What do you think is Gabby’s ending?

  1. I have a feeling she's with Erich. It's funny because I was team Erich before but after seeing Jason's one on one, I'm in on Jason all the way so I hope I'm wrong. Although I do still like Erich, and if he's F1, it obviously won't bother me as long as Gabby is happy! I see how both could be a good fit for her, I just prefer Jason for Gabby!

  2. Based on recent developments, I kinda hope she's with Jason, but more signs point to Erich so I'm unfortunately thinking she may be with Erich.

  3. I still can’t shake the Memphis lawyer fam friend saying Jason self elim - she was active in Memphis and Judaism subs (which checks out w Jason’s fam being Jewish and from Memphis) and lawyer subs and not Bach, so she doesn’t seem to be a troll.

  4. Clarification: the Memphis lawyer is not a family friend. She’s a redditor who says she’s a friend.. of a friend.. of a cousin.. of Jason. So this would be 3rd or 4th hand info at best. Also Jason is known as a very private reserved guy, why would he share a secret like this to a cousin he can’t trust not to spread it to their friends who post it online? Something about this rumor doesn’t quite add up imo. Not saying anyone’s lying but maybe some important details got lost in a game of telephone?

  5. I think Gabby is with someone but the path to get there will be messy or edited by TPTB to look messy. And I bet Rachel will get the fairytale ending storyline from TPTB.

  6. No clue, I hope it’s Jason. I really want her to find happiness…idk why I’m so invested lol, she just seems like such a decent person, and I want this to work for her.

  7. EXACTLY. I really do want it to work for Gabby. She deserves that level of happiness. Plus I want to see Grandpa John’s glee at welcoming a new guy into the family!

  8. Also, watching their date, I really couldn’t tell if he was being genuine or not. I just get weird vibes from him.

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