SPOILER Daily Discussion Thread September 01, 2022

  1. Probably. I can still see blocked people’s comments though. I don’t know if it’s like that for everyone else or it’s just a glitch on my end but it’s pretty annoying.

  2. To be fair, a producer is not going to click the other option (that it’s Erich/gabby cup) but still funny that they replied. Did they reply to the poll about hoodiegate?

  3. Ok..OK... since this is out, here me out. Erich posted the picture of Grandpa John, Gabby, and himself. He posted the lyrics "were the three best friends that anyone could have, were the three best friends that anyone could have..." then out "link in bio". The following verse is "and we'll never ever ever ever ever ever leave each other". If you know this movie clip, it starts with "we are baaack, we are baaaack, we are sooo back" which he quoted in his caption "we are so back". The movie is about 3 friends going to Vegas for one of their bachelor party's, the groom gets drunk and lost and they find him to bring him back in time to get married where one guy in the front is talking about getting him back to his lovely bride. In the movie their is a picture of the 3 of them in a car which they re created in the 2nd slide. The 1st slide is Erich looking pensive. Then the 3rd slide is his engagement cup.

  4. I thought I accidentally downloaded the Wattpad app reading this 😭😆 But this is a nice, very thorough decoding of Erich’s posts.

  5. Gabby was probably there. Unsanctioned is pretty common. Colton stayed at Cassies house for a month and they even rode bikes in public, Arie and Becca went quading with his friend group, ect. and it's very apparent all his friends know.

  6. Maybe some of y'all haven't noticed, but most of posters that don't agree with every word you all say in here have abandoned the thread. You have made it into a circle jerk. Because 2 or 3 outliers post a gif literally 100 comments down doesn't mean you haven't forcefully shoved the rest out of this thread because we're tired of being bombarded.

  7. I’m honestly very sorry you feel this way. I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t think it was intentional that people pushed some of you out of this thread. I think now that there’s more solid evidence that Erich is F1, the conversation on here has shifted more to that instead of Jabby but I don’t think it was meant to silence some of you by any means.

  8. It’s not a coincidence that Erich is drinking out of a cup with an engagement ring right after getting engaged. I’m thinking his friends gave him the cup as a gag gift knowing he just got engaged.

  9. Engagementcupgate: where Erich has no choice but to drink from (and post about) an engagement cup as there are no other clean glasses in his friend’s house.

  10. If you don’t believe that gabby is secretly with Jason RS’ spoiler and other evidence pointing to Erich, you’re probably blocked lol

  11. Wait guys when does the Bachelor actually start filming? I thought I had heard Sept 4, so if that’s the case isn’t it a little late to be finding out the lead?

  12. I don't think he would bring a cup to a friend's. It's not custom. More likely they had it laying around or Gabby was there with them and it was a party celebrating. I don't think it's a coincidence that the cup is turned just right, or that it was posted with that movie quote.

  13. Haven’t checked in here most of the day and I go back to this. 😆 Some people including me have been trying to place that Erich photo in an SHV house, and we found it when his LA friend randomly posted from a pool backyard one weekend.

  14. If Zach and Rachel are done after the FSDs, then why is Rachel the only bachelorette at the F3 rose ceremony(red dress)? Does she think she made a mistake and then invites him back to the F3 RC only to reject him again?

  15. Gabby on clickbait didn’t seem like she likes the guy that Rachel picked when they asked her. I was chatting with my mom today and she said she thought Rachel looked sad/melancholy at the MTA Anyone think that as well? Do we know if Rachel and Tino are together?

  16. Are there any signs showing Rachel and Tino having any SHVs recently? It feels like Gabby and Erich are spending lots time together lately, I wonder if there are some SHVs evidences on Rachel’s side.

  17. Rachel did look kinda sad/uncomfy at MTA and her recent tik toks are kinda giving me revenge hot girl vibes BUT if Gabby got DWTS and Rachel didn’t (there’s still a sliiight possibility she could have as there’s a shorter pro that hasn’t gotten their partner yet but Rachel seems pretty settled in FL right now), I don’t think producers would be THAT much of assholes to both have Gabby have her happy engagement AND give her DWTS and leave Rachel single and just be like “well good luck!” So I tend to think she’s still with Tino.

