New spoiler from RS concerning the finale

  1. I thought all the hype from Jesse was the usual exaggeration, but daaaaaaamn, this is rough. It would have happened after filming ended so I'm sure they had to re-arrange things to accommodate this + a showdown at ATFR.

  2. I’m behind an episode but I’m not surprised it didn’t work out. I like Rachel but I don’t think this environment is the best for her (or anyone, really). It’s probably the editing but watching her dates versus Gabby’s were like whiplash to me. Painful. It reminded me of when I was that age. I hope she finds happiness.

  3. There had to be something major for her to send her first one on one home. Like maybe it was EXTREMELY awkward. Or he just has one of those things that we cannot stand. I can’t even think of an example right now, but you know what I mean. Like you just cringe and can’t even have friends that do it / say it / give that vibe.

  4. Ikr! He was my preseason ride or die. I was so crushed when she let him go immediately 😔. And he's been so gracious to her after how it all went down. Maybe he would actually give her another chance 🤞

  5. Obviously just based on what we've seen on screen, but from that perspective, it has felt like Tino has so much growing up to do before he can be in a longterm serious relationship? He's not a bad guy, but his angry outbursts, his jealousy, his inability to effectively comfort his partner, his lack of conviction when he shares his feelings, and an indescribable energy of just like, he-wants-more-time-to-see-who-he-is-and-what-he-wants-and-have-fun-before-settling-down just were not selling me. Especially given it felt like were trying to show 'romantic' or 'fun' moments of the couple and what they came up with was still lacklustre at best.

  6. If it's true that they broke up and she has STILL been hyping Gabby on social media and building her up...🥰😭 That is a real girls girl.

  7. Rachel seems like the type to do anything to make it work so the fact that they broke up before ATFR. Yeah something went DOWN

  8. Rachel didn't invest in men who liked her. I still stand by the fact that she didn't give Tyler a real chance and she should have because I believe he would be all in on her.

  9. You’re brave for saying this but agreed. Her season was over as soon as she said “that’s my type” when Tino exited the limo. She willfully ignored a field of red flags to end up with him

  10. I just watched last night’s episode. I cannot believe she would choose Tino over Aven or the other one. (His name just completely slipped my mind!) Tino has acted like a whiny little boy all season! He’s immature, misogynistic, and just gross all around. I honestly wondered while I was watching today if his parents didn’t factor into her choice. I can’t remember the exact seasons, but I do remember others where the lead ended up being almost drawn to their final choice because there was some kind of controversy. I know everything is extremely heightened in this experience. It really seems like she started turning toward Tino when it seemed like his parents didn’t want them to be together, therefore making her feel like she had to fight for him.

  11. I think she was always the most attracted to Tino and his parents telling them they weren’t on board gave them both the well show them energy.

  12. I feel so bad for Rachel. After everything she went through on Clayton’s season, she really deserved a happy ending. It sucks that she keeps getting the short end of the stick and I wouldn’t blame her at all if she was done with this franchise.

  13. I mean, it's hard to really get to know someone when you only have realistically 2-3 dates with them. It's no wonder these relationships don't last long

  14. This is the exact reason why I was hesitant to get into the show. Every time I notice some chemistry or what seems like genuine romance sparking, the show's format rushed everything along and expects people to get engaged when they obviously have feelings for other people.

  15. They really need to take off the pressure of engagement and accept leaving in an exclusive committed relationship.

  16. Hi all! Unspoiled here. I made it to the point in the season where I no longer care and am ready to read spoilers in order to help keep me interested in the rest of the season

  17. Not surprised, but I’m so sad for Rachel and her entire experience on the bachelor/bachelorette. Granted I’m married, but nothing could get me to do this show.

  18. This just affirms why I watch the show. Drama. Strictly drama. I have all the romance I need. Just celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary with my honey.😊

  19. Lol this is a good take… that and I also think the parents put pressure on it too, especially the dad… He’s recently been posting some weird stuff on socials. Ick.

  20. That’s my theory too. Something goes down during their “honeymoon” period in Mexico after engagement and I think this is it. The IG likes and possible DMs were spiteful. Yuck!

  21. I feel badly for Rachel. I really don’t think this is about his family not approving, I have a feeling he cheated or something. So awful. Cuz if it was about his family, there would be more of a chance for reconciliation and I don’t think there would be all the tears and Gabby saying “kick him in the balls” or whatever.

  22. I agree that she’s still healing and fell for the one she was most attracted too. I think he bordered on cheating too with liking IG model photos. There is probably more to it. I don’t know if he cheated, but definitely looking elsewhere.

  23. The problem is she followed her heart, which is only half the equation. Feelings alone don’t make a good relationship. It’s unfortunate she didn’t factor in the (numerous) red flags Tino had, and of course we only saw a fraction of their experience so who know what happened off camera, but I think with time, experience and maturity, her future self would have chosen a man wholly better suited for life-long commitment. Tino ain’t shit

  24. She followed her vajayjay, not her heart. She ignored all the red flags because she was blinded by lust/the idea of having the handsomest guy in the room.

