give me the name of an obscure character, and i will try to guess what book theyre from.

  1. Mossfire- code of the clans Rose and Lily- Firestar's quest Troutclaw- Crookedstar's promis Maplestar- Cloudstar's Journey Pikepaw- Mistystar's kid Sparrowfeather 1- Halftail, the prophecies begin Sparrowfeather 2- The Last Hope Finchkit- Tallstar's revenge Pod- Power of three

  2. Redthistle: Yellowfangs secret or tigerclaws fury? Hawkheart, killed moonflower in blues prophecy, flowerpaw, drowned in a river in maples vengeance, the rest i dont know. forgive me for guessing instead of the OP.

  3. Robinwing ThunderClan, Bluestar's Prophecy, Robinwing RiverClan, died in the last hope, Robinwing WindClan, tnp, Robinwing SkyClan, code of the clans

  4. ThunderClan, Bluestar's Prophecy, WindClan, tnp maybe, RiverClan, died in the great battle, SkyClan, code of the clans or secrets of the clans maybe

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