was gonna move there before the show and gabby is there half the time anyways so I could easily see her moving back there.

  30. If they would just leak something or put out a promo it would go a long way in calming tensions. This sub lately feels like a tinderbox of stan wars ready to blow.

  31. People just seem irritable. I was even just reading that gabby stoner queen post which was clearly a lighthearted/fun post and some people responding complaining about deeming her the queen… like pls take a hit yourself and chill yall 😅

  32. Tbf, a promo would probably bring out some gabby vs rachel stan wars too … this sub isn’t too bad with it but I still see some random passive aggressive comments from both sides. But in general yeah I think people are bored and just need new content to talk about lol

  33. I think he’s at least F2, so in that case he’ll definitely be there. But if by some chance he’s F3, I still think they’d have him there if he’s the one who hurt gabby. They’re definitely gonna want to play up whatever the drama is. But if he was F3 they may do it the first night vs the 2nd night

  34. Dumb q bc I just posted that SHV post while bored at work and now my mind is wandering… if a lead leaves single or breaks up with F1 before airing, do you think they’d ever have them do a SHV by themselves or log off for a few days at a time to throw people off

  35. No, like HB didn’t do any after her and Jed broke up. They don’t care that much and it’s a small fraction of the viewer that even know about SHVs

  36. I don’t think they have them do SHV by themselves. But moving forward, maybe they should discourage hook-ups with other BN people while their season is airing, a la PP and HB. 😂 PP didn’t look like he had SHVs by himself, since he was busy hooking up with HB and randomly bumping into Kelley then. 😂

  37. Lol people really don’t fuck with this couple because that post has been up 2 hours, only has 7k likes and this is the first comment I’ve seen about it 😂 but I guess they could have gotten engaged in their BIP appearance. I could see tptb wanting to end the mess that was Clayton’s season by having all of his f4 engaged

  38. Looking at her other posts, it seems like she a has a ring that she usually wears on her right hand. Is it the same one maybe and the image is just flipped for some reason to make it look like it's on her left?

  39. Am I the only person, who doesn’t get invested in who is f1 until the show starts? When the cast came out Erich, aven, and Jason stood out, but I don’t know how they will be with Rachel and gabby.

  40. I thought we were all just joking around and until I saw people were shipping men we’ve barely heard speak with Gabby and Rachel based on “compatibility”, aka vibes and outdated photos

  41. I don’t even watch until Hometowns. Then I will go backwards and watch the dates. I hate the kindergarten drama so I skip all that.

  42. I have not bothered finding out who any of these men are. I see the names on here and have quickly looked at IGs but I haven’t followed because know I won’t remember anything about them until the show starts.

  43. Kinda cautious to want any of Rachel’s men to be the bachelor, I think most will probably end up kinda boring because that’s just her personality. Gabby, adversely, I think may go for guys will more fun personalities that I’d be interested in seeing in that role. Although obviously whatever guy hurt her will be out of the mix. I don’t see that guy being well received. And Johnny will obviously be out.

  44. Have we seen the previous bachelor men? They don’t scream exciting, fun personality. They will pick the bachelor lead who they can manipulate best or who will do what they ask. That’s the formula they’ve gone with. I don’t think if they are part of Rachel or gabby’s group plays a part in this.

  45. *Rachel's televised personality was boring/*didn't really exist outside of the context of Clayton. Adversely, Gabby's televised personality was goofy and fun

  46. Lol no disrespect with this but I think it needs to be stated. Gabby did fall in love Clayton just like Rachel so let’s not act like her guys aren’t capable of being bland as well

  47. Doesn’t Matter they will edit out any personality that the male lead has. But I disagree that Rachel’s guys will be boring. Both seem to have some interesting guys

  48. What’s wrong with hanging out with the guys from his season or older seasons? They basically get to know each other or are friends so thats pretty normal. Also its only speculation because of the instagram following from the guys no pics of him so far with them which is weird cause at least someone should tag him, his social media sucks, he barely exists there.

  49. Agreed and it’s funny we have evidence of Erich hanging out with guys from the season and none of Zach but it’s Zach that gets dragged for it

  50. I feel like the spoilers I never want to be right are and I then I spend a season in denial but I really can’t see Zach being F1 and hanging with other guys publicly so soon. And I can’t imagine Rachel would send a photo in a SHV, she seems like the type to be extra careful.

  51. I assume we will get N1 spoilers sometime later this week (aka when RS gets access to the screener 🙄) but i feel like this may be another late season spoiler 😓 which i kinda hate. Especially on Gabbys end. I don’t wanna get invested in whichever guy hurts her.

  52. I liked the “look” between them from the limo exit.. I also like his IG, if spoilers are correct, looks like she might have been temporarily distracted with Jason and sometimes you need that to realize the right one is in front of you ( happens all the time in romcoms) but methink Erich is the one for her.

  53. I just remembered now… if James is a Gabby guy (and not a Rachel guy), it’s interesting that James and Erich were partying together (as seen in Erich’s later deleted IG story 🤣) just a couple of weeks ago lol. But if he’s just F6 or something it’s not that weird. F3 onwards is a little weird to me cause fantasy suites. Or even F4, cause hometowns.

  54. I had the same thought at first, but I would be surprised if he made it past F6 just because I just don’t see him with Gabby. If he didn’t make hometowns and Erich knows Gabby wasn’t super into him I don’t think it’s that weird. If he was F3.. yeah then that’s a bit of an eyebrow raiser

  55. if zach was really with aven this weekend (and i personally think he may have been) then i also think he’s f2. you never see f1 hanging out with other contestants until after the finale.

  56. They definitely have in the past. Arie and Jef hung out a ton after Emily’s season. Chris L and Roberto hung out as well.

  57. Trust me I want Zach to win bad. But I think it’s tino. I fully expect Zach to be the next bachelor, because whichever of jason/Erich doesn’t win is probably going to be villianized so that eliminates them.

  58. No one actually ever saw him there. It’s just people guessing based on circumstantial evidence. It’s definitely interesting either way if he is or isn’t F1

  59. My thoughts as well. I know they’re bros and it has been two months… but F1 and F3 hanging out? Aven is also based in CA, where Tino is based as well. Tbf it might just be a coincidence - Aven partied in Austin with friends then just decided to link up with BN people there as well cause there’s a lot 😂 But still, it’s a point against Zach being F1 to me. Ugh so confusing 😩😩😩

  60. actually i saw zach last weekend at acai bowl place. he was facetiming rachel and they were talking about moving in together 👀

  61. But that was a legit spoiler right lmaooooo at the time I thought it was going to be Madi and Peter at the end then that spoiler came out. I couldn’t believe it 🤣

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