  18. There was a thread about Rachel’s reactions on MTA and it did appear off, but it seems like both leads are apprehensive about what’s coming up.

  19. Also idk if anyone's mentioned this but Robert Mills confirmed on his radio show that it's a 2 part finale that cuts back and forth from the episode to the studio on both nights (like Hannah's finale), not a Gabby finale one week and a Rachel finale the next like some people were speculating.

  20. At this point Gabby could post a picture on her grid making out with Erich and some people in this thread would claim it doesn’t mean she’s with Erich. At this point it’s just funny to me 😂🙈 but the finale will be here soon enough.

  21. I really don't think Zach self eliminates, just based on what we've gotten from the promos. Even RS doesn't seem that sure about it anymore. Him saying it was the last thing he could've expected and crying during his talk with Jesse points to Rachel breaking it off with him once the cameras were gone in my opinion.

  22. Oooooh if Rachel blindsides Zach once the cameras are gone and leaves the fantasy suite that is a perfect Bachelor set up for him. They always throw the lead under the bus to prop up the next lead so I expect a very very sympathetic edit for him.

  23. I actually think that if she broke up with him while the cameras were gone, that’s nicer. It’s as private as the Bachelor franchise can be.

  24. This is random but I’m thinking about the potential messiness of Rachel’s ending. Does anyone have that comment from the “insider” who knew Zach from work or something and said he proposed?

  25. I saved the comments. It was that Zach's F2 not F3, he proposed and got denied, and he had a blooper moment opening the ring box backwards lol.

  26. Anyone nervous how Tino’s dad’s main character energy might come off at AFTR? I’m hoping everything is already smoothed over between him and Rachel. And he would deliver an apology like Ashley’s sister did to JP at AFTR.

  27. I saw a comment under ZR’s latest TikTok that Erich is drinking from and engagement cup in the last pic he posted on 6.14. Did a quick search and found the cup. It is indeed an engagement cup. Maybe this is old news, lol

  28. Y’all don’t use your friends random cups? I drink from concert cups, beer fest cups, sorority cups. Erich is likely F1 but why in the hell would he care about the cup he drinks from?

  29. Oh my god you’re so right, it’s a woman’s hand with the outside showing, and you wouldn’t show that view unless it’s for a ring. It looks like a cup you’d have at a party but I assume they wouldn’t have a party since no one knows. I wonder if that pic is from SHV and maybe production got them a gift basket or something to celebrate. It also looks like it could be champagne in the cup, and we know gabby loves champagne!! I love sleuthing!!!

  30. so from my understanding, rachel and zach finish their dinner portion and “enter” the FS. instead of doing FS activities, she breaks up with him. after cameras leave. in private.

  31. What the heck. I remember seeing in a recap here that nick V said that Rachel did something that people were gonna be talking about? Or something like that? Didn’t specify. I’m mad that account said they’d post in 30 minutes 1 hour ago. Give me the tea hahaha

  32. yikes whatever it is makes sense as to why she looked nervous after the preview aired monday 😬 and the plot thickens … it’s going to get worse for my girl i fear

  33. I get that Rachel leaving him in the FS would be dramatic. But eh, if she wasn’t feeling it. I’m sure he was blindsided and that sucks for him, but I’m team Rachel on this.

  34. I found it interesting how they mentioned that Gabby and Erich have an aspect of feeling like kindred spirits/have known each other in a past life (from some aspect in their birth charts, don’t want to get the terminology wrong lol). Erich mentioned in his CB interview that when he met Gabby it felt like they had known each other forever/have met before 🥹

  35. I don’t think he should cut it all off, maybe just trim it like it was on the season! It’s gotten pretty long in the back 🤣

  36. ZR just posted a TikTok about it as well. I guess he didn’t read the rest of the comments here. 😂Says Gabby and Eric have been living together in Venice.

  37. I applaud you for posting your sleuthing 👏 I have no idea what the ceilings look like anywhere so it seems like a logical conclusion for you to draw!

  38. I was just thinking about Rachel and Tino’s families and Gabby and Erich’s (or Jason’s if people think he’s F1) families being at ATFR and what a different tone those set. Poor Rachel if they bring Tino’s family to the show. Hopefully they can curb it for live television.

