The next season of The Bachelor should NOT end in a proposal…

  1. The proposal is what makes the show absurd and a fantasy- few people in their right mind would get engaged after 8 weeks, but that’s why it’s the premise of the tv show, and why people tune in to see if it happens.

  2. I think leads and contestants just need to be on the same page about an engagement. They need to treat it as an opportunity to continue dating, not a lifelong commitment. If they want real world practicality, don’t come to a reality show for love

  3. Considering their Neil Lane contract would be at risk, they will never do away with the forced engagements. But they really should.

  4. You all want a reality show that you already call boring to take away the engagement aspect, which is the only thing that actually makes it a bit more interesting. This is why you all aren’t producers.

  5. I agree with this completely. Do I think it's reasonable to get engaged in that amount of time? No, not in real life, but I wouldn't ever go on the show knowing it's expected. The show really just loses its edge if they decide to leave dating. Like what's the point of fighting for the same bachelor/ette if you're just going to leave dating? I think leaving dating works for BIP where there are multiple men and women but when its only one lead, it just doesn't seem interesting to lose the high stakes.

  6. I get that our first instinct may be that we don’t care, but I think it’s easy to forget that the reason this show has such a strong grip on its viewers is because it takes us on a vicarious emotional high. The emotional peak is the proposal, and we get a dopamine rush as viewers watching it. Watching them leave together to continue to date just doesn’t produce that same emotional high. Regardless of whether we think an engagement is realistic or not, or whether we value engagement/marragie/etc. in our personal lives, watching it does something to us, and the show wouldn’t be as gripping without it.

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