  25. Ok... So is Tino going to be the next bachelor then? Because it kinda seems like Tyler C Lite would be the producers' wet dream.

  26. Tyler C lite? That's a hell no for me. I do not find Tino nearly as attractive as Tyler C. Tino is attractive, but even in comparison to the other guys this season, I don't think he is the best looking at all.

  27. Man I feel bad for her. This whole experience seemed to be awful for her and she got nothing in the end meanwhile she watched Gabby skate through it nearly effortlessly and come out with a fiancé and go on DWTS. I don’t even think Paradise would have been better for her, she needs a nice normal guy through a normal process it seems like.

  28. umm Gabby had some rough patches too. (at least) 2 out of her top 3 didn’t want to propose & jason said he didn’t even know if he could commit to keep dating after the show because he didn’t know her.

  29. His dad said he’d disown him if he was with Rachel. Fuck that and any family that is that hostile towards a human being. She deserved basic kindness and respect. His family was trash how they talked and treated her. I think they’d talk that way about ANY woman going by how Tino said about his dad and him and relationships

  30. When did his dad say he’d disown him? Not a fan of his parents and think the fb posts were awful, but he never said that he’d disown him if he was with Rachel. The comment about Tino not being welcomed back home was if he cried on national TV

  31. I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again - why do these men get down on one knee is beyond me. You are an adult - don’t you comprehend the gravity of what you’re about to do? Even if the reasoning is that “let’s just continue to date,” the other person might be approaching the whole thing (with a ring on their finger) with far more “wedding/family/children” than you are, and then when you transition into the real world, it all comes crashing down. I was baffled when Nayte proposed because I could sense just how much reservations he held close to him about the relationship. Same think with Blake and Katie! And, I could go on!

  32. Many Bachelor seasons ended with no engagement but I believe all Bachelorette seasons have. I think the women believe if there’s no proposal, that it’s a rejection. And maybe it is or maybe they need more time.

  33. I think they’re delusional. Two months and you want to be ENGAGED???? ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED??? Why cant you just leave together? That pressure is probably why most of them don’t workout anyway

  34. Tbh I feel Rachel wasnt ready yet for this experience. Tino sucks, but I found Rachel a little bit immature for this whole experience.

  35. i would love for her to get another chance on bip, but i think she needs to 1) fully get over her clayton season trauma & 2) gain more life/relationship experience and/or see Gabby’s therapist.

  36. Reading this post, and imagining how Rachel must be feeling and what she must be going through having chosen a jackass, it’s lovely (/s) to see how many of you here are using the opportunity to make digs at her.

  37. Thank you for this comment. Tino is very charming, I can completely see why she fell so hard for him - and the environment is so manipulative and this show is so highly edited, and Rachel is not seeing so much of what we are. I just hope she is is okay, I always think when I watch these episodes, what it must be like for the Bachelor/ette to watch with their F1, sometimes it must be so painful.

  38. this is why i keep saying she’s a bit immature, but not a bad person. the sub seems to see one personality flaw & fully condemn someone. she’s just an average 26 year old who hasn’t figured everything out yet.

  39. Yes, I'm really confused at how anyone can make a judgment without even knowing why they broke up. I hope coming out of this she's stronger. An engagement doesn't mean much if you're not happy.

  40. This sub has been really getting to me lately. All the negativity towards Rachel has been off putting, as though everyone here would be a perfect romantic partner 🙄.

  41. Damn this has been an emotional season, but on the darker side of emotions. There's been a lot of rejection, contempt for the women, and overall despair. I still like when the season ends on an uplifting note, but maybe that's only for BIP nowadays.

  42. Yeah, what a gloomy season. I haven't enjoyed Rachel breaking down over little things but I was hoping that it would all be worth it in the end. So sad.

  43. My MIL did not like me at first but the thing is my now husband put her in her place immediately even when we were just dating. It was less me personally and more jealousy as he was military and all of a sudden all his leave was used to see me instead of her but he made it clear that he wouldn't stand for any negativity against me and if she was going to be like that then she would be seeing him less. It held up, he always has my back no matter and now my MIL loves me and I her, even though we get on each others nerves sometimes.

  44. So far, at his hometown date his family was NOT a fan of Rachel and the process. And he was just a bundle of red flags concerning her dates with the other men. It’s like a car crash you can’t look away from.

  45. I love how he built his career off spoilers but when he doesn’t have all the answers it’s “people are unhinged for wanting spoilers”

  46. Steve truly dated himself with that reference. If anyone wants a good throwback season, highly recommend a watch. Then read her book immediately after.

  47. Courtney is an OG villain. Every girl hated her on Ben F’s season. She was pretty much the only entertaining part of the season. They went skinny dipping together and that was a big deal back then.

  48. I think the bachelor back in 2012, Ben Flajnik who got in engaged to Courtney. I remember so little of either of them or that season other than that I think she was seen as a villain for that season.

  49. Good for her! Tino ain’t it. It might suck now but she’ll thank herself for breaking up with him later

  50. the double bachelorette idea was such a colossal mistake. the producers took a risk by doing it, but made absolutely no effort to change the formatting of how the show works at all. gabby and rachel had essentially half the men to work with and half the time to spend with them.

  51. RS's personality disorder really pops off in literally everything he posts or says, huh? It's fascinating to witness.

  52. Dang, I really feel for Rachel. She’s had such a rough ride in this franchise. Here’s hoping she finds love outside of it one day

  53. Some of y'all don't get it. Rachel not working out with Tino doesn't mean she made a mistake by not picking Zach or anyone else. If she's not into you in a bubble environment where things are thrown left and right to make things "romantic", she won't be interested in the real world. I don't know why the criticism of not giving the "nice guy who says the right things" a chance is always lobbied at the Bachelorettes and never the Bachelors. The men are never expected to pick a woman they aren't physically/emotionally/personality wise into just because they're nice to them yet the women get treated like they're morons because "so and so was RIGHT THERE." A woman who clearly doesn't feel comfortable around the cameras is ridiculed (Lauren B. from Arie's season) yet Jason who complained the entire time, made no effort to try to live in the moment, and gave Gabby and the viewers nothing is hailed as the "realistic quiet King" up until yesterday night? Urgh I hate it here.

  54. I think you are forgetting Ali F vs Vienna Girardi on jakes season. Everyone wanted him to pick sweet girl Ali. They said he selected the wrong one. Although he turned out to be the worst!

  55. Arie seemed really in love with Becca too if you rewatch. It’s just he was more in love with Lauren but picked Becca because his family liked her more etc. Lauren was also called boring for being quiet around the cameras.

  56. I mean the men have been more successful than the women lately tbh so they do seem to be choosing women who fit them better long term than the bachelorettes are. Matt has been with Rachael for a while now and it's too early to tell for Clayton, but he has lasted longer than Katie and Rachel and Michelle and Clare.

  57. Exactly. I also heard people saying Michelle messed up by picking Nate over Brandon. Yes, Brandon seemed like the nicer, more sincere guy, but Michelle was in love with Nate. And it looks like (spoiler alert)

  58. Right on the money!!! Have to give these women some grace. They’re in a pressure cooker type of situation with sooooooo many people watching them.

  59. THIS! Always remember if he is white and says all right things on camera that is F1. The bachelorettes who don't pick that guy are always attacked.

  60. I knew to trust my gut after Tino's likes were exposed. He wasn't confirmed to be f1 at that point but we all had a gut feeling she chose him. And when someone sleuth that the likes came AFTER filming, that made me go HMMMM. He only switched up when he got caught. His edit has been super weird. Very telling...

  61. I feel a little protective of Rachel as she reminds me a lot of my younger self. I don’t think any of the guys were a good match for her (and Clayton wasn’t it either). I hope she doesn’t see the ending as a reflection on anything that she has done or think that anything is wrong with her. The format of the show rarely works for anyone. Feelings will come and go, and they grow at different rates. I told my therapist last week that I think of love as stability and reliability. That definition has changed over time for me, and those two qualities don’t show up in a few weeks. The leads have to get super lucky that there is someone there that is a match for them.

  62. This. It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback Rachel because she really has made some choices that a lot of people saw the red flags on, but realistically A LOT of 25 year olds make way worse choices in their romantic life. She’s still figuring it all out, and because she’s in the thick of it she thinks she’s more mature and has a better grasp on everything than she does. That’s a very normal place for 25-year-olds with similar backgrounds to her. She hasn’t been my favorite lead in franchise history, but the fact that people are so mean about the job is doing is just mean spirited. I honestly think she probably just doesn’t actually know what she wants in a life partner yet, and in 5 years she’ll look back and realize that’s all this was. She’s not at a bad person and she’s not doing anything to wrong people, she’s just still working out a lot of what someone needs to have worked out before they can truly navigate a process like this. She probably truly believed Tino could work because that’s what she hoped was true, when in reality a good match for her just wasn’t there. Or was Jordan and she let him go immediately haha

  63. We also need to remember that Rachel had less time with these men because she kept canceling dates to have cry time.

  64. Rachel is also really young! She hasn’t quite developed that sense of discernment that comes with age and she’s not fully in her power yet. I think Aven would have been the best choice for her but Tino had a hold on her from the start.

  65. Idk, I think some of the guys we didn't get to know as well (Ethan, Spencer, etc) might have been good quality, just they weren't top picks.

  66. Rachel is still clearly acting on emotion. She was projecting when she said that Zach was only 25 and not mature. From Clayton's season until now she just jumps in, acts on emotion, and refuses to use the thinking part of her brain.

  67. This show shouldn’t end in a proposal. The Australia franchise doesn’t and they actually have a better track record considering it hasn’t been on for that long. Rachel is still super young. Hopefully she’ll learn from this experience and find her match.

  68. I agree. A proposal shouldn't be the only way to show a "happily ever after". I actually like the couples on BiP who decide to just leave together and not do the proposal. Or get back together afterwards and do things at their own pace. The pressure for a proposal seems so ridiculous and unfair to put on anyone

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