  39. Bet he's doing the haircut and is ready in preparation for taping the finale/ATFR this weekend for September 13 and 20 episodes.

  40. Erich is starting to remind me of my friend who polls our friend group weekly regarding whether she should cut her hair short. Girl, I don’t care!

  41. Is it possible Zach pulls a Luke P? Gets dumped and then shows back up at the rose ceremony? I see no other reason for the preview of Rachel in the red dress unless the producers knew Zach was going to do that.

  42. It's possible that Zach comes back bc a few weeks ago someone claiming to know him came here and said he's F2 not F3 and that his proposal gets denied. Had a detail about the ring box that made it seem at least semi-credible. We don't know if it's true or not...

  43. i’m sure he’s laying low because he did get engaged and doesn’t want a million dms and comments. he does deliver with airport pics, every single time.

  44. I felt for her when I saw her story. She has a friend who died by suicide. I remember her posting resources on said friend’s death anniversary. She and their other friends met up on the anniv.

  45. I forgot to post it but since there s a post about TC I might as well mention it. a couple of weeks ago there was a girl on nicks pod to recap the ette and she is a good friend of paige, tylers ex. she said he broke up with her because he wants to be the babachelor, because there was no other reason why he would do that, paige was literally blindsided-caught off guard. i m not invested in the whole tc for the bachelor thing but i thought you guys might enjoy it. also someone said that maybe tc wants to much money or something and nick basically said that if the producers would really want tc for the bachelor, they would get him

  46. I think she said she think she will be the bachelor, not necessarily that he did that to shoot for it. Nick also called this girl out for being obsessed with Tyler. Lol! She kept going on and on about him even when it didn't make sense. Like totally different subject, insert TC for no reason. Lol

  47. I want a hot mess TC season so I'm for it. But didn't today's post about Paige and the Sofia with an F podcast have Paige saying she dumped him?

  48. Hey i have a question , yesterday someone was saying they got an email for both either going to the 13th or 20th taping so does that mean both those weeks have a live audience

  49. I’ve been super behind on threads here but I was wondering if RS has given any other updates on his “big story”?

  50. The woman who wanted to tell the story has cut contact with him for over 2 weeks now so he will not be releasing the story. He said that he let whoever needs to know what happened behind the scenes know this week but he won’t be speaking on it publicly without the woman’s consent

  51. Just here to celebrate ZR being incorrect. It’s not Colton! He doubled down yesterday despite being told multiple times it was not Colton in that photo

  52. I did. Nothing much really. He’s going to grad school this next semester. Says from what he experienced, Logan had Covid. Said Reddit are super sleuths. He seems like a pretty smart abs articulate guy.

  53. Okay, I'm only a week and a half late to the party (I have to wait for abc to unlock the episodes because I canceled Hulu pre-Clayton's season and no one in my family has a cable log in, tragic)

  54. I lost my father to cancer so it was a hard watch for me, too. I really hope Gabby and Erich go the distance. I know how much it would have meant for my dad to have been able to meet my future spouse before he passed.

  55. Do y'all think Zach gets eliminated at F3 and that's why he talks about being blindsided and "everything changed" and the "full truth" he needs to tell her is that he is in love with her because he never got to tell her that sort of like Ben Smith? Idk but yeah out of all the guys on this season I hope he's the lead like he seems really sweet. Although tbh a Peter K/Tyler C/Sadboi Greg season is what will bring in the views

  56. The last few seasons the show has completely sold their bachelors under the bus and set them up to be hated. You’d kind of have to be crazy to want to be the bachelor. It almost seems smarter to go on BiP

  57. Yeah, I was watching Bach Fantake and it seems like he's talking to Jesse about telling his truth post elimination.

  58. I think he definitely gets eliminated but I’m thinking the “full truth” might be overplayed and it’s just how he phrases needing closure because he truly doesn’t understand what happened.

  59. I like Zach and don’t mind him as Bach, but my goodness the level of investment production builds in the audience for the next lead is pretty much non existent at this point.

  60. There’s still time 👀 Based on the previews he might have a sympathetic ending and sometimes that’s all that’s needed. I feel like he’s gotten a great edit the whole season too. I’ve really liked him.

  61. Just catching up on this season... logan was a producer plant right..? His whole time on the show makes no sense lol